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Oregon State Police Taser Autistic Child Found Wandering Naked

Family speaks to

Adan Salazar
June 20, 2013

When police found a confused and naked 11-year-old girl wandering a stretch of highway along the I-5 corridor in Oregon, they didn’t exactly offer her a ride home. Instead the responding officer determined the best course of action would be to Taser her.

This past Sunday morning, cab driver Adam Bednar was aghast when he came upon the adolescent walking down the highway seemingly confused. She was nude and threw Bednar a smile, indicating she wasn’t fully aware of where she was or what she was doing.

“I thought she was drugged. I thought she was on bath salts, too much meth, something,” said Bednar.

“Bednar says he drove alongside her while he called police,” reported. “He says the trooper who arrived called for her to stop, and when she didn’t respond threatened twice to taze her.”

According to the girl’s father, who has contacted, the girl was autistic and didn’t respond to officers due to her ailment. “After giving no response, two little red dots appeared on her back, then metal barbs,” KDRV wrote.

“She seized up, then she just fell face first on the ground,” Bednar described. “Just face first on the ground.”

Adding insult to injury, Oregon State Police officials initially defended the officer’s reaction saying Tasering the 11-year-old girl was necessary to prevent her from wandering further down the road “and putting herself in danger.”

But Bednar says that explanation doesn’t hold up. “She wasn’t going off the road, she was set on walking down the freeway,” Bednar told KDRV. “And I think that, had [the trooper] waited for back up, they could have gotten her without the Taser.”

The girl’s father also took issue with KDRV’s reportage, which frequently referred to the girl as a, “young woman,” a “woman” and a “juvenile.” The report also neglected to give her age.

“They keep calling her a ‘woman’ …she is 11 years old. Since when is an 11-year-old kid with the mind of a 3-year-old a ‘woman’?” the girl’s father, who listens to Infowars, told us. “She is very gentle and non combative. If the police cannot apprehend a child who is cooperative without Tasing then what would be the alternative? Shooting her?”

Fortunately, police were gracious enough not to charge the girl or her family with a crime.

As we have detailed numerous times, Tasers are designed to be used only in emergency situations, as a last resort before lethal force; however, police frequently employ the sometimes deadly devices to force compliance.

KDRV’s account of the event also highlights the incestuous relationship between media and police. Instead of questioning authorities and pressing officers on why they would Tase an 11-year-old, the compliant reporters attempt to convince viewers they’re remaining objective and presenting all the facts.

As her father mentioned, the reporters also intentionally misled viewers over the girl’s age, referring to her as a “woman.”

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Taser Used on Naked I-5 Wanderer

by Justin Bourke

Published June 19, 2013

video preview image

ASHLAND, Ore. – State police confirm the young girl found wandering naked and confused along I-5 early Sunday morning was apprehended with a Taser.

Officials say that woman is a juvenile. She was found just after 4:00 a.m. between mileposts 18 and 19, apparently unresponsive and unaware of her surroundings, and it was Adam Bednar who found her.

“I stopped the car in the middle of the freeway, I backed up. She kind of looked in my window, she kind of laughed and just kept on walking,” said Bednar.

Bednar says he drove alongside her while he called police. He says the trooper who arrived called for her to stop, and when she didn’t respond threatened twice to taze her. After giving no response, two little red dots appeared on her back, then metal barbs.

“She seized up and she fell face first on the ground,” said Bednar.

State police officials say it was necessary to prevent her from wandering further into the road and putting herself in danger. Bednar, who helped troopers apprehend the girl on the hood of his car, says he isn’t so sure.

“She wasn’t going off the road, she was set on walking down the freeway,” said Bednar. “And I think that, had [the trooper] waited for back up, they could have gotten her without the Taser.”

As for the reasons for her behavior, OSP says she likely has Autism. Bednar says whatever it was, it was baffling.

“I thought she was drugged. I thought she was on bath salts, too much meth, something.”

What is certain is that the young girl, whose identity is not being revealed, was not the victim of a crime. She reportedly wandered out of the house, and is now safe with her family.

Officials also say she will not be charged with any crimes because she wasn’t aware of her surroundings.


Why Are Police Beating up Disabled People?

Adan Salazar
October 28, 2012

We’ve nearly grown completely accustomed to a disturbing societal defect. More frequently, we witness sub-human treatment of disabled and elderly citizens and sufferers of medical illnesses by the very men and women sworn to serve and protect them.

From shoving cerebral palsy victims to dragging elderly women out of their vehicles to tasering stroke sufferers, the blind and pregnant women, corrupt police are being caught blatantly disregarding age and health conditions, trampling basic civil freedoms and essentially tossing logical discretion out the window when discerning law-abiding innocents from law-breaking criminals.

While we highlight these outrageous instances, we nevertheless maintain hope that a majority of our oath-sworn peace officers are good people capable of critical thinking and respectful of human life.

The month of October brought us more than its fair share of disabled citizen police state abuses.

Earlier this month, we reported on UK police tasering a blind man who was walking down the sidewalk minding his own business. The spontaneous attack sent the victim, Colin Farmer, a blind 61-year-old year old retired architect, to the hospital leaving him embittered at police for their actions. “He was not an officer of the law; he was an absolute thug with a license to carry a dangerous weapon,” Farmer remarked. The officer involved mistakenly perceived the man’s cane to be a samurai sword prior to  electrocuting him.


We also recently reviewed June 2010 footage of a Vancouver, British Columbia police officer shoving a cerebral palsy sufferer onto the ground for merely attempting to squeeze through a group of three officers walking side-by-side. Last week, we learned the victim wasgranted a 2013 hearing with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.

Earlier this month, a federal complaint against two officers of the Austin Police Department was filed alleging use of a Taser to shock a man suffering a seizure in his own home. The 50-year-old man’scomplaint alleged the officers entered his home and “used violence to restrict him from movement, constrained his ability to breathe and repeatedly shocked him with a Taser gun.”

Also, last week the City of Cleburne, Texas reached an agreement with a man who was wrongfully Taseredback in April. When 19-year-old Ricky Jones refused to answer questions following an accident, officer Jason Vanderlaan issued a warning to comply, “Step out of the vehicle. Or I will tase you!” and made good on his promise, tasing the defiant deviant. Only after EMS arrived did officers learn Jones was diabetic and was non-compliant due to his undergoing a hypoglycemic seizure.

Judging by the numerous reports we’ve seen, some police also seem to have no problem harassing, picking fights with or even killing less-mobile members of society.

Last month, we were baffled by a bizarre case in New Jersey where an on-duty police officer broke into the apartment of a wheelchair-bound couple, assaulted them along with their 4-year-old son, then, once in custody, kicked the window of the patrol car out enabling his escape until eventually captured. “Then he grabbed my grandchild (and) he said, ‘I want the boy, I want the boy,’” the female victim’s father, who didn’t witness the incident, recalled from his family’s account. When police arrived they found Sgt. Mark Lee sitting on a couch inside the apartment naked. The female victim’s father said, “He took his clothes off, gun, uniform, and pants, and tried to jump out the window.” A few days ago, Lee’s bail was reduced after a test found he had calcium deposits on his brain facilitating a neurological disorder.

In September, we witnessed footage of a Minnesota police officer punching a difficult, mouthy wheelchair-bound drunk man five times in the head before slamming him onto the floor and allegedly splitting his head open. The officer then threatened a nurse in attendance with arrest for merely offering assistance.

Last month, we also reported on Houston PD’s assassination of a wheelchair-ridden, schizophrenic double-amputee who threatened an officer with a pen. The officer who shot the man argued he believed the pen to be a dangerous weapon.

September also saw a 77-year old woman get dragged out of her car for failing to give an officer her license and insurance fast enough. As the officer’s lapel and dash-cam footage show, the woman simply attempted to provide an explanation for her alleged speeding. The officer shouted over the woman demanding her license and insurance, fomenting a verbal standoff eventually leading to the officer forcefully dragging the woman out of her car. The officer faced no disciplinary action.

In August, video surfaced of a July 1 altercation where Saginaw, Michigan police shot a homeless man 46 times. Moments prior, he was arguing with officers, wielding a knife. The man, 49-year-old Milton Hall, had been described as suffering from “serious mental health issues.”

Are these just a few freak instances that happened to be latched onto by media and exploited, or is the opposite true? Are these types of stories far too frequent to report?

By calling attention to the ongoing corruption, of which there is virtually countless more examples of, we hope to curb the problem, and encourage citizen journalists and whistleblowers everywhere to remain vigilant. We urge our civil servants to be mindful of their actions.

Whatever the excuses for these deplorable acts, we can assume the encroaching police state will successfully continue expanding unless we exercise utmost diligence to hinder it.


Houston PD Kills Wheelchair-Ridden Schizophrenic Double Amputee ‘Armed’ With Pen

Adan Salazar
September 23, 2012

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but it’s definitely no match for a police officer’s service weapon.

The Houston PD demonstrated they’ll be perfectly obedient New World Order minions when this past weekend they executed a schizophrenic, wheelchair-ridden double amputee who was apparently threatening to attack officers with a pen.

According to the Associated Press, the man, whose name has not yet been released, used his wheelchair to corner “the officer inside a group home after officers were called to check on a disturbance.”

Jodi Silva, a spokesperson for Houston PD, says the officer couldn’t make out what the metal object the man waved was. It was later determined that the object was a pen.

After the mentally-ill man refused to comply with police orders to put the pen down, police opened fire without thinking twice to reach for the taser instead of the gun.

The schizophrenic man had a history of mental illness, according to the group home’s owner. He told the AP that the amputee had recounted stories of his lost leg and arm in the past.

The man – who had likely developed an embitterment issue, or “Ahab syndrome,” feeling anger over the unjust loss of his limbs, just as the famed fictional whaling ship captain in Melville’s classic tale – may also have been under the influence of prescribed anti-psychotic medications, which are known to have side effects of dysphoria, or severe depression.

Regardless, the one-armed, one-legged man was too much for police, who say he came “within inches to a foot” of them, threatening their lives.

The pen-wielding man’s shooting death illustrates the hot-headed, thoughtless psycho-hero mentality employed by adrenaline charged cops, a problem that has reached epidemic proportions and ingrained itself as a societal norm in our culture. (For instance, one could spend days, even weeks viewing police brutality videos on You Tube.)

Last year, we documented the pepper-spraying and beating of a mentally handicapped teen after an officer “mistook” his speech impediment as a sign of disrespect.

In 2010, Seattle police were also filmed beating a mentally disabled teenager for the crime of jaywalking.

This is the new breed of police that shoot first and ask questions later. In their haste to eliminate threats, it is too much to ask that consequences be considered prior to actions.

The officer involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.


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