FBI Nazi Bikers Bust FBI Nazi Group


FBI Nazi Bikers Bust FBI Nazi Group

Kurt Nimmo
July 31, 2012


The new face of terrorism in the United States.

If the case of white supremacist Hal Turner taught us anything, it is that the government manufactures Nazis and racists from whole cloth and then uses them to push hysterical domestic terrorist propaganda and self-aggrandizement.

It came out during Turner’s trial that he was a “National Security Intelligence” assetworking for the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. His code name was “Valhalla” and “he received thousands of dollars from the FBI to report on such groups as the Aryan Nations and the white supremacist National Alliance, and even a member of the Blue Eyed Devils skinhead punk band,” according to The Record.

The FBI has run racist and white supremacist groups since the 1960s. Under COINTELPRO, the FBI “subsidized, armed, directed and protected the Ku Klux Klan and other right-wing groups,”Brian Glick writes. Racist groups were used to create a strategy of tension by attacking groups on the so-called left, including anti-war, Chicano and Puerto Rican activists and nationalists.

More recently, in 2007, the FBI organized a neo-Nazi march in Orlando, Florida. The FBI’s “informant” (agent provocateur) “was one of the most visible individuals in the National Socialist Movement,” according to Andy Rosenkranz, state regional director for the Anti-Defamation League. “Generally, the FBI and the JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) in Florida does an excellent job.”

The FBI has also infiltrated a number of supposed Muslim terrorists groups and has wheedled, cajoled and otherwise manipulated patsies into agreeing to commit terror attacks.

In October, Mother Jones revealed that the FBI is notorious for creating supposed terrorist groups from scratch and then framing patsies in order to claim the government is protecting the United States from terrorists. The number of government informants and agents provocateurs has grown exponentially since the 1970s when the FBI claimed it shut down COINTELPRO.

On Tuesday, the New York Daily News reported the FBI’s latest terrorist creation – the 1st SS Kavallerie Brigade Motorcycle Division, founded in 2007 to recruit neo-Nazi bikers for the Aryan Nations, a white supremacist terrorist organization, according to Anthony Bartkewicz.

“One member offered a $1,000 reward for the shooting of a black man. Others stockpiled explosives to be used in terror attacks on U.S. targets,” writes Bartkewicz. “But the biker gang was founded by undercover law enforcement agents in Florida, and eventually 20 people were arrested for a range of offenses, from dealing drugs to possessing illegal weapons and plotting murders, the Orlando Sentinel reported.”

In May, the FBI took down a group of mentally challenged white supremacists belonging to the American Front, a group on the edge of extinction in the early 2000s but resuscitated on the internet. The FBI claimed the group was “planning to kill Jews and minorities in the ‘inevitable’ race war, according to an affidavit obtained by the Orlando Sentinel. The Sentinel reports that the group also looked to manufacture ricin, a ‘weapon of mass destruction,’” CBS Tampa reported.

Fear and loathing by liberals over FBI manufactured racist threat.

Considering the FBI’s track record, however, it is likely the ricin plot was concocted by the agency and then fed to the American Front patsies prior to the sensationalized bust. Patsies rarely devise their own plots and are carefully managed by the agency and its army of informants and agents provocateurs.

The Nazi biker group created by the FBI after the Aryan Nations said it wanted to form a Nazi motorcycle club to serve as the militant arm for white supremacists across the country, according to records obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

“Using a false identity, the agent with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office became the Aryan Nations’ top Florida administrator responsible for recruiting members for what would become the 1st SS Kavallerie Brigade Motorcycle Division — operating out of a clubhouse in St. Cloud,” Henry Pierson Curtis writes for the Sentinel.

“Early members included at least two additional undercover FBI agents – who infiltrated the club — and a biker accused of offering $1,000 to anyone willing to shoot a black man riding an ATV in rural Osceola County, records show.”

In 2007, a FBI informant, Rick Spring, admitted to running the Aryan Nations. “In a confessional emailed out to white nationalist leaders, federal informant and convicted bank robber Rick Spring admitted today that he operated the Aryan Nations as a false flag front group for the FBI after the death of Richard Butler,” wrote Bill White, editor of the Libertarian Socialist News.

FBI PATSY Terrorist

Government connections to terror groups are legion. In 2004, for instance, the FBI revealed theSouthern Poverty Law Center was involved with government operative and convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and the Aryan Republican Army at Elohim City. McVeigh’s contact at Elohim City was Andreas Carl Strassmeir, a former German intelligence officer. Peter Langan, the son of a retired U.S. Marine intelligence officer and said to be the leader of the Aryan Republican Army, was a government informant.

The SS Kavallerie Brigade Motorcycle Division, responsible for setting up the American Front, is yet another convoluted government fabrication designed to convince ill-informed Americans that radical Muslims are not the only threat they face. So are white guys with tattoos on their foreheads.

The absurdly overblown threat of skinheads gunning for minorities plays right into the Department of Homeland Security’s “rightwing extremist” narrative.

“Threats from white supremacist and violent antigovernment groups during 2009 have been largely rhetorical and have not indicated plans to carry out violent acts,” the DHS wrote in a 2009 for eyes-only memo subsequently leaked to Infowars.com and others, but “have capitalized on the election of the first African American president, and are focusing their efforts to recruit new members, mobilize existing supporters, and broaden their scope and appeal through propaganda, but they have not yet turned to attack planning.”

The FBI’s contrived plots – including purported violence against police and officialdom by the Hutaree militia and now a supposed weapons of mass destruction attack by the American Front – are designed primarily for propaganda purposes. The Hutaree militia was vindicated in court and the accusations against the American Front will likely also eventually be reduced and revealed as government grandstanding, although this will not be reported on the front page in blazing headlines.



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  1. Another criminal doctor is Bernadette A. Macart, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology, at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Santa Clara, California. This Physician secretly implants microchips in her patient while pretending to do her job. This thug doctor cooperates with the FBI in their crimes against humanity. Kaiser Permanente in Santa Clara, CA participates in Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment and cruelty against US citizens: mothers, fathers, young adults and children.
    An office worker thug at Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara, California, is selecting people for FBI experimentation, making decisions about who will die in their hands – based on revenge and jealousy. I can provide the name of this person but who will look for justice? Will it be the criminal FBI that recruited this person in the first place?


  2. Listen to the citizens that are targeted by the FBI in USA. Know the truth about your own country: FBI agents break into homes of people they Target (for no reason). FBI agents install surveillance in the Target’s home, long before he knows he is targeted. FBI agents as young as 21 monitor and radiate targeted individuals of the same age as their mother or father. They are seeing them and radiating them in bed, on the toilet seat, during sex, and anywhere else. Every night FBI agents are beside the target’s bed: implanting microchips, spreading bacteria, injecting viruses, stealing and killing on a regular basis. I try to tell the American people the truth, but the criminal CIA/FBI remove my comments constantly while they put their own manipulative comments everywhere.
    The FBI controls the majority of videos on Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment. The CRIME committing FBI is feeding the world with lies about their criminal activity, blaming other groups and imaginary entities for their own crimes with their purpose to divert the blame from the real criminal, the FBI, to other imaginary groups. The CIA/FBI has been cheating US citizens for over 70 years.


  3. The FBI radiated Physician Moss David Pozner to his death. The FBI radiated thousands or millions of other good people to death, including Sean Stinn. God Bless Their Soul. You can search about them on YouTube. The FBI put much effort into manipulating the public to believe that some “groups” or insurance companies are harassing American Citizens. You can be sure that it is only the FBI that is behind gang stalking, electronic radiation and all the other cruel experiments and sadistic practice.
    The Suicide of Pam Anderson (not the actress): a Secret Government Program Victim
    She was respected in the targeted individual (TI) community and had recently been appointed to the board of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). However, after 53 years of constant suffering and sabotage by the hand of the FBI, with no end in sight, Pam Anderson had reached the end of her endurance. You are not forgotten Pam.


  4. Judge Dolores Car, from San Jose, California, cooperates with the FBI in making false Judgments. On top of all she is a liar. If you are Targeted Individual make sure you will not have this scum of the earth to make decision in your case because she will screw you up. This is probably how she elbowed her way to this high position. She will do anything and kiss any ass to promote herself. She uses her Spanish/ Mexican community to put her on the bench. She and Integrity are two things. What a deference between the Honorable Judge James Stewart and this manipulative ugly soul Dolores. What a scum of the earth this criminal stupid creature is. Shame on you Santa Clara County. Shame on you California.


  5. To the American Government: If you have something to tell me or ask me, you may request your criminal FBI for my address. FBI thugs know exactly where I am located as they try to kill me every single second.


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