Canadian Mounties Exploit Flood to Confiscate Firearms from Citizens “SAME FKN SHIT DIFFERENT COUNTRY THAT’S ALL

Canadian Mounties Exploit Flood to Confiscate Firearms from Citizens

Citizens complain cops seizing guns is something right out of Nazi Germany

Kurt Nimmo
June 28, 2013

High River, Calgary, Canada. Image: Google Maps

Canada’s Royal Mounted Police exploited rising flood waters in the town of High River in Calgary as they seized firearms from the homes of evacuated residents. The floods were the result of extremely heavy rain.

On Thursday, according to the Calgary Herald, the RCMP confiscated a “substantial amount” of firearms under the pretext of controlling the weapons and storing them for safekeeping.

“We just want to make sure that all of those things are in a spot that we control, simply because of what they are,” said Sgt. Brian Topham told the newspaper.

Residents are outraged by the high-handed measure.


“I find that absolutely incredible that they have the right to go into a person’s belongings out of their home,” said resident Brenda Lackey. “When people find out about this there’s going to be untold hell to pay.”

“It’s just like Nazi Germany, just taking orders,” another resident yelled as the Mounties prevented residents from entering the town south of Calgary.

“This is the reason the U.S. has the right to bear arms,” another resident, Charles Timpano, said as he pointed at a group of Mounties blockading the town.

The move by the Canadian police is reminiscent of the brazen act of gun confiscation occurring in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. On September 8, New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass ordered local police, U.S. Army National Guard soldiers, and Deputy U.S. Marshals to confiscate all civilian-held firearms.

Criminal Mounties

“No one will be able to be armed,” Compass declared. “Guns will be taken. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns.” Confiscation occurred without court-issued warrants and often with excessive force by police.

One instance of police brutality was captured on video when 58-year old New Orleans resident Patricia Konie was physically assaulted and arrested for refusing to surrender an old revolver to police who had entered her home in violation of the Fourth Amendment. The woman’s shoulder was fractured by police in the incident.

Government is predictably inimical to the concept of natural rights, especially in regard to the Second Amendment and firearms. It will invariably exploit a crisis to disarm the populace, as the incident in Canada once again demonstrates.


Who do they (police) think they ARE??? In Today’s World They (the RCMP and all other Police Forces Globally) are “mostly” (there are still plenty of honourable moral Officers on the job) made up of nothing more than power tripping steroid crazed THUGS (who should never have been hired in the first place) HELL bent on controlling anyone and everyone they can intimidate into submission for there bosses who are all working for the ones they should really be arresting, THE REAL CRIMINALS against society, the controlling NEW WORLD ORDER Corporate Elites and there Government puppets and pawns. Remember HITLER Disarmed all the German people before he began his global genocide war WWII. This is the motive behind all disarming of citizen, to take away there GOD given right to defend ones self, family and property from threats foreign and domestic


WAKE Up SHEOPLE TAKE back your GOD given rights to self defense after all it your life and safety that hangs in the balance, by a tread, a Finger on the Trigger, Police THUG POWER tripping thread

REMEMBER the Police usually arrive after the crime has been committed not before and if its government tyranny your fighting against its the BRUTE THUG Police you’ll be fighting against and if they have disarmed everyone in advance your already DEAD


Before its to late and your DEAD


Stand Up against the OBAMANOID ZIONIST NEOCONAZI (NeoConservatives) Usurped Puppet Government Tyrants in the US who are subservient to The BRITISH ROYALS  and Hannibal Cannibal Stephen Harpers Usurped puppet government of the “ROYAL BRITISH TYRANTs” in Canada and the rest of the bloody Commonwealth (in which the wealth is not shared with the common people but horded by the Royal Tyrants) The BRITISH ROYAL’s are subservient to the NEW WORLD ORDER Elite MASTERS


It all starts with Gun Confiscation and Disarming The Public

People of the city of Calgary and High River should stand up and Revolt against this Criminal Tyrannous Break and Entering and Theft from there Homes and Properties. This is Tyranny in its purest form “Government Tyranny” Exploiting a Flood to Confiscate Firearms from Law Abiding Citizens all under the guise of public safety of course???  At a time when people need to protect there property the most the police render them defenseless and unable to even defend there persons from real criminals

What’s Wrong with this Picture Eh!?!?!?


RCMP searches over 3,000 homes in High River

High River residents wait to return

Residents of High River are still waiting to get their properties assessed and emotions are running high. Chris Epp reports.

The RCMP say they’re now complete with their door to door searches in High River, the community south of Calgary that was hit hard in last week’s flooding.

They say that of the 3,337 homes they checked, they found 303 people and several pets that defied an evacuation order and stayed behind in their homes.

Rescuers also say they weren’t able to get to a handful of homes due to the high level of water surrounding them.


Bow River, Downtown Calgary

High River crews survey damage

The RCMP have searched over 3,000 homes in High River on June 24, 2013, finding 303 people and numerous pets still holding out in their homes. Now that they’re gone, the town will begin plans to re-enter the flood-stricken community.

In the meantime, residents of High River are still frustrated that they haven’t been allowed back into their homes to assess the damage from the flooding.

Workers insist that it is too dangerous to go back just yet.

Right now, a berm is being constructed at the north side of town and once that’s done, crews will begin to pump stagnant water out of residential areas so people will eventually be able to return home.

Mayor Emile Blokland said on Monday that they are now going through the town to assess each property and rate the damage to the home to see what they’re facing in terms of damage.

Infrastructure is an issue in the community right now, and many roads are damaged or impassable in the community.

The town’s sewage treatment plant is also still offline, so no one will be allowed to return home due to the extreme health risk.

The community remains under a boil water advisory.

Blokland said the community is working on a plan to eventually re-enter the town. “As we have more information on that, we will be able to present that to all our folks that are in our evacuation centres, or have billets, or found hotel rooms, and we’ll be giving that to you as soon as possible.”

Chief of Operations Brian Cornforth says they’ll be soon bringing in large pumps to take the water out of the flooded areas. “That flooding water will be reduced. We’ll go into the homes and do some searching and make sure they’re structurally sound.”

There are currently 170 police officers patrolling the Town of High River and manning checkpoints, ensuring the security of the town.

Tensions remain high in the community, however. A 24-year-old man was arrested when he attempted to gain entry into High River by brandishing a knife at security personnel. They suspect the man was under the influence of alcohol.

The evacuation order for High River was implemented on June 20.

For those concerned about friends or relatives in High River, they are invited to call the Emergency Evacuation Centres:

  • Blackie Rink – 403-351-1076
  • Nanton Rec Plex – 403-646-2961
  • *******************************

    RCMP promises return of guns removed from High River homes “as soon as practically possible”


    Solicitor General Jonathan Denis said the government will work with the RCMP to return firearms that police removed from evacuated homes in High River to their rightful owners.

    A move by the RCMP to collect guns found during door-to-door searches of High River during a complete evacuation of the town of 13,000 residents has angered some area residents.

    Legislation gives police additional powers during a state of emergency to enter homes to check on residents’ welfare and ensure there are no safety issues.

    Denis said in an interview Friday he wants to ensure firearms seized under that authority are returned to owners in a timely way.

    “What I’m looking forward to hearing from the RCMP is they have an orderly process for returning people’s property to them,” Denis said.

    “I will work with the RCMP to ensure there’s an orderly return of property.”

    The RCMP released a written statement Friday pledging to return guns to owners “as soon as practically possible.”

    The statement said the guns were found “in plain view” during search and rescue operations during the evacuation.

    “The last thing any gun owner wants is to have their guns fall into the wrong hands. Residents of High River can be assured that firearms now in the possession of the RCMP are in safe hands, and will be returned to them as soon as practically possible,” Assistant Commissioner Marianne Ryan said in the RCMP’s written statement.


    As solicitor general, Denis and his department oversee policing in the province and have a 20-year contract with the RCMP to act as the provincial police force in small towns and rural areas.

    However, Denis stressed the police don’t take specific direction from the government on operations and tactics.

    “Policing is independent. There was no direction from our government to do this,” Denis said.

    “I have every confidence they’re going to get this right in the end, and there was no intention to step on the rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

    The provincial government has released a letter Denis wrote Thursday to the RCMP’s commander in Alberta, Dep. Commissioner Dale McGowan, expressing concerns about the seizures on behalf of High River residents.

    “First, I would ask you to please confirm that these firearms are stored and not confiscated or seized,” Denis wrote.

    When guns are being stored, federal regulations require them to be unloaded and disabled, either by a trigger lock, cable lock or by removing the bolt. Restricted weapons, like handguns, must be stored and locked in a secure vault or room.

    Failing to follow storage regulations can result in charges under the Criminal Code or the federal Firearms Act.

    Denis acknowledged it’s quite likely residents in High River moved their guns to keep them from being damaged by flood waters — but he added police also have the ability to take that into consideration.

    “My personal view is we have to consider the context we’re dealing with,” he said.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised people took guns out of their lockers so they wouldn’t get flooded.”

    The National Firearms Association said it has many questions about the RCMP’s actions.

    Although the Emergency Management Act gave police the authority to enter homes and remove the firearms for safety reasons, the NFA said the explanation bears closer scrutiny.

    “We have a lot of questions about their legal mandate to do that,” NFA spokesman Blair Hagen said.

    The NFA is also concerned legal firearms owners who lost their gun licences or proof of ownership in the flood won’t be able to easily reclaim their property.


    An RCMP spokesman said officers kept track of where each gun came from, and owners who are able to prove where they live and provide accurate information about their guns can get them back.

    “We realize a lot of people have lost everything,” Cpl. Darren Turnbull said.

    But the NFA also wondered if people without firearms licences or owners of restricted firearms such as handguns — which must be registered — will be charged or prevented from reclaiming their property if they aren’t properly licensed or registered.

    “A lot of people refused to comply with the law on moral or principled grounds,” Hagen said.

    Turnbull said the force won’t release firearms to people who don’t hold a licence, but added police will be lenient and give people time to obtain a licence and reclaim their guns once that’s done.

    “We want to work with the residents of High River to facilitate them complying with the law,” he said.

    Because it may take time for residents to return home, Turnbull said the RCMP isn’t imposing a deadline for people to reclaim their guns.

    “We will hold onto them as long as they need us to,” he said.


    Give back flood victims’ guns, Harper’s office tells RCMP

    RCMP Illegally took guns out of homes in flooded High River, Alta.
    By Meagan Fitzpatrick, CBC News
    Posted: Jun 28, 2013 10:49 AM MT

    RCMP officers working in High River, Alta., on June 25, wear protective masks to prevent toxic dust from entering their lungs. The RCMP took some guns from homes they searched that they said were not stored safely and the Prime Minister's Office issued a statement Friday saying it wants them returned.

    RCMP officers working in High River, Alta., on June 25, wear protective masks to prevent toxic dust from entering their lungs. The RCMP took some guns from homes they searched that they said were not stored safely and the Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement Friday saying it wants them returned. (Jordan Verlage/Canadian Press)


    Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office is urging the RCMP in High River, Alta., to focus on "more important" tasks and to return the guns officers took from homes while searching for victims in the evacuated flood zone.

    Harper’s office issued a statement Friday morning in quick reaction to the news that the RCMP had taken some firearms that they said weren’t stored properly in empty homes.

    "If any firearms were taken, we expect they will be returned to their owners as soon as possible," the statement said. "We believe the RCMP should focus on more important tasks such as protecting lives and private property."

    "We are expressing our view," a spokesman for Harper, Carl Vallee, said in an email when asked for comment about the statement.

    The RCMP would not comment on the PMO’s suggestions, and a spokesman for the High River detachment said the RCMP were acting in the interest of public safety.

    "When RCMP officers were going door-to-door searching each residence for potential victims, we did come across a couple of residences where there were some firearms that were left insecure," Cpl. Darrin Turnbull told CBC News in an interview.

    "In those situations, when they were out in plain view and they were not properly secured and stored, those firearms were taken by the RCMP member and safely secured in the High River detachment."


    Search was for victims, not guns

    Turnbull said once people are allowed back in their homes, they can pick up their guns, which have been tagged with information so they will be returned to the proper owner. He didn’t know exactly how many firearms had been collected and emphasized that officers were not specifically searching for guns or going out of their way to find them.

    "The RCMP were not searching houses looking for firearms. The RCMP were going into homes looking for victims. If while we were in that home looking for victims there was an unsecured firearm that was out in the open, we had to take that firearm to make sure it was safe."

    At a press conference Friday in High River held by provincial and municipal officials, RCMP Insp. Gerrett Woolsey told reporters several hundred guns had been seized as officers inspected every home they could enter over a period of several days.

    "It’s no different than Slave Lake, to seize firearms or to secure firearms that are in plain view," Garrett said, referring to the Alberta community swept by fire in 2011.

    Garrett said it appeared that people in High River took their firearms out of storage with the intention of removing them or moving them to higher ground, but then left them behind as they fled their homes. He added that in "the unlikely event" RCMP found an illegal gun, the public prosecutor would be informed, but "in the vast majority of cases — I hope in all the cases — we are going to return these firearms to their owners as soon as possible."

    On Thursday, Alberta’s Minister of Justice Jonathan Denis wrote to Commissioner Dale McGowan of RCMP K Division In Edmonton, asking for confirmation that the firearms had not been confiscated, but merely secured, and how firearm owners would be informed about how to retrieve their property.

    Denis also asked what process would be in place if proof of ownership of the firearm had been destroyed in the flooding. He ended the letter saying, "I thank you and the RCMP for their exceptional service at this time of crisis in southern Alberta."


    Premier defends RCMP

    Alberta Premier Alison Redford defended the RCMP and said this shouldn’t be the focus of attention.

    "There is no suggestion that people will not be able to have their guns back again, and I really hope that we can focus on more important matters at hand, like getting 12,000 people back into High River than continue to circulate this story," she said. She wouldn’t comment on the PMO’s statement.

    The Canadian Shooting Sports Association doesn’t agree with the RCMP’s position that it was acting in the interest of public safety and said the RCMP had "breached and sullied their contract with the public to serve and protect."

    "This act of aggression is further proof that the RCMP have a not-so-hidden agenda to take guns away from responsible gun owners," Tony Bernardo, head of the group, said in a release.

    Bernardo said the RCMP overstepped their mandate and he’s happy Harper’s office has got involved in the matter.

    "We are advised that the Prime Minister’s Office will examine whether the rights of Canadians have been ignored by the police. I am confident that the federal government will deal swiftly with those who have portrayed Canada as a police state in the eyes of the of the world."

    The RCMP said in a statement issued Friday that officers had no way of knowing that firearms left unattended would be secure.

    "The last thing any gun owner wants is to have their guns fall into the wrong hands. Residents of High River can be assured that firearms now in possession of the RCMP are in safe hands, and will be returned to them as soon as is practically possible," said assistant commissioner Marianne Ryan, criminal operations, K Division RCMP. "Gun owners will also be provided the option of having the RCMP keep the guns until they are able to store them safely."


    Sol Gen says High River residents’ guns will be returned ‘as soon as is practically possible’

    FIRST POSTED: FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2013 11:49 AM MDT RCMP search homes in High River

    RCMP Constable James Ries mark the houses with yellow tape following thier inspection of the homes. Over 1200 soldiers from Edmonton Garrison deployed to southern Alberta to work hand in hand with RCMP and local organizations to help fight the flood waters that forced residents out of their homes. Photo by MCpl Bern LeBlanc, Canadian Army Public Affairs, LFWA HQ

    Alberta’s justice minister, Jonathan Denis, vows he will ensure firearms taken for safekeeping by RCMP patrolling High River homes will be returned to their rightful owners.

    And the RCMP said that has been the plan all along.

    “The last thing any gun owner wants is to have their guns fall into the wrong hands. Residents of High River can be assured firearms now in the possession of the RCMP are in safe hands and will be returned to them as soon as practically possible,” RCMP Assistant Commissioner Marianne Ryan said in a written statement.

    Some residents of the flood-ravaged community where the bulk of citizens have complied with evacuation orders voiced outrage when learning RCMP finding firearms in plain view — at times left on beds or up high on cupboards — in evacuated homes took them in for safekeeping.

    Denis, in the area earlier this week said he saw officers walking into the RCMP station with guns taken from the homes and it caught his attention, too, prompting him to pen a letter to RCMP brass to ensure the firearms would be returned to rightful owners.

    He said police are acting under Criminal Code provisions allowing them to go into homes in a state of emergency to ensure citizens’ safety.

    “It’s not for me to comment on police matters,” he said Friday.

    “They are completely independent of political interference and so they should be.

    “At the end of the day, the safety of Albertans is my No. 1 concern,” he added.

    “I am confident they believe this to be the best course of action.”

    He also said the province has a long history of backing the rights of lawful firearm owners and bristled at suggestions RCMPs’ actions suggest a trampling of citzens’ rights.

    “This is not a police state,” he said.

    “You have to look at the context of what is happening in High River.”

    RCMP want to ensure no one is put at risk — like contractors going into homes or children returning — by firearms which are not stored safely, spokesman Cpl. Darrin Turnbull said.

    “Nobody is stealing anything,” he said.

    “Everything is going to be returned. We are doing it for the safety of High River (residents).

    “Firearms are not safe.”

    RCMP will store firearms until owners claim them, and for as long as they need free-of-charge, requiring people to prove they live in the home where guns were taken.

    It is unlikely charges will be laid in cases where it appears people left firearms improperly stored during the rush of evacuation.

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