ONLY Nuclear Bombs and the China Syndrome Fit All the Evidence from 911 by The Anonymous Physicist

WTC Destruction & High Temperature Aftermath: ONLY Nuclear Bombs and the China Syndrome Fit All the Evidence


By The Anonymous Physicist
June 25, 2012

Editors Note: It is important to point that micro nukes were most likely used at the base core of the WTC buildings in conjunction with nano-thermite and C-4.

In attempting to ascertain what caused the destruction of the WTC on 9/11/01, and the great heat and molten metal observed for up to six months afterward, one must account for ALL the phenomena involved in WTC destruction, and the aftermath– and not just one or two factors.

Only nuclear bombs and the resulting China Syndrome can account for ALL phenomena observed. The overview and numerous supporting articles on the nuclear destruction of the WTC are here:

But, at the outset, we should realize that there is an abundance of evidence that the O.C.T. (Official Conspiracy Theory) is quite bogus.

For example, sworn testimony from firemen/responders contains their witnessing of loud explosions from the onset of tower destruction. This alone destroys the OCT of gravity-driven, progressive collapse.


A brief summary of the nuclear aspects now follows:

1. First, low yield nukes (mini-nukes or micro-nukes) are a proven fact that the U.S Govt has admitted to since the 1950’s with their Davey Crocket rifle, and more recently with a physicist’s testimony to Congress. It is also documented fact that since the 1960’s, and Project Plowshare, low radiation nukes– and later neutron bombs– have been available, and were planned for excavation projects and such. My “many small nukes” WTC hypothesis indicates that numerous low yield nukes went off INSIDE (near the center of) the towers. They vaporized anything near them (via million degree temperatures and/or high neutron flux), but the yield of these micro-nukes was deliberately small enough not to vaporize the outer structure. This also ensured that any radiation was contained during detonation. And Plowshare, and neutron bombs, prove low radiation nukes have been available for decades.

2. MASSIVE EVIDENCE of ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSES (EMP) FROM NUKES. This includes the eyewitness, sworn testimony of EMT responder, Patricia Ondrovic (and others). She reported that as WTC1 was beginning to be destroyed, she saw flickering lights in WTC6 lobby where she tried to enter, but was stopped. And just outside at that time, cars caught fire without any visible reason, and one then had its car door explode off of it; and the door hit and injured her as she began to flee the area. Exactly how EMP from nukes did all this is explained here, along with other evidence of EMP during tower destruction from nuclear bombs.

3. DUST PARTICLE SIZE WAS LESS THAN 2.5 MICRONS– & LIED ABOUT by the Gov’t’s main OCT (Official “Collapse” Theory) engineer/author. You can think of a mortar and pestle, and grinding something large into smaller and smaller pieces. It takes more and more energy input to yield smaller and smaller pieces. A nuclear bomb is known to yield particle sizes down to 10 nanometers. (1 nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter). And Govt scientists had equipment to analyze the WTC dust down to 10-nanometer size, if they wanted to, and should have. Unless they did, and have refused to release this. What they (the U.S. Geological Survey scientists) did was lump together all dust sizes less than 2.5 microns and released this data. (A micron is 1 millionth of a meter, and a thousand times larger than 1 nanometer). Nonetheless, the Govt’s main engineer/author, Z.P. Bazant, numerous times wrote papers that claimed that 10 microns was the smallest sized particles created during WTC destruction, and later collected by USGS scientists. For years he did not cite the work that showed, this. Last year he did cite a reference, and it led back to the 2.5 micron study, NOT to the 10 microns he claimed as the smallest dust particle size! So he flat out committed fraud here. He had to do this as his bogus papers claim that the gravitational potential energy (height times weight) of the towers accounted for the energy needed to create the smallest dust particle size. And there isn’t enough energy from his theory to account for 2.5 micron size dust, let alone the much smaller dust sizes that the USGS did not ascertain or release! The bogus physics and math from Bazant and others is here.

4. MELTED, HANGING SKIN WITHOUT FIRE was reported by at least 4 known WTC survivors. This includes WTC worker Felipe David, whose own words state this occurred without fire, but his story when told by another, has “fire” added. There are also two women who reported (on the “Larry King Show”) that a similar thing happened to them, and they don’t know why, because they too were not in any fire. And there is also a security guard with a similar report. The security guard and Felipe David had this happen to them in the lobby and the sub-basement area of WTC1 respectively. Outside the towers, firemen/responders also felt great heat on their skin without being near any fire DURING TOWER DESTRUCTION. Only the thermal rays of a nuclear bomb can account for this. They go out the farthest when a nuke goes off. And hanging skin was a common occurrence in Hiroshima survivors. Note that the outside firemen feeling heat on their skin (without fire near them) also disproves “DEW”, as they are NOT in the towers nor right under them either, and thus if “directed energy beams did it”, and these must be coherent, they would not diverge and cause heat far from their target! So no “DEW” was involved.

5. SUB-BASEMENT LEVEL, 50-TON STEEL PRESS & HEAVY DOOR VAPORIZED. At the same time as Felipe David’s nightmare was unfolding, and also in the sub-basement, WTC engineer Mike Pecoraro reports going up a level and seeing that a sub-basement level was in shambles and was “just gone.” Also he states a 50-ton press has also been apparently vaporized, and a 300 pound steel/concrete door has just been left shriveled up like foil. The only things that could do this are the multi-million degree temperatures, and neutron bombardment, from a nuclear bomb. Coupling this with the four survivors who had melted, hanging skin at this same time, we have evidence of blast, high temperatures, neutron bombardment and thermal rays– all virtual proof of nuclear bomb use.

6. HEAT GENERATION AT THE WTC FOR UP TO 6 MONTHS AFTER 9/11- -THE CHINA SYNDROME AFTERMATH (CSA) (see No heat “lingers” for weeks and months, not alleged jet fuel, not alleged thermite (which would have been used up either in minutes or hours–or during its use as an explosive). We have the documented, witnessed, and well photographed and videotaped great heat and molten metal for weeks, and indeed for up to six months underground at the WTC– until all radioactive fission fragments were carted away. No heat lingers for that long; this could only have been heat GENERATION. The evidence of great heat throughout much of the rubble pile and even higher temperatures underneath the two towers and WTC7 is massive. It included melted firemen’s boots, even dogs had to wear special boots, a mass of congealed bullets in WTC6 going off weeks later from heat, and many photos of steam emanation from the continual water hosing of the “hotspots” all around the WTC. The China Syndrome HAD TO ARISE because each of the numerous small nukes used up only 1-6% of its fissile material– which is standard for nukes. The remainder was then available as radioactive fragments, releasing great heat for a long time (until removed), as the half-life of Uranium 235 is 700 million years. And it is likely that there were numerous, redundant nukes employed, and the phenomena of “fratricided” and fizzled nukes may also have occurred as these are common with nuclear detonations. These effects likely further exacerbated the China Syndrome. The radioactive fragments were somewhat dispersed throughout the rubble pile, and in greatest concentration underneath the towers and WTC7– where water and sand treatments could not readily be employed. Note that the alleged Tritium finding that the Govt released, may be a red herring to fool people to look for top-secret unknown types of nukes, which couldn’t have led to the CSA, which is what clearly occurred. The ludicrous lying (“there never was any heat during or after WTC destruction”) or the poor attempts to create new laws of chemistry and physics by alleged 9/11truthers (“super nanocomposite thermite burns forever”) only shows how desperate the Govt is to hide the China Syndrome Aftermath.

7. THE MISSING PEOPLE, FURNITURE, steel & other contents of the towers. Destruction of the towers vaporized many of the nearly 3,000 people who died, as well as much furniture, steel and other building contents. The medical examiner was unable to find or utilize any strands of DNA for over 1100 people. The rubble pile from the two towers was only a couple of stories high when it should have been several times higher from a “collapse,” or even a conventional demolition. There is much missing mass from the “extraordinarily high temperatures” as fire engineering Professor Barnett declared after examining vaporized steel, that occurred during tower/WTC7 destruction. Nukes vaporize matter near their hypocenter. Thermite, thermobarics, etc. DO NOT. Contrary to what some claim, neither thermite nor thermobarics could vaporize the missing people, furniture, steel and other contents, as detailed here.

8. CLASSICAL GOV’T DISINFO METHODS ENSUED whereby their agents put out supposedly “alternative theories” involving alleged “secret, new technologies” that are either evidence-free and/or impossible. Space Beams/DEW (Directed Energy Weapons), or ludicrous “super nanocomposite thermite burns forever” theories were created by the intel agencies to cover up the nuking of the WTC, and the China Syndrome Aftermath. (Thermite cools off in minutes or hours.) These “theories” desperately try to claim new phenomena or new laws of physics and chemistry–as does the 9/11 Commission’s ludicrous “findings.”

9. More now on the issue of Radiation: The #1 item above showed that the Govt has had mini-nukes, and micro-nukes for decades, and that low-radiation yielding nukes have also been around for decades as well. On the other hand, the great heat and molten metal at, and under, the WTC for up to six months after 9/11, indicates the existence of the China Syndrome Aftermath at the WTC; whereby many responders and Metro New York residents may have been exposed to some radiation from radioactive fission fragments that resulted from the use of the many micro-nukes. We have much indirect evidence of the effects of radiation poisoning among the 40,000 responders who were at “Ground Zero” in the weeks and months afterwards. There have been hundreds of reported cases of blood, lymph and thyroid cancers among responders. These types of cancers frequently arise from radiation exposure, and are much less likely (unlike lung diseases) to arise from inhalation of toxins. Also,the teeth and hair falling out reported by several responders are also standard illnesses from radiation poisoning. These responders’ doctors and lawyers are not telling these people that radiation may have caused their illnesses, because the China Syndrome Aftermath remains one of the Govt’s most closely guarded secrets. However, we can see that the Govt itself was well aware of what it had caused! Standard radiation-lowering methods were employed beginning the very next morning– 9/12/01! Theseincluded water dilution/hosing down and sand/earth covering (and subsequent removal of this sand/earth) of the rubble pile. These procedures continued for weeks and months precisely because the rubble pile, and undergound areas, were replete with radioactive fission fragments.

911 3D Truth Shirt Back Final

There is some general information on radiation sources that needs elucidation. Due to absorption and other factors, radiation levels can go down quickly– unless radioactive fragments (radionuclides) are released to the environment.

Unless one is close (like Felipe David, who appears to have received thermal radiation, and not ionizing radiation)– or the radiation is very intense– enough distance/air or most materials, will stop most forms of radiation.

This assumes one does not inhale or ingest radioactive particles or radionuclides. The underground WTC areas– which likely had the highest radiation yields (and also heat)– were off limits to all but a few responders.

Also, as Hiroshima studies indicated, it took decades for many cancers and other illnesses to manifest. Note that a Gov’t agency, FEMA, was/is in charge of any radiation data for Ground Zero, and could easily have blocked release of any data that found radiation.

The U.S. Gov’t has a long, sordid record of lying about radiation exposure to soldiers and citizens, as noted here when they nuked their own soldiers during “atomic tests”.

Honest people, not in DENIAL, must see the analogy to the Reichstag fire set by the German Nazis, in 1933, in Berlin. This was their seat of almost their entire federal gov’t. And this fire/destruction was used as an excuse to destroy their Constitution, and as an excuse for War on “terrorists,” and then all of Europe.

There was one difference with the Nazis, however. They waited till the middle of the night, when there were no inhabitants in the Reichstag building! Of course, that German Gov’t did not admit they did it themselves, but that came out after they lost WWII.

If U.S. Govt agencies have certain types of proof that they nuked the WTC, and thus its largest city; does any honest person think these Govt agencies would ever release this data–unless a new Gov’t came about?

There is reason to believe that other crucial data such as WTC rubble pile temperature (AVIRIS, 2nd set), and WTC destruction seismic recordings were altered.

This physicist hypothesizes that WTC responders AND nearby Metro New York residents and workers, that were exposed either the longest or to certain areas with the “hottest”spots face the risk of getting cancer and other immune disorders from radiation exposure in the years and decades to come.

Sadly this will prove the China Syndrome Aftermath in the worst possible way. Private persons and institutions are urged to get and keep statistics on this, as the Gov’t will likely cover this up.


35 Reasons for Many Small Fission Nukes at the WTC

911 Nuclear event

1) heat generation at ground zero for six months (china syndrome)
2) inability to quench ground zero heat with water
3) red hot/molten steel at ground zero
4) missing core columns from ground zero (vaporized during destruction)
5) spreading of sand at ground zero consistent with attempts to limit radiation
6) washing of steel recovered from pile consistent with radiation decontamination
7) extreme security for ground zero steel shipments consistent with limiting access to radioactive steel
8) extreme security at ground zero, limiting exposure, view of devastation
9) extreme pulverization of WTC concrete into very fine particles
10) disappearance of over one thousand human bodies from WTC debris
11) disappearance of furniture, phones, filing cabinets and computers from WTC debris
12) disappearance of elevator doors, office doors, office cubicle walls, toilets and sinks from WTC debris
13) several floor fragments fused together in “meteorite” object
14) bone fragments sprayed into Bankers Trust upper floor during destruction
15) multiple blast waves during destruction of tower
16) large fireballs during initiation of WTC1 destruction
17) small backpack-sized fission nukes exist
18) fission-nuke technology well-established
19) low efficiency of fission nukes ensures leftover radioactive fragments and China syndrome
20) EMP formation during tower destruction (exploding cars, partial burning)
21) Description of heat in WTC blast cloud
22) Extensive cover-up of ground zero air by EPA
23) High rate of cancers, including thyroid cancer typically associated with radiation exposure, in ground zero responders
24) Melted, hanging skin in WTC survivor Felipe David in absence of fire
25) Vaporized press and crumpled steel door in WTC basement reported by Pecoraro
26) Steel beam bent in U, without cracking, evidence of extreme high temps
27) Steel beam bent in U has layer of molten metal on surface
28) Extreme overall devastation of two massive towers and blasted out Ground Zero aftermath
29) Appearance of fantastical, nonsensical DEW theory by likely govt agents– uses evidence of nukes (EMP, extreme pulverization of tower into dust) but denies nukes at all costs
30) Appearance of fantastical, nonsensical thermite (super nano-thermite) theory by likely govt agents– uses evidence of nukes (molten steel, china syndrome) but denies nukes at all costs
31) Small iron microspheres found by Jones et al in WTC dust— evidence of steel vaporization by high temps of nukes
32) Pyroclastic debris cloud during WTC destruction
33) Upwards jutting debris trails reminiscent of debris trails formed during underground nuke test
34) Small bright flashes during destruction of both towers
35) Extremely compacted ground zero debris



The Final Word on The Tritium


by The Anonymous Physicist
I have written, that after long and careful analyses, the best bet for the main factor that destroyed the WTC on 9/11/01 were numerous, small, fission bombs. Others have claimed that one (hypothetical) 4th generation, pure fusion nuclear bomb destroyed each tower. This is what the anonymous Finnish military expert wrote. And the Finn apparently based his entire 4th generation pure fusion hypothesis on the finding of tritium at the WTC on 9/13/01. Since he was the first person to publish any specific nuclear destruction scenario for 9/11, many others cite his work as being definitive, or such. (He could still be correct, though this is extremely unlikely.) And so many who state that they are proponents of the nuclear destruction hypothesis of the WTC are proponents of the pure fusion mechanism, because the Finn is; and he cited the Tritium found at the WTC on 9/13/01. Or there could be a more sinister reason for these numerous individuals to support the pure fusion scenario.
Now the Finn apparently gave overarching consideration to the Tritium found and published in the article, “Study of Traces of Tritium at the World Trade Center” by T.M. Semkow, et al. It was published at the 223rd American Chemical Society National Meeting, Orlando, FL, April 7-11, 2002. The article states that “This work was performed under the auspices of the United States Department of Energy by the University of California, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under contract No. W-7405-Eng-48.” (Note that this is the same lab that allegedly can create “super nano-composite thermite” that yields “unextinguishable fires,” and thus new laws of chemistry and physics as well as the first equivalent perpetual motion mechanism. [If only.] It’s also the same lab that is remasterminding Kennedy Assassination audio tapes. And I have some suspicions on what the “Eng” might mean.) It should be noted that this paper contains several bogus and ludicrous attempts to account for the tritium at the WTC on 9/13. Mostly they allege that the tritium came from exit signs on the planes that “crashed into the towers.” The paper also alleges that tritium was in the sightings on the guns of police officers killed that day. The first “mechanism” is obviously bogus, as there is not a single video that agrees with reality in that the “planes” are clearly just CGI broadcast on TV, and there was no credible evidence on the ground that any planes had crashed into the towers, and did so with blatantly, obvious impossible crash physics. Sources have also stated that the tritium claim on gun sightings is also bogus, if not totally, then regarding the amount.
Being a long-term expert on gov’t conspiracies and crimes, I see the whole tritium matter very deeply. The regime can and does refuse to release anything damning. So why did they release any data showing tritium at all, when they could have kept this under wraps, as I am sure FEMA is doing with WTC radiation readings? One possible answer is that it would provide a ruse for others to later claim the mythical 4th generation pure fusion bomb was used– thus obviating what was there in NYC for 6 months– the China Syndrome. And always remember, we are discussing the Lawrence Livermore Labs, designers of humanity-exterminating WMD for more than 60 years, as well as the above nefarious actions, related to the thermite hangout and JFK murder.
Now my first articles on my “many small nukes hypothesis” cited evidence for both fission and fusion at the WTC. I too ignored one important factor in these matters for a while– but I have changed that in later articles and in a larger work– but have not played this up at this blog, and wish to rectify this now. I have also written that it may be more than coincidence that a 4th generation pure fusion bomb does not allow for what we clearly had at the WTC for up to six months– the China Syndrome of great heat GENERATION from the remnants of the many fission bombs, as each used only about 1-6% of its fissile material. That is, pure fusion does not allow for the China Syndrome as any remnants of pure fusion components (such as deuterium or tritium) do not allow for this– only Uranium or Plutonium fissioning can. Note that a fission-triggered fusion bomb could still allow for the China Syndrome. Only the pure fusion scenario does not. So it is curious that the Finn immediately went with pure fusion, and not with the possibility of fission-triggered fusion. And the Finn based this on the tritium finding, and either did not know about, or chose to ignore, all the evidence of massive heat generation at the WTC for 6 months, and also the following matter.


One factor from nuclear physics has been mostly left out of this “nuclear choice.” This is TERNARY FISSION, and was included in William Tahil’s book. Unfortunately that book was shown by this researcher to be incorrect on several points. These included the “nuclear reactor” hypothesis being thoroughly unnecessary and impossible, as is his and the Finn’s claim that a single nuke destroyed each tower. (Tahil also incorrectly stated that a fission nuke uses up 100% of its fissile material, when it is only 1-6%.) I have also cited much evidence both of a preliminary sub-basement nuke timed with the explosions on top (so-called “plane hits”), and that the final destruction involved numerous small nukes. So the single nuke scenario, from the Finn and Tahil, is untenable.
Now most fission reactions of Uranium or Plutonium are binary– they yield TWO large “daughter elements” (e.g., Barium and Krypton, or Strontium and Xenon), plus 2-3 neutrons, plus energy in the form of gamma rays. But since 1959, it has been publicly known, via this article, that ternary fission yields TRITIUM, along with its THREE daughter elements, plus the excess neutrons, and energy. And thus with the numerous fission bombs that were detonated, and with the additional possible factors of redundancy and fratriciding that my articles have detailed, we can arrive at perhaps the most likely source of tritium in the rubble– the fission nukes themselves. I have seen estimates for the percentage of tritium production from ternary fission ranging from 1% down to .005%. (There is the possibility of deliberate disinformation, in some matters of nuclear physics, so one cannot often trust public nuclear physics discussions.) Because of this, and not knowing what element(s) were fissioned, nor how much of each, it is impossible to know just how much tritium could have been produced by ternary fission in the numerous micro-nukes used to destroy the WTC. But it appears to be more than would occur from non-existent planes, or gun sightings; and the proven heat generation of the China Syndrome Aftermath belies the use of a mythical 4th generation pure fusion device.
The most likely type of nuclear bombs used, was the type that could be made the smallest, and was the simplest, and most proven/dependable (compared to the others). This was the “good old” pure fission form of nuclear bombs. As I have shown, they’re even backpackable. And in the final analysis– given ternary fission– there never was any basis for claiming that the nuke(s) used at the WTC had to be 4th generation pure fusion, nor even that there was any fusion at all at the WTC. We may never be able to prove exactly what happened regarding the nuclear destruction of the WTC on 9/11, by the American regime; but we should strive to emphasize the most likely, and the most dependable factors the American regime would have used. And we must realize that the regime wanted to hide the China Syndrome Aftermath, as that poisoned thousands of responders, and to a lesser extent, millions of metro NY residents.
So any tritium found on 9/13/01 at the WTC, was most likely from ternary fission, not fusion. But if you want one more, perhaps crucial, plausibility argument, here it is. Fusion bombs have a history of having a yield larger than expected. And the perps strenuously wanted NOT to blow through the building in an obvious nuclear manner. A nuke having a yield larger than needed could not be risked. This would have been visible to thousands, perhaps millions; and such knowledge would have been difficult to contain. (Whereas radiation findings were controlled by FEMA, and the Gestapo regime need only scream “national security” to prevent release of such data– including the tritium paper, if it had wanted to.) I have emphasized the need not to blow through the building in an obvious nuclear way, since my very first article herein. This is one reason why some conventional explosives may have been used during the destruction scenario, as I have also written.
What the nukes were mainly for, in my estimation, was to vaporize INSTANTLY, and definitively, the necessary core structure for the TOWERS’ ENSUING RAPID, APPROXIMATE, FREEFALL RATE OF COLLAPSE! The PTB apparently intended to later push the impossible “gravitational pancaking” ruse, even though it violates numerous laws of Physics, and we can see the outer structure being exploded outward, by the overpressure within. (You can compare what happens during an actual gravitational collapse by seeing this.) The PTB clearly wanted to shove a physically impossible, evidence-opposing destruction "mechanism" down the throats of the masses. They know what it does to many peoples’ psyches. It induces denial, fear, schizoid behavior, and hopelessness– all good for the coming endless wars, and destruction of the American Constitution. Putting out a physically impossible and evidence-opposing “mechanism” for WTC destruction jibes with other events perpetrated by the American regime. With the American regime’s assassination of the Peace President, John Kennedy, the “official” scenario is that the fatal head shot was fired from behind, even though Kennedy’s body is slammed violently straight back–from the shot fired, from the front, by his Secret Service “protector”/driver. The ludicrous shot from behind violates the simple Law of Conservation of Momentum. As I have written, the WTC bogus scenario entails “pristine pancaking”– violating Newton’s Laws of Motion. Similarly the JFK Assassination had (future) Senator Specter’s “pristine bullet” that smashed into 5 bones, made turns on its own, hung out for 2 seconds and looked virtually like new– and violated the Momentum Conservation Law. The PTB want to put out these impossible “mechanisms” to dumb down, shock, or paralyze the people. Most people go into denial, and do not want to think about it, because their subconciousnesses know what is really involved. Those who can think and see, and have combatted the denial, are then further confounded with other limited hangouts put out by the Gestapo Regime’s hidden intel agents posing as “leaders” of the “truth movement.” These WTC hangouts included the evidence-free inanity of DEW, and the “thermite burns forever” impossibility. Both are easily demonstrated to be physically impossible to have caused the WTC destruction, and the CSA. All the regime’s hidden assets earlier inserted at the top of the “alternative” or conspiracy internet media, were then instructed to push these hangouts and avoid mention of the nuking and the China Syndrome Aftermath.


Returning now to the fission vs. fusion issue. Blowing through the outer structure of the building with unnecessary fusion–either as the hypothetical pure fusion, or as a fission-fusion bomb– could not be risked, when pure fission micro-nukes were readily available. Fission nukes have a more "guaranteed" upper bound on their yields, and are more dependable as well, compared to either the alleged pure fusion or the fission-fusion bomb. In the final analysis, the release of the tritium data may have been a clever Intel Op to try to hide the China Syndrome Aftermath, and its nuclear fission cause. If there was tritium at the WTC, its most likely source was ternary fission.


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The Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center and The China Syndrome Aftermath, 2nd Edition
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More Secrets of The Quarantine, and of Man's History, Future and of The Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center, 2nd Edition

More Secrets of The Quarantine, and of Man’s History, Future and of the Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center
Anonymous Physicist’s third book! Revised: March, 2012 The Anonymous Physicist Reveals More Secrets of Man’s History, Future and Quarantine, and of the Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center.
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The Effect of a Low Yield Nuke on a Steel Structure

The Ruth shot was a fizzle. The predicted yield was 1.5 to 3 kt, while the 200 ton yield was a fraction of that.Especially embarrassing to UCRL was that only the top 100 feet of the 300 foot shot tower was vaporized (though much of the remainder was scattered across the desert). It was standard practice at that time for each test to totally erase all evidence associated with it (automatically "declassifying" the site), which Ruth failed to do.

Hard to tell how tall this tower remnant is but I would guess about 100 feet, if the cross-sections are 10 feet apart (which would fit what looks like a ladder near the base).
Compare the above pic to this pic of the WTC1 core remnant (click to enlarge):

Note the wilted pieces of steel dangling down.
Note– this puts the WTC destruction into good perspective. If a 200 ton yield nuke can vaporize 100 feet of steel structure, and destroy 100 feet or more of it, you can imagine the yield nuke that would be required to vaporize the innards of the 208 foot wide WTC while leaving the outer walls more or less intact. What’s not clear is if there is a linear correlation between nuke yield and vaporization radius– I would guess it’s not perfectly linear.
(thanks to A.P. for the find)


The Crucial Differences in the Nuclear 9/11 Theories


A Call To Eliminate Nuclear 9/11 Mis- or Dis-Information & Attain Completeness and Fit all the Known Evidence
by The Anonymous Physicist
Several, differing WTC nuclear destruction scenarios have been put forth by their respective authors. While they all have nuclear explosions in common; they have key differences. These differences must be openly examined, and used to strive towards a final nuclear 911 WTC destruction scenario that fits all the evidence, and is not contraindicated by the Laws of Physics. Nuclear WTC scenarios that do not fit all the evidence, or contain false statements, or are contradicted by physical law need to be abandoned.
1. Within a year or two of 9/11/01 people began to post at physics forums that WTC destruction seemed to involve nuclear bombs.
2. By 2005, the first website appeared which contained a nuclear WTC destruction scenario by an Anonymous Finnish Military Expert. He hypothesized that one upwardly-focused, sub-basement shape-charge-like nuke was used to destroy each tower. Tower destruction, he stated, was likely done with the aid of conventional explosives as needed. The Finn also hypothesized that the single nuke was a fourth generation, fission-free thermonuclear (pure fusion) device. He cited the alleged Tritium finding by U.S. Gov’t scientists. Therefore (fusion only), there could be no China Syndrome Aftermath with this theory.
3. In 2006, William Tahil wrote a book and offered it for sale online. (It is now downloadable for free.) Tahil also claimed that one deep underground nuclear explosion per tower occurred, but that they weren’t bombs per se. Rather, he claims, there were two huge, underground, fission nuclear reactors already present, which were made to go supercritical, and explode in a nuclear fashion. Tahil wrote that a China Syndrome Aftermath resulted.
4. In 2007, this Anonymous [American] Physicist offered a detailed, nuclear WTC destruction scenario. Many small nukes were said to have been employed during tower destruction, but some conventional explosives may also have been used to allow the nukes to be small, and not vaporize the outer tower structure. After first incorporating all the “official” evidence, that included findings that supported both fission and fusion; he [I] first wrote that either fission-initiated fusion bombs or tritium-boosted fission bombs were used.
But after finding massive, irrefutable evidence of the China Syndrome Aftermath at the WTC for up to six months– until the fissioning, radioactive fragments were carted away– and noting that the China Syndrome can supposedly only occur from fissioning remnants, not fusion components, the Anonymous Physicist has stated the following. The alleged Tritium data release to the public may be a clever regime ploy (red herring) to get people to look for the mythical fourth generation nuke precisely because it is fission-free, and therefore you couldn’t have WHAT WE DID HAVE– THE CHINA SYNDROME AFTERMATH at the WTC. Since the evidence of the China Syndrome of a massive heat-generating source existed at the WTC for months afterwards, and only fission fragments could cause this heat GENERATION for so long, the bombs likely were fission bombs. The Govt then deliberately released bogus information (Tritium), as covering up the China Syndrome Aftermath was their most crucial Op-Plan after 9/11. The China Syndrome arose, and HAD TO ARISE perforce, because a fission nuke uses only 1-6% of its fissile material. The remainder is left over and will remain fissioning for a long time, as the half-life of Uranium 235 is 700 million years. Also the concepts of redundant nukes, "fratricided" nukes, and fizzled nukes were detailed in my papers, and all lead to a China Syndrome Aftermath.
Furthermore, the massive disinfo efforts by the American regime, and its agents, make clear how important it was/is to cover up the nuking, and the China Syndrome Aftermath in NEW YORK CITY. As usual, disinfo agents try too hard. Their M.O. is often clear to see. The hangouts known as the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT), and “DEW” blatantly lie that there was no heat during or after WTC destruction. And another hangout (thermite) has its proponent admit to the great heat for months, but must lie and claim that “thermite burns forever,” when it actually cools off in minutes or hours. The final step, in the intel agencies’ disinformation scheme–as more and more people see the truth of the nuclear destruction of the WTC, and the China Syndrome Aftermath– is to plant individuals (mostly online personalities) who will pretend to be pro-nuclear 9/11. All the while everything they write is meant to confuse, confound, and actually belittle the nuclear 9/11 hypothesis with ludicrous or irrelevant claims. They will be easy to spot; they will likely never cite my research and articles on the nuclear destruction of the WTC, and the China Syndrome Aftermath. They will cite the other theories above– but not mine– precisely because of the unchanging flaws in the others, as detailed above. So please be aware of new, allegedly nuclear 9/11 proponents who may actually try to confound the issue; and present mis-, or dis-information, or irrelevancies, or pretend it is unknowable, or doesn’t matter.
Let us now examine the first two detailed nuclear WTC destruction scenarios listed above. First, let us look at the Finnish military expert’s claims of one sub-basement, pure fusion, shape-charged-like, upwardly focused nuke per tower. This appears to be erroneous in several ways. First the observed, top-down, destruction mechanism, and the earlier, highly likely nuclear sub-basement explosion (see more below) both belie the one nuke per tower hypothesis. The Finn has stated that he is an expert on shape charges, and that the top/down scenario could have been done via nuclear shape charges in the sub-basement. But the website that has his articles says that his translator refused to translate his details of how this could have occurred. But even if theoretically possible, the details of the early likely nuclear, sub-basement explosion (see below) demonstrate that his one nuke per tower scenario is untenable. Likewise, this Anonymous Physicist, has proposed that the hunt for the pure fusion, 4th generation nuke is likely a deliberate, planted red herring precisely because this would obviate what did take place– the China Syndrome Aftermath. So I contend that the Finnish Military Expert’s hypotheses of 1. Pure fusion nuke, 2. One nuke per tower in the basement are incorrect. The Finn also says that “red mercury” could be one way to attain fusion without prerequisite fission. This is the “red mercury” scam, that I have shown here is physically impossible to cause fusion; and is a British American Regime Psyops. The Finn was given my critique of his hypotheses, by the owner of the site that has his nuclear scenario. There has been no word back from him to my knowledge, but I would still welcome this now.
Next I have written what may be the only full review of Tahil’s book here. And this should be read by all, after reading his book. Tahil deserves credit for analyzing the USGS dust/elements study, and concluding that fission likely occurred during the WTC destruction, and even afterwards with secondary fission on some of the samples. But then Tahil’s scenario entails one nuke per tower in the sub-basement again– but here each one was a fission explosion that arose from making a large, hidden fission reactor explode like a nuclear bomb with upward focusing (as with the Finn). My review makes clear that several aspects are untenable or improbable. First, a nuclear reactor “going super-critical,” and exploding like a nuclear bomb is said to be physically impossible. Then the videoed, top-bottom tower destruction itself makes the one nuke per basement unlikely. Furthermore, my articles have also cited much eyewitness testimony such as from survivor sub-basement nuke survivor, Felipe David, and WTC Engineer Mike Pecoraro. Pecoraro was in a sub-basement level, and went UP a level to see that an earlier blast vaporized a 50 ton steel press and shriveled up a heavy concrete/steel door into foil-like matter. This implies a nuke went off above him, not below him, and so even if a fission reactor could be made to go off like a nuclear bomb (which is stated to be impossible), could the one reactor do this a second time after it would have had its first, chaotic nuclear explosion? So the actual destruction videos and eyewitness testimony further erode some of Tahil’s (and the Finn’s) hypotheses.
Finally, numerous crucial statements Tahil wrote are incorrect. His rationale for the massive hidden reactor hypothesis was two-fold. 1. He claims that a fission bomb uses up 100% of its fissile material, when the correct figure is only 1-6%! and 2. Massive amounts of Strontium and other elements found in the dust, he claims, could only mean that two massive fission reactors were already present. My review showed that Strontium occurs in concrete, sometimes not as a tiny component, but as a relatively large percentage, as is known for the concrete used in making the Empire State Building and the Pentagon. All this taken together make his two hidden, massive, reactors hypothesis either physically impossible (to go off as a bomb and/or to subsequently be re-used), unnecessary, or untenable. But again his work is most valuable for demonstrating the likelihood that fission occurred during WTC destruction, and that the China Syndrome resulted. I have had no communications from Tahil after my review and critique of his hypotheses. But I continue to welcome honest criticism of both my critiques of the other nuclear scenarios, and of my own hypotheses.
It is hoped that people will examine all the evidence (including survivors’ testimonies, EMP, massive heat, sound, radiation lowering methods used, photos, etc.), and the Physics I have outlined, and that are archived at these two blogs, and, and stop promoting misinformation or disinformation. I assert this includes the “red mercury” scam, the tritium red herring, and the latter’s implied fission-free pure fusion hangout as well as seeing how massive hidden underground reactors going off as nuclear bombs are improbable if not impossible– and don’t fit the destruction evidence, and eyewitness testimony. They are not needed when you learn the aspects of my “many small nukes” hypothesis. If you are truly interested in what was perpetrated on 9/11, please read the ENTIRETY of the two blogs that contain my archived nuclear 9/11 articles, and make up your own mind. And if you want to see just how the Official Regime “explanation” for what occurred at the WTC on 9/11/01, (and some of the “alternative” non-nuclear theories) used bogus science and committed outright fraud, there are more articles on this at this site.
To sum up, all the evidence of the actual WTC destruction, and the great heat generated there for up to six months indicates that WTC destruction was most likely caused by numerous small nuclear fission bombs (micro-nukes), not by a single basement nuke, nor by massive hidden reactors that exploded like nuclear bombs. The China Syndrome Aftermath arose, and had to arise, because the fission fragments were contained in the buildings as they were nuked, and ended up all over the rubble pile, and beneath the towers and WTC7.
It’s time to promote, or at least publicly discuss, the continual efforts made by this Anonymous [American] Physicist to examine all the evidence of the nuking of the WTC, and the China Syndrome Aftermath in New York City. Please promote these works both on the net and to friends, family, and neighbors. It is ABSOLUTELY THE MOST CRUCIAL ASPECT OF 911 TRUTH, TO INFORM PEOPLE THAT THE AMERICAN REGIME NUKED ITS OWN MOST POPULOUS CITY, NYC, ON 9/11. If your favorite blog or website ignores– or blocks– this most crucial aspect, either post it yourself or tell all your friends, family, etc. And carefully examine the differences in the nuclear 911 hypotheses, and eliminate the impossible, the improbable, the untenable, or what the evidence indicated is incorrect; and promote what fits all the evidence, and is physically tenable– many small fission nukes were used to destroy the WTC on 9/11/01, and the China Syndrome Aftermath resulted. And the radiation issue is also discussed here.
Please promote this, as there isn’t much time left before they pull away the wool from everyone’s eyes. It won’t be pleasant, and must be prevented. Life will not be worth living then. Remember Hiroshima. The survivors there were said to be envious of the dead. This may be what they have planned for all of us, with the American Regime being, as Rev. Martin Luther King said, “the greatest purveyor of evil in the world today.” Indeed, there is much evidence that the American regime nuked its own people at least once before 9/11/01, in the Port Chicago, California incident, as I detailed here. Thus the American regime remains the only regime that has nuked its own people, as well as others, and that fact would likely enrage the American people to act, as nothing else might.


Micro-Nukes and the World Trade Center – What Really Happened?


By Shepard Ambellas
June 13, 2012

H-912 transport container for Mk-54 SADM

When it comes to the World Trade Center towers and Building 7′s collapse on that dreadful day in September of 2001 — one thing is for sure, the actual impact from the planes did not cause the collapse of the massive steel structures that stood proud above the New York skyline, nor did the jet fuel or fires.

It is also a fact that micro-nuke do exist, and have since the 50′s.

Wikipedia Defines (Micro-Nukes) Special Atomic Demolition Munition as;

The Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM) was a family of man-portable nuclear weapons fielded by the US military in the 1960s, but never used in actual combat. The US Army planned to use the weapons in Europe in the event of a Soviet invasion. US Army Engineers would use the weapon to irradiate, destroy, and deny key routes of communication through limited terrain such as the Fulda Gap. Troops were trained to parachute into Soviet occupied western Europe with the SADM and destroy power plants, bridges, and dams.

The project, which involved a small nuclear weapon, was designed to allow one person to parachute from any type of aircraft carrying the weapon package and place it in a harbor or other strategic location that could be accessed from the sea. Another parachutist without a weapon package would follow the first to provide support as needed.

The two-person team would place the weapon package in the target location, set the timer, and swim out into the ocean where they would be retrieved by a submarine or a high-speed surface water craft.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the United States developed several different types of lightweight nuclear devices. The main one was the W54, a cylinder 40 by 60 cm (about 16 by 24 inches) that weighed 68 kg (150 lbs). It was fired by a mechanical timer and had a variable yield equivalent to between 10 tons and 1 kiloton of TNT. The W54 nuclear device was used in the Davy Crockett Weapon System.

On 9/11 there is no doubt that multiple bombs were detonated in the WTC complex. This fact can not be disputed and is clearly documented by hundreds of videos and backed up by many eye witness testimonies.

WTC Complex Hot Spot – On 9/11 there is no doubt that multiple bombs were detonated in the WTC complex. This fact can not be disputed and is clearly documented by hundreds of videos and backed up by many eye witness testimonies.

Multiple tests have been conducted with micro nukes by our government within the United States.

As a result, fully detailed plans to demo large buildings have been drawn up and, according to some, have been made mandatory in certain instances.

An excerpt from reads;

“Suitcase nukes, or atomic demolition devices (ADMs), are actually small nuclear bombs. Both the Soviets and the US had such devices during the “Cold War.” They were to be carried by Special Operations Forces who would be parachuted ahead/behind main force units using the ADMs to destroy large bridges, collapse mountain passes, or destroy entire major headquarters.

These ADMs can be no larger than a king size suitcase. Some were designed for a large backpack. They were considered tactical nukes, and authority for usage could have been released to the Soviet “Front” commander or the US Theater Commander-in-Chief.”

A man by the name of Dr. Ed Ward has documented what he believes is the use of micro-nukes on the World Trade Center complex attack that took place in September of 2001.

One of the smoking guns in this case is that over 5.3 billion pounds of steel was instantly turned into 2 billion pounds of dust. Massive steel beams were also bent like pretzels.

Massive craters under the WTC complex formed from micro-nukes

There were many events that took place on and around 9/11 that were out of place or unusual including a massive hurricane off the coast of New York.

The startling fact that most of the WTC buildings were pulverized into a fine dust, 20 microns in size or less, cannot be ignored. This is a tell tale sign of a high energy release typical of a nuclear explosion.

Eyewitness accounts and personal testimony indicate that people were thrown an entire city block from what was described as a warm wind just as the towers begin to collapse.

There were also multiple reports of “hanging skin” or “melted skin” on victims around ground zero. This was a common occurrence in the Hiroshima blast.

Major hot spots were reported in and around the debris for up to six months after 9/11.

This is commonly referred to as “China Syndrome”, where nuclear material will continue to undergo fission for a period of time, generating massive heat plumes.

In most of the recently released videos of the WTC controlled demolition (via the Freedom of Information ACT) there were sections edited out of the video and audio clips with the initial collapse of the towers explosive sounds being removed.

One video shows the penthouse on building 7 being demolished on the roof just before the building comes down.

But perhaps the most startling revelation is the fact that vehicles looked incinerated up to one mile away from the towers.

Cars were even flipped over as if they came out of a war zone. This could signify a micro nuke blast.

High energy releases have a distinct look. Evidence shows that levels of Tritium were 55 times higher than normal in the WTC debris. Tritium is a by product of a nuclear blast.

Remember that on the morning after 9/11 authorities had already removed 70 dump truck loads of debris from the crime scene.

The fact that many of the first responders are now dead if not very sick does not sound like the bi-product of a falling building but more like a massive dose of radiation. Most of the responders have died of blood cancer, yet another sign of  radiation exposure.

Massive craters can be seen from aerial photographs that show tremendous voids under the towers. There were reports of explosions in subways under the WTC before the collapse as well as tunnels filled with smoke.

Cars not hit by falling debris yet totally destroyed far away from the towers

Molten metal was seen in and around the debris of the WTC for months.

There is also the fact that the debris field was substantially low for the magnitude of buildings that were destroyed; thus signifying that most of the debris was incinerated upon the demo blast.

According to Richard Gage of,little square chips of nano-thermite were found in the WTC debris.

It is possible that nano-thermite  was used in conjunction with micro nukes to incinerate most of the debris in an attempt to avoid damaging other buildings in the area.

More melted cars found blocks away from the WTC complex

Another important fact is that tiny metallic spheres 20 – 30 microns in size were also found throughout the debris according to an interview of Richard Gage conducted by Shepard Ambellas of the Intel Hub Radio Show on September 1, 2010.

This signifies that lots of metal throughout the complex was actually in the molten stage and cooled while airborne.

There is also the fact that the WTC complex has been reportedly sprayed down with water everyday after 9/11 for years.

Editors Note: If anybody can produce the actual seismic data from 9/11/2001 in and around NYC please send it to for evaluation.

High Yield Energy Release

Dimitri Khalezov 911 video

Seismic Data from 9/11

Declassified Micro-nuke Test

Ponder this…

Micro Nukes (WMD) in the WTC – 911 Inside/Outside Job?


Micro Nukes (WMD) in the WTC – 911 Was an Inside/Outside Job
March 26, 2008
Declassified August 1958: "Mere fact that the U. S. has developed atomic munitions suitable for use in demolition work." Declassified January 1967, "The fact that we are interested in and are continuing studies on a weapon for minimizing the emerging flux of neutrons and internal induced activity." Declassified March 1976, "The fact of weapon laboratory interest in Minimum Residual Radiation (MRR) devices. The fact of successful development of MRR devices."
The factual evidence indicates that our government is using and has used 3rd or possibly 4th generation hydrogen bombs domestically and internationally. The evidence for international usage is not quite as strong as the domestic usage, but when domestic usage is considered, the international usage seems inescapable. The process of exclusion based on the known facts leaves only one viable option for the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings – a relatively pure hydrogen bomb.

Just some of the facts are: widespread cancer in the responders, molten steel, melted cars, steelbeams hurled hundreds of feet, aerosolized metals, vaporized steel witnessed and video, aerosolizedand pulverized concrete, elevated tritium levels, vanishing (vaporized) victims, only sliver fragments of victimson roof tops, EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse effects on communications, hundreds of eyewitness testimony ofancillary explosions by heroic rescuers and victims, massive dispersal of debris, demolition expert stateshydrogen bomb needed for this type of demolition, audio of a massive explosion prior to collapse, video of ancillary explosions, audio of ancillary explosions, significant reduction in debris pile, ancillary thermate found in wreckage, shockwave of a mini yield nuclear blast knocked people off their feet, vaporization of 200,000gallons of water, removal of wreckage without investigation, only remnants of fire in one tower minutes after the plane collision, unprecedented history of 3 skyscrapers collapsing secondary to fire, early miscalculationstating WTC building 7 ‘pulled‘, towers fall at demolition or free fall speed, foreknowledge of WTC 7 immediate collapse, slow-motion video evidence of plane appendage with smoke and explosion immediately prior to impact of both planes, unprecedented NORAD non response to variant flights, FEMA drill scheduled for same day, military ‘exercise‘ of exactly what was taking place to prevent NORAD response, most of NORAD protection planes sent far away in another ‘exercise’ to prevent response, prevention of examination of wreckage by those assigned to investigate, seismic evidence of a mini yield nuclear explosion, Cheney takes over NORAD response command, Cheney prevents NORAD response, WTC towers designed for 757 collision and fire, 911 used falsely for previously planned war, government fabrication of ‘evidence’ correlation for starting war, hundreds of people found themselves trapped by locked doors and missing escape routes above and below the impact zone, and not all inclusively, but finally, Bush brands anyone noting any of these facts a terrorist.
The spectrum and percentages of cancer are massive. There are at least 4 classifications of blood-cell cancers: leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s and myeloma. There are many more classifications of soft tissue cancers. There is brain cancer. There is breast cancer. For most of these there are subclassifications of many different types of specific cancer in each, so far not publicly disclosed. There are huge percentages of respiratory distressand loss of function. Multiple reports of ‘irregular cycles’ (miscarriages?). Most likely there will be several more types of cancer to follow. In particular, responders should be checked for thyroid cancer and function. There has been no noting of birth defects which also needs to be done. There is one thing and only one thing that can cause all these cancers and problems – RADIATION.
In response to this myriad of disease, a statement of environmental mercury has been claimed. That claim is not verified in testing of air and particle debris samples by private citizens and organizations. It is possible the mercury quotes are from the federal source of science, the United States Geological Survey’s analysis of the WTC dust debris. The USGS’s leached analysis did show mercury at the 3rd lowest concentration of metals at the mean value (mv) of 0.011 parts per Billion (ppB). The most abundant element concentration in the leaching tests was Strontium at 1,000 ppB (1 ppM) – 100,000 times more than the mercury value. It appears that the leaching of the sample was only partial and inadequate as the reader will see from the spectrometry values.
Why would only mercury be quoted when there were so many other more dangerous elements at higher concentrations than mercury? While the regular elements like Copper – mv 136 ppM, Silver – mv 1.66 ppM, and Vanadium – mv 31 ppM, some of the other significant elements were: Barium – mv 533 ppM, Strontium – mv 727 ppM, Cerium – mv 91 ppM, Yttrium – mv 57 ppM, Lanthanum – mv 46 ppM, Molybdenum – mv 11 ppM, Thorium – mv 9 ppM, Uranium – mv 3 ppM, Beryllium – mv 3 ppM, and Cesium – mv 0.6 ppM – partial listing. For readers that are not familiar with most of these elements, here is a link to their relevance
There is also a claim of environmental benzene that ‘permeated’ the area in jet fuel as the cause of all of these problems. Once again, we have the quoting of the miraculous jet fuel that burns up in a massive fireball in the first few minutes, then like Christ’s feeding the multitudes, still causes a massive fire inside that reaches the temperatures of a Hades that weakens massive fire proofed steel beams and trusses, then resurrects itself on the permeated ground to cause cancer in one hour of limited exposure.
In less than 1 hour, the first WTC building had collapsed and covered Manhattan, in at least 1/3 of a Million Tons of particulate debris. Unless the jet fuel makes a final appearance and is again resurrected by NIST in it’s 3rd miracle, benzene is buried under 1/3 of a million tons of particulate debris after 56 minutes of exposure. Benzene is also a component of gasoline. The assertion that cancer was the result of 56 minutes of exposure to minimal amounts of benzene is ludicrous. If that was true, everyone in the US would be suffering from cancers. As the 3rd WTC building falls, Manhattan is covered in two Billion pounds of pulverized and aerosolized building. 
Two billion pounds seemed like an extremely large amount of particulate matter from buildings whose total weight has been quoted at around 3 billion pounds. Debris removal has been quoted at 1.2 billion pounds. Based on these rough numbers 2/3rds of the building was indeed turned to dust or vaporized.
"Live loads on these [perimeter] columns can be increased more than 2,000% before failure occurs." "One could cut away all the first-story columns on one side of the building, and part way from the corners of the perpendicular sides, and the building could still withstand design loads and a 100-mph wind force from any direction." Engineering News-Record, April 2, 1964


Take a look at a collapsed 10 story building in Pakistan. Note the height and size of thecollapsed building’s remnants compared to the other 10 story buildings. The debris pile is about 30 feet, approximately 1/3 of the height of the erect building. This ratio is consistent with a collapsed building’s rubble height. Note the almost complete lack of fine particles. The 47 story WTC 7’s building debris should have contained at least five times (approximately 15 stories) the amount of the Pakistan debris as WTC 7 was also built with significantly stronger materials. Yet, WTC 7 remains are casually noted in the government propaganda article as a 2 story debris pile. Look at the Pakistan debris ‘collapsed’ picture again, then imagine that debris with 4 more piles on top of it and finally try to imagine the awesome power it would take to break it into 53 micron or smaller dust particles.


The only estimates of the two 100 story WTC building debris piles are ‘several stories’. In the very few area photographs of the debris piles published, the amount of debris in the range of several stories is minimal at best. There is also quoting of debris 6 stories high, however, if the reader looks at the rare pictures, the only debris of that height are portions of outer beam skeleton towering significantly higher than the general debris. Not one official measurement of the debris piles is noted. The building residue height is deceiving on 2 levels. First, all of the buildings had craters of a depth of ‘several stories’. Secondly, since the craters were in tiered sub-level flooring, the area of the bottoms of the craters would be significantly smaller than the area covered at ground level. 
In a failed demolition, a 20 story concrete building, Zip Feed Mill in South Dakota, of significantly weaker construction than the WTC buildings, takes a 4 story dive while the top 16 floors remain intact.

Of the cumulative facts previously noted that deal specifically with a major explosion and it’s effect, the only single possibility for all is a thermonuclear bomb placed by the US government. Even when taken individually, the only possibility for some of the facts is a thermonuclear bomb. The next logical step is "Do bombs with the needed characteristics exist?"
The government’s answer to that question is a super-top-secret response that will not be given. Both political parties sequestered Operation Northwoods and more for 40 years, so they are certainly not going to answer the question truthfully. The following evidence clearly shows a mini yield semi-pure hydrogen bomb existed in 1958 and that it has had 40 years of refinement. The graphic in the upper right corner depicts the only published diagram of an atomic bomb in which public general knowledge of atomic weaponry is known. This is not the bomb that would be required for the WTC demolition. The bomb is a 2nd generation atomic bomb of the ‘hydrogen bomb’ category. The H-bomb pictured is not a pure hydrogen bomb which is actually very closely related to the already developed ‘neutron bomb’. In reality, this 2nd generation H-bomb is nothing more than a fission bomb used for a trigger with hydrogen fusion used for extra power. This bomb produces the results of which the general public is aware – massive power, radiation and millenniums of radioactive devastation. It is at least 30 to 40 year old, late 2nd generation technology that has been phased out for lower yield 3rd generation atomic weapons which have a longer half life, easier maintenance and an inserted energy source.
Note the use of DU in the weaponry. DU is used as the casing and as the container for the fusion reaction which becomes part of the fissionable material. This is important in the current international 3rd generation H-bomb usage and the hybrid fusion bomb. At first it was believed that the DU casing and the DU fusion container would most likely not be part of the late 3rd generation or 4th generation weaponry used in the WTC demolitions as it is too dirty (long term radioactive residue) for the pure hydrogen bomb needed. However, subsequent information of dust analysis, hybrid fusion, old known facts of pure fusion bombs, early low yield semi-pure warheads, neutron bombs, and knowledge that debris would be removed as classified information makes either scenario viable.
According to brave activist, Howard Morland, in his article ‘The Holocaust Bomb‘, second generation atomic bombs got their start in 1950 and came to fruition in 1956 with Eisenhower’s announcement of a 95% clean bomb. In 1958 the Mk-41C was tested for a 9.3 Megaton yield, 4.8% of the energy was from fission with 95.2% from fusion. Less radioactive (more fusion and less fission energy) or semi-clean H-bombs were known then and were used for testing purposes only. The more powerful, mostly fission bombs were deployed for usage in a cognitive effort to produce maximum destruction on ‘enemies’ for generations and no forethought of the worldwide consequences. Among various other types of hydrogen bomb warheads, the W54 nuke was developed in 1961. The W54 was a micro-nuke that weighed 51 pounds and could be fired from a slightly modified ordinary bazooka. Different versions of the W54 ranged from .01 kt to 1 kt yield. Between the mid 1950’s and the mid 70’s both types (large yield dirty and small yield clean), of 2nd generation H-bombs were refined.
Focused nuclear explosions were envisioned in 1959 as a possible concept for propulsion of the spacecraft Orion. The mere directing of the yield was obviously known prior to 1959. Samuel Cohen has stated that a low yield neutron bomb may be tailored to direct yield and proposed the concept more than 35 years ago. An underground detonation causes shaping of the direction of yield as well. 
Around 1960, the relatively pure H-bomb was modified for selective effects creating the first 3rd generation H-bomb – the Neutron bomb, Enhanced Radiation Warhead, or a mostly fusion bomb. The neutron bomb’s energy was mostly based on fusion using Deuterium/Tritium with only a small fission component to ignite the fusion reaction. The neutron bombs are designed to release at least 80% of its yield as neutrons at the expense of blast and heat as compared to previous fission-fusion warheads. It was not until around 15 years ago that the existence of the neutron bomb was noted. It was during this period that a trial regarding Chinese espionageforced the revelation of the neutron bomb. Shortly thereafter, Reagan deployed the W70 version with a yield range of 0.8 kt to 1.6 kt. At least 2 years after the neutron bomb had been developed and tested, declassified May 1963, "The mere fact that the U. S. is "interested in pursuing" a program to determine the characteristics of an "enhanced radiation" weapon (neutron bomb)." The standard policy seems to be to develop the weapon, inform congress for development of the weapon and then to inform the public after they have been informed there is a need for the weapon.
Very little has been released about the specific selective refinements of 2nd and 3rd generation weapons in the last 40 years since their development. The fact refinement was taking place is proven by the Orion spacecraft and the neutron bomb. EMP effects have been another area of concern and refinement. While these effects were noted in 1950’s testing, there was elevated interest in 1962 with the high altitude (HEMP) detonation producing a massive EMP effect. In November 1972, the following sentence was declassified: "The fact of existence of weapons with tailored outputs, e.g., enhanced x-ray, neutron or gamma-ray output, that we are hardening our weapons to enhanced weapon outputs and that high-Z materials are used in hardening nuclear weapons against high-energy x-rays." Note – the date is the declassification date, not the development date.
How small can a nuclear reaction be? Through hydrodynamic experiments for triggering fusion, extremely lows yield nuclear explosions have been generated on the magnitude of "several Pounds of TNT." As noted above, in 1961 .01 kt was unveiled in 1961. In 1956, the Tamalpais with a yield of 0.072 kt was declassified.


Prior to the demolition of the WTC buildings, the largest imploded building, Hudson’s Department Store was 2.2 million square feet with 33 levels and required 2,728 lbs of explosive. The WTC buildings were significantly stronger than the Hudson’s building, but it is doubtful more than a 0.01 kt bomb would be needed for the 47 center columns designed to hold many times the weight of the buildings.

This program produced (partial list) the following information for a regular 0.01 kt yields, air ignition: Fireball max light radius = 25.4 meters, Max time light pulse width = 0.011 seconds, Max fireball airburst radius = 10.6 meters, Time of max temperature = 0.0032 seconds, Area of rad. exposure = 0.12 sq. miles; Blastwave Effects: Overpressure = 5 lb/sq. inch (160 mph) radius = 0.09 km, 1 lb/sq. inch radius = 0.26 km; Underground ignition: Crater diameter = 56 feet with a Richter magnitude of 3.52. Thermal radiation damage range is significantly reduced by clouds, smoke or other obscuring materials. Surface detonations are known to decrease thermal radiation by half. A neutron bomb produces much less blast and thermal energy than a fission bomb of the same yield by expending its energy by the increase in the production of neutrons. Even the older neutron bombs produce very little long term fallout, but made considerable induced radiation in ground detonations. The half life of induced radiation is very short and is measured in days rather than years.

Summing up known information, an underground explosion of a pure (most likely) or semi-pure, Minimum Residual Residue direction focused 0.01 kt yield hydrogen bomb with selected enhanced radiation dispersal – most likely neutron since that radiation would be absorbed by the ground and building, and would decrease the blast and temperature effects.


In 1993, Joe Vialls exposes some facts about single explosions that were very similar to the 2001 WTC bombing. The article, "Micro Nukes in London," notes the sudden usage of massive explosions in business districts by the IRA with a brief mention of the 1993 bombing of the WTC. In the supposed first mega-bombing by the ‘IRA’, an eyewitness stated, "The ground shook under our feet. There was a brilliant white flash and a tall vertical column of smoke." Significant information about the Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM – the general class of the W54 warhead). While the government was working on the usage of a conventional bomb to the corporate media, there was accidental filming of investigators of the bombing in full radiation protective gear. Description of the crater created by the second explosion reveals a hole 60 feet wide and 40 feet deep. Quotes of physicists’ Galen Winsor, John McPhee and Theodore Taylor are prophetic for the usage of micro nukes. Taylor specifically notes the future usage of an extremely small micro nuke being used in the WTC in the year 1973.


Another crater 22 feet wide and 5 feet deep is noted in the article "Bali Micro Nuke – Lack of Radiation Confuses Experts." Within 48 hours the Bali government found traces of C4 explosive. Next came the revised explanation of explosives on top of gas containers. After that failed to explain noted facts, the next theory was explosives with napalm. The final explanation from London quoted a reliable source that an IRA style bomb mixture was used. Still, there were significant problems with the story as the IRA had detonated 1,000 pounds of the mixture and there was no crater produced. The US bomb, BLU-82 – used for clearing helicopter landing zones in the jungles of Vietnam – contains 6.3 tons of high grade military explosive with an aluminum additive for increased heat, but does not create a crater. The 1/4 inch steel encased explosive is parachuted to its target and detonated 1 to 2 feet above ground. Approximately 40 people close enough to be vaporized simply vanished without a trace. Insights on Israel’s .01 kt Dimona nuke are also related in this article. According to the information presented, the bomb uses highly enriched Plutonium 239, 99.78% pure, and only emits alpha radiation which is invisible to most Geiger counters.

Another Vialls’ article dealing with the supposed vehicle bombing of the Australian embassy in Jakarta, "Zionists Nuke the Australian Embassy in Indonesia," reveals significantly more information on the nuclear attributes of the explosion. A surveillance camera caught the underground nuke explosion and is included in the article. There are pictures of the resultant mushroom cloud compared to a typical nuclear cloud. The crater left by the explosion was 18 feet in diameter and almost 10 feet deep. Pictures and information of the American Special Forces detonation of two trucks loaded with 1,000 pounds of Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) compound are shown. Multiple links to Vialls’ special coverage of ‘terrorist’s’ bombings throughout the world are included at the end of his article.

Any terrorist truck bomb with less load capacity than 6.3 tons of explosive that creates a crater is a thermonuclear explosion until proven otherwise.

Based on the above information it is quite clear that our government has murdered citizens, friends and families. Our government used their tyranny to further destroy our God given rights affirmed by the Constitution and to extend their fascist powers worldwide in war. Once you have seen the facts, you can no longer say you are innocent of being an accomplice unless you act by trying to end the tyranny, murder and destruction by this government.

Either act to end it or know that you are an accomplice of traitors, tyranny, murder, maiming, and torture. The following three paragraphs will show you how and where to react to the extent of your degree of involvement. There are other ways to resist. Find one that is effective if you don’t like any of my options. If you do nothing, you will never escape the disdain and dishonor of your inaction. Expect no sympathy when your name is called to be the next sacrificial lamb of this government’s tyranny. The time is NOW for Action!


For almost a century, both democrats and republican regimes have eroded the rights of The People and strengthened the authority and powers of government with the assistance of the corporate press. The public can no longer vote for the lesser of 2 evil parties. Third parties have failed to form a viable coalition toward a legitimate national candidate. Those looking for return of Constitutional rights must unify and choose the best candidate for return of those rights regardless of political party affiliation. Currently voting is nothing more than a farce and will continue to be so until there is no longer a secret vote, or until the Brennan recommendations for electronic voting are enforced. Preferably, both voting reforms should be initiated to stop this charade of voting for a candidate.

(Reporter’s note: Original article links . The embedded links in this article contain a tremendous amount of information. The use of these links is highly recommended. While researching this article, it was noted that there is a dearth of pictures regarding some of the information presented. If you have any pictures regarding any of the facts presented, please send them toedward19(at)

Dei Jurum Conventus

Ed Ward, MD



My Thoughts on 9/11 and False Flag Terrorism

9/11 explained in less than five minutes:

The next video gives a short rundown of the corporate executives, key companies, and government advisors that had ties to the ‘controlled demolition’ of the world trade center towers.  Further details are provided further into this compilation. (Just scroll down the page)

Below, is an interview with an ex-Navy Seal, who, during the years 1992-2000 was sent on top secret bombing missions in the Middle East, predominantly in Iraq. Years after the first Gulf War when we were supposedly not at war with Iraq yet he and Seal Team 9 were targeting Tomahawk Missiles on a monthly basis taking out targets that were increasingly "soft"… involving deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians. Find out how this highly trained young man and his team were coerced by the military into purposely destroying villages and creating future terrorists as part of a plan that would ultimately serve their dark purpose, the war on terror and 911.

It basically amounts to a report that the U.S. military first kills people with drones, then fires on the rescuers and others who arrive at the scene where the new corpses and injured victims lie.  This report substantiates Bill Wood’s testimony. 
I do not buy into the White House official conspiracy theory that "Osama Bin Laden and his boys pulled off the WTC 9/11 event".   
Here is a compilation of the Who, What, Why and How of the 9/11 World Trade Center demolition project.  Let us ask ourselves, "Who had the greatest motive to cover up the ‘demolition factor’ of the 9/11 event?"  and then ask "Why would US Intelligence fabricate the myth of Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, when both were under the auspices of Central Intelligence?"  It is all discussed below with explanations.  Each of these links offers up a ‘piece’ to a greater puzzle.  It is up to the sincere person to have a ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ while perusing the material.  Some of the pieces to the puzzle come from the most oddest of interviews and individuals,  some are highly credible sources….yet,  there is buried treasure here. 
Who Owns News and Media Networks?
Keep in mind that even present day news feed is often ‘compromised’.  This is why personal investigation oftentimes requires seeking out information in the most unusual places.
Digital Imaging Used in TV Broadcasts of 9/11 Trade Tower Events
Please take the time to watch, listen and think about these investigations which expose major TV Broadcasting agencies caught in the act of using digital imaging, graphically overlaid images, and sound dubbing on their televised broadcasts of the 9/11 trade tower controlled demolition.  This sinister activity of television fakery, in itself, is enough to reveal ‘complicity’ on the part of major news agencies and the US Administration.
Al CIAda
Fabricating the Myths surrounding Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda
CIA Roots to Al Qaeda Exposed
Fabricating the myth of Al Qaeda:
US Middle East Foreign Policy
Let us start with some present day look at US Middle Eastern foreign policy…through the eyes of Noam Chomsky:

The planning to control EurAsia.  Planning which began years prior to 9/11.

The Sovereign Independent
The Elite, the ‘Great Game’ and World War III
US Central Intelligence used Osama Bin Laden as a CIA asset to help create the ‘Muslim terrorist apparatus’ in the early 80’s….Later on in the 90’s, this US plan was discussed by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book ‘The Grand Chessboard", where control of EurAsia was laid out as a necessity for world domination.
Quote: "How America ‘manages’ Eurasia is critical. A power that dominates Eurasia would control two of the world’s three most advanced and economically productive regions. A mere glance at the map also suggests that control over Eurasia would almost automatically entail Africa’s subordination, rendering the Western Hemisphere and Oceania geopolitically peripheral to the world’s central continent. About 75 per cent of the world’s people live in Eurasia, and most of the world’s physical wealth is there as well, both in its enterprises and underneath its soil. Eurasia accounts for about three-fourths of the world’s known energy resources." (p.31)
Who Pulls the Strings?
What is the Exchange Stablization Fund and what are examples of their sinister, covert activities?–what-is-the-exchange-stabilization-fund-and-who-controls-the-money-supply.html
We, the Western citizenry, are left with the trillion dollar war expenditures.  100% of our income taxes will go to paying the compiling interest rates of not only multi-trillion dollar warfare costs, but also multi-trillion dollar bank bailouts due to fraudulent banking activity.  Where have these wars benefited thegeneral population, let alone the massacred millions of Middle Eastern citizens?  This is why exposing banking fraud and unjustified warfare is so important today.   Those who pull the strings of Western governments are engaging in destructive and life-damaging activities for their personal profit.  They are neither fit to rule, nor justified to take us to war.
Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief – Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI
I’ll admit this short clip is only one viewpoint in the whole affair, however, hundreds of whistle-blowers share the same viewpoint.  These are pieces to consider….that is all:
Some shocking discoveries:  FBI agents say "They didn’t kill enough people"
Suppressed Details of Criminal Insider Trading on 9/11 Flights, Lead Directly into the CIA’s Highest Ranks
Investigation by Michael C. Ruppert – former Los Angeles Police Department narcotics investigator who discovered CIA trafficking in drugs in 1977. After attempting to expose this, he was forced out of LAPD in 1978 while earning the highest rating reports possible and having no pending disciplinary actions.
Quote: "One wonders how much damning evidence is necessary to respond to what is now irrefutable proof that CIA knew about the attacks and did not stop them.  Whatever our government is doing, whatever the CIA is doing, it is clearly NOT in the interests of the American people, especially those who died on September 11."
Quote: " Her answered floored me. She said, "It probably would have been easy for us to find out who was behind the trades, but the government came in and told the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) president to stop the investigation."
"I said to her again, a third time, making sure I heard right, "The government didn’t want you to investigate?" She looked at me said "Yes, that’s right." Then she looked at me a little longer, she knew I had interest in this topic, she looked a little nervous and then blurted out to me, "We erased the data. Our data on the trades is gone."
John Perkins, author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man"
Here is a two minute explanation of how the World Bank/IMF and ”international corporateers" use covert operations to exploit weaker nations:
or here:
Congressman Ron Paul states that there was no justification for American military intervention in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq or Libya.
He states that the hijackers of 9/11 were a group of people not a group of nations.  America needed to go after those responsible, not attack entire, non-affiliated, Middle Eastern nations who in no way threatened or provoked war.
He implied that 9/11 was used as an excuse to war on the axis-of-oil-bearing nations.
Go to the 3:34 mark in the following video interview.!
What was the rush to transport the Bin Laden family out of the USA ?
Why were these Saudis flown out of the country without being interrogated and questioned as to Bin Laden’s whereabouts?
The question, which has never been answered, is what was the rush in getting these individuals out of the country? As Cloonan says, "If I had to inconvenience a member of the bin Laden family with a subpoena or a Grand Jury, do you think I’d lose any sleep over it?  Not for a minute Mike… [Y]ou got a lawyer?  Fine.  Counselor?  Fine.  Mr. Bin Laden, this is why I’m asking you, it’s not because I think that you’re anything.  I just want to ask you the questions that I would anybody."
Demolition Experts and Scientists Discuss 9/11 Events
Donald Rumsfeld exposed: 
‘The origin of the ‘Stand-Down’ orders’
Both hijacking by CIA assets, and a controlled demolition were used in the 9/11 WTC operation:
CIA Asset Susan Lindauer – ‘Plausable Deniability’
I acknowledge that Lindauer was ‘muzzled’ by the US Administration, after the implementation of the Patriot Act.  One has to consider her story in context. For example, would the US Administration want a public figure like Lindauer to expose their crimes so early on in their drive for war on Iraq?
Regarding the auctioning off of Iraqi oil fields:
Quote from The New York Times   June 16, 2011
"…one of the 11 fields that the Iraqis auctioned off  went to an American oil company — Exxon Mobil"
"Lukoil and many of the other international oil companies that won fields in the auction are now subcontracting mostly with the four largely American oil services companies that are global leaders in their field: Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford International and Schlumberger.
Those four have won the largest portion of the subcontracts to drill for oil, build wells and refurbish old equipment."
"While Baker and its American peers are poised to make significant profits from such work in Iraq, wafer-thin margins seem to await Lukoil and the other international oil producers — which include BP of Britain, CNPC of China, ENI of Italy and the Anglo-Dutch company Shell."
NORAD Terror Drills were going on day of 9/11

Senator Mike Gravel on 911:

In the above video, Congressman Ron Paul warns Americans of the destructive dictatorial powers  which the US Presidency has been granted since the events of September 11, 2001.—85w1GpJlwEWJ4HA9x8MTMwNzQyMTAwNkAxMzA3MzM0NjA2&wl_id=-olNr4UuVqY
The History of Oil – by Robert Newman
Middle Eastern ‘oil resources’ were one of the key motives for war between Britain and Germany in the early 1900’s.  This video comedy has an underlying ring of truth to it.  Prior to WW I, Britain bombed the German oil transport and railway line to Persia (Iraq).
It puts things in perspective for the common layman.

Military Industrial Complex:
Is the NATO regime change in Libya….a "global con job"?   This article reveals some of the connections and sinister activities of the global power-elite who pull the strings of NATO member nations.
What a Controlled Demolition looks like
The next video shows us what to look for in a ‘controlled demolition’, and then reveals the ‘controlled demolition’ factor of the 9/11 World Trade Center towers.

Some footage of WTC building seven showing squibs or cutter charges blowing holes out the walls just before collapse began: Go to 1:02:42 minute mark of the following video and see for yourself
More demolition charges going off:
Go to the 4:48 minute mark of this video and then the 6:15 mark
Sometimes we miss what is right in front of our eyes.
People with demolition expertise questioning 9/11
Proof explosives were detonated from inside the towers just like in a "controlled demolition"
Eye-witnesses who heard the sounds of synchronized, controlled demolition explosions
Who had access to the tower impact zones? 
Marvin Bush was the director of the Securacom company which installed an ‘alleged’ new security system at the World Trade Center prior to 9/11….But what else could they have been installing with ‘power-downs’ and ‘security shut-downs’ just prior to the Trade Tower demolition?
Who had access to tower impact zones?
There are more links to this topic, you will need to scroll down this page.

WTC janitor talks of explosions in basement ‘before’ something  hit the tower:
“There was a huge explosion in the basement—several seconds before the plane hit the tower” – William Rodriguez
Firemen and WTC employees talk of massive explosions going on in the basement and sub-floors of the trade towers:
In the next video we see serious fires raged through WTC 5 for hours. Despite the massive structural damage shown by the holes, and fires far more severe than those in WTC 1, 2, and 7, WTC 5 did not collapse.

911 – NIST : A New Standard of Deception – Kevin Ryan. (FULL)

For those who would rather view most of the evidence via documented interviews of firemen, demolition experts, scientists and WTC employees present on that fateful day,  plug into this next full length video which brings up some important evidence and questions. 
It is titled: 9/11 Truth: Hollywood Speaks Out

An analysis of evidence supporting the 9/11 World Trade Center demolition as a False Flag operation

David Ray Griffin,  author, "The 9/11 Commission Report:  Omissions and Distortions"
or here with discussion:
U.S. Military Officers for 9/11 Truth
American Military and Intelligence Officers, and government representatives who question 9/11:

Below are just a handful of the Government/military whistle-blowers:
General Wesley Clark,
Colonel Ronald D. Ray,
Captain Edgar Mitchell DSc,
Lt. Colonel Robert Bowman PhD,
Colonel George Nelson MBA,
Colonel Ann Wright,
Col. Donn De Grand-Pre,
Lt. Colonel Shelton F. Lankford,
Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD,
Former Deputy Assistant to Secretary of State, Dr. Steve Pieczenik,
Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer, MS,
Lt. Col. Jeff Latas,
Commander Ted Muga,
Commander Ralph Kolstad,
Commander James Clow, MS,
Lt. Col. Paul F. Getty, DDS,
Former US Marines fighter pilot Joel M. Skousen,
Major Douglas Rokke, PhD,
Retired fighter pilot Maj. Brian Power-Waters,
Maj. Charles E. Dills, PhD,
Capt. Russ Wittenberg former US fighter pilot and commercial pilot,
Capt. Daniel Davis, U.S. Army – Former U.S. Army Air Defense Officer and NORAD Tac Director
Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer, MS
Statement "After 4+ years of research since retirement in 2002, I am 100% convinced that the attacks of September 11, 2001 were planned, organized, and committed by treasonous perpetrators that have infiltrated the highest levels of our government. It is now time to take our country back.
Each of the above individuals have offered Americans there own expertise and research, exposing  the inconsistencies in the NIST and 9/11 Commission reports.   These Military and Government officers do not support the White House conspiracy theory that "a handful of poorly trained pilots pulled off the demolition of three World Trade towers with two airplanes on Sept 11, 2001."
Colonel Robert Bowman discusses omissions and motive by US Administration in regards to 9/11 controlled demolition:
another interview:
Former Deputy Asst. to Secretary of State, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, declares Bin Laden was known to be dead in December 2001…and that the World Trade Center 9/11 demolition was an orchestrated, false flag event.
Pilots Discuss Their Doubts
This helicopter video clip shows us that no plane hit the second tower, yet there was an explosion.
Other news agencies showing the same camera angle footage, must have ‘inserted’ the image of an approaching plane.  Why were the images of a plane digitally inserted?
Did the alleged aircraft even arrive at the towers?
9/11 Airplane Affidavit by John Lear, son of Learjet inventor,_Son_Of_Learjet_Inventor.html?currentSplittedPage=6
Some analysis of what may have caused those explosions
Flights 11 and 175
‘Fishy’ flight data?
Expert pilots discuss their doubts with regards to any inexperienced air pilots, being able to maneuver passenger airplanes into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon building at speeds over 500 mph:  In other words, were those planes actually ‘passenger’ airliners?  What could have actually occurred?
Pilots for 9/11 truth: This next presentation uses thorough, air-flight physics in the explanation of how passenger planes just could not have been flown into the trade towers, and especially the Pentagon, by inexperienced, or experienced, pilots.  Possibly, refitted, externally guided/controlled aircraft could have, but that begs the question: Where were these aircraft refitted and who controlled them?  Or the most simple question of all:  Were military aircraft used?
Below is an analysis of questionable flight speeds of aircraft.
And who would be able to control those aircraft?
And who could switch off transponders at the exact time these aircraft entered ‘radar gaps’?
Radar Physics Group develops Flight Termination System defense technology.
I am still laughing at the amazing way that Professor Jim Fetzer counters the assault of FOX news agents and puts forth the argument that 9/11 was a controlled demolition…and how the newscasters kept trying to shut him down.
That is how censorship works today.   By marginalizing and pigeon-holing those who question the White House Conspiracy Theory that states " the three towers were brought down by two planes manned by inexperienced cessna pilots."
So many North Americans simply jump on the bandwagon and make fun of , and name-call, those that have done the investigation and come to realize that 9/11 must have been an inside job.
Witnesses Question What Hit The Towers
Some kind of aircraft, a drone, a missile aircraft, maybe even a 767, but not necessarily Flight 11 or Flight 175.
Eyewitnesses were not sure that it was ‘passenger’ airplanes that hit the trade towers:
Eyewitnesses report seeing a ‘military plane’ with no windows hit the towers:
In the next interview with 9/11 firemen, at the 2:33 minute mark, the firefighter states that he saw a
‘black, very large airplane fly into the second building’.   He didn’t see a ‘passenger plane’….he saw what was reported by others as a ‘military plane’….or by others as a ‘plane with no windows’.   Besides their testimony of bombs and explosions going off indicating it was a controlled demolition, the report of a ‘black’ airplane hitting the second tower is important to take notice of.
Aircraft in — Missile out?
Eye-witness claims he heard the sound of a missile approachingthe second tower.
Even the chopper 4 televised images don’t show us any ‘large’ aircraft approaching that tower.
Could it have been aircraft with no windows as was seen by some?  Some kind of drone missile or tomahawk missile?
Air Traffic Controller said the activity of the aircraft reminded him of a military aircraft:
Was digital imaging used to conceal some other type of aircraft or missile?
Why were televised broadcasts of the 9/11 demolition "digitally overlaid" with images and soundtracks? You will have to go here for the research investigations.
This is where the movie "Wag The Dog" comes in.
The movie reveals how easily fake ‘Bin Laden videos’ and ‘poor images of approaching aircraft’ could be  digitally inserted into 9/11 WTC Television footage: 
These video clips explain why so many air force pilots have their own doubts as to the ”official White House, and televised, version of 9/11 events". 
How digital imaging is done:
Firemen and police reported bombs, detonations, and explosions:
Eyewitness key testimonies were not brought into the "9/11 Commission Official Report".  Why not?
Firefighter’s Interview talks about the first, second and third set of ‘explosions’ in trade towers
or just do a youtube search for: Firefighters for 911 Truth   There you can see recorded footage.
And here are video clips revealing the visual evidence of ‘controlled demolition’ explosives:
Building seven controlled demolition video footage is here:
Larry Silverstein, the lease owner of the WTC buildings, stated that he and the head Fire Department official authorized building number 7 to be ‘pulled’.   Silverstein, later, attempted to obfuscate, saying he was referring to having the firefighters pulled at approximately 3pm that September afternoon.  However, the firefighters had already been evacuated from building seven by 11:30 am that morning.
The best clip is here:
The best article exposing Silverstein convincing his insurance representative of the need to pull building seven:
More here:
Explosions in Building Seven–Before Towers Were Demolished
A key eyewitness, Barry Jennings, (Emergency Coordinator for the New York Housing Authority) in his original interviews, reported explosions and bodies in  the lower floors of the trade centre building 7, well before either of the twin towers had fallen.  Regarding Barry Jennings….It wasn’t his passing that was important in my opinion (he was not murdered)…but it was that he stated in his earliest interviews that bodies and damage from explosions were in the building seven lower floors prior to the demolition of the taller trade towers.  Later on, for reasons unknown, Jennings altered his original testimony.
William Rodriguez, WTC janitor for twenty years, states ‘Just prior to the explosion of the first plane hitting the trade tower, there was an explosion in the basement sub-level below him’.  So his experience substantiates the many reports of bombs and explosions going off prior to planes hitting and prior to collapse of the towers.
Rodriguez risked his life in saving many people and was honored for his heroism. And then Rodriguez testified in closed session to the official 9-11 commission (Kean-Zelikow), but his story of what happened that day regarding  the explosions in the sub-basements seconds before the plane hit, was suppressed by those whose task it is to cover-up what really happened.
A significant number of other key eyewitnesses have coincidentally died or committed suicide:
Why would the ”demolition aspect” of the 9/11 project have been so carefully hidden and ignored by the ‘official 9/11 commission report’?  Why the cover up?  Well, it would have meant the explosive devices and thermate were planted well in advance….and that Silverstein, the lease owner of the towers, knew about it. One can’t authorize a building (# seven) to be ”pulled” unless the demolition devices were already in place.
Even Frank DeMartini, the construction manager of the World Trade Centre towers stated on the air that ‘the towers were designed to take multiple hits from airliners’:
Trade Towers were designed to survive the impact of a 767
Even this footage showing a woman waving for help from this trade tower….Thus, we can conclude that the fire is not burning that hot, as is confirmed with the black smoke spewing out.  This puts an end to the myth that the towers collapsed due to high heat weakening the steel support beams.
and here:
Controlled Demolition Experts Speak Out
Tom Sullivan, former explosives loader for Controlled Demolition, Inc. speaks out:
Dutch, controlled-demolition expert, Danny Jawenko, speaks about 9/11
Incidentally, this person died in a questionable roadside accident, four years after this interview.
MIT Engineer Disputes 911 Theory of the WTC Collapse-Part 1
Molten Metal And Extremely High Temperatures:
Molten metal found and discussed by ground crew and firemen
Building Experts Explain the Controlled Demolition of Building 7
go to the 2 minute 25 second mark in the clip.  Even the firemen state in advance "keep your eye on that building, it will be coming down"  at the 2 minute 44 second mark of the clip
Temperature of Jet Fueled Office Fires Versus Temperature of Thermate Reaction
The simple facts of temperatures:
First of all:
288°C (550 °F) – open air burning temperature of Jet A-1 fuel
825ºC (1517ºF) – maximum temperature of hydrocarbon fires burning in the atmosphere without pressurization or pre-heating (premixed fuel and air-blue flame)
1535ºC (2795ºF) – melting point of iron
1510ºC (2750ºF) – melting point of typical structural steel
The Thermite reaction produces an extremely hot reaction (up to 2500 °C or 4500 °F), which creates molten iron and aluminum oxide. The molten iron produced from Thermite is white hot and the aluminum oxide is a white smoke.
The Government and NIST (National Institute for Standards in Technology) lied to the public:  NIST omitted the fact that molten steel and iron, bent steel without cracking, and fused steel and concrete.required heat of over 2750ºF heat.  That is far greater heat than any  jet-fueled fire can generate.
What created the numerous large craters at Ground Zero?
What is the definition of ‘Ground zero’?
"Ground zero" is a technical term dating back to the 1940s describing the point on the earth’s surface at, above, or below the center of a nuclear detonation."
Discover some pretty amazing photos of the melted rock, and the deep, smoothed holes at the demolition site.  Thousands of degrees of heat were necessary to create these rock formations below the trade towers, heat not available through jet fuel.
Could micro-nuclear or some ‘intense-explosive’ devices have created these large craters at the World Trade Center site?  What else could explain these gaping holes in so many building foundations?
Watch the images of the smooth rock face, the huge craters, and the photos of the actual tower explosion which are similar to the results of a micro- nuclear explosion.
What do nuclear bunker buster or micro-nuclear devices look like when they explode?
19% higher cancer rate among exposed Ground Zero firefighters:
If micro-nuclear devices were used then this would explain the high cancer rates among those firefighters exposed to Gound Zero for the first few weeks after 9/11.  If the cancers were only linked to dust and toxins from the demolished towers,  we would have expected more lung disease and lung cancers.  However, this was not the case.  New York Times quote: "there were indications that certain cancers including melanoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and thyroid and prostate cancer occurred more frequently among exposed firefighters than in the general population. Occurrences of lung cancer did not increase."
Molten Metal And Extremely High Temperatures:
Molten metal found and discussed by ground crew and firemen
Why demolition site is cleared before the Building Performance Assessment Team can perform inspection?
"FEMA’s so-called investigation had the features of a complete farce:

  • No independent investigation was funded: FEMA allocated $600,000 for the BPAT’s study, which included the cost of printing their report.
  • Except for an early "tourist trip", The BPAT volunteers were barred from Ground Zero.
  • They did not see a single piece of steel until almost a month after the disaster.
  • They had to guess the original locations of the few pieces of steel they saw.
  • They collected 150 pieces of steel for further study (out of millions of pieces).
  • Their report, which called for "further investigation and analysis", was published after Ground Zero had been scrubbed.

In May of 2002 FEMA’s hand-picked team of volunteers released their report that, although self-described as preliminary and incomplete, would be promoted by government officials as the last word on the causes of the building collapses — at least until the completion of NIST’s Report, more than three years later. FEMA’s World Trade Center Building Performance Study: Data Collection, Preliminary Observations, and Recommendations is full of vague and evasive descriptions of the buildings, deceptive illustrations, and misleading scenarios. Although the report called for more study, by the time it was issued the crime scene had been scrubbed, and the structural steel, which was so essential to any investigation, was long gone. "
Who Had ‘Demolition Access’ to the Impacted Trade Tower Floors
‘Power down in top 50% of floors in the southern tower’  a few days prior to the 9/11 controlled demolition:
A Little Rock, Arkansas architectural photographer, Tom-Scott Gordon provides testimony evidencing 911 was orchestrated by U.S. officials who indirectly hired him to unwittingly help plan the attack nine years before the operation was activated.
In an audio interview we discover "Who had ‘demolition access’ to trade tower floors that were impacted?",  and how Paul Bremmer, trade tower occupant/businessman/government adviser, was director of the Japanese company, Komatsu, which patented the ‘thermate explosive device" years prior to the 9/11 project.
more is here:
Marvin Bush was the director of the Securacom company which installed an ‘alleged’ new security system at the World Trade Center prior to 9/11….But what else could they have been installing with power-downs and security shut-downs just prior to the Trade Tower demolition?
Who Applied the Thermite Spray?
Provides "info on LVI Services, Inc who apparently developed nano-thermite spray with a 3 million dollar Pentagon contract and then sprayed away per a one million dollar contract starting October 2000 with the WTC, supposedly to treat a problem with asbestos floor tiles, as if that were worth worrying about compared to the ignored 2 billion dollar problem they had with asbestos falling off their structural beams because it was applied without first removing the rust on the beams."
Fingerprint–Discovery of Thermate–Molten Metal
Molten Steel found at base of trade tower site….experts discuss this phenomenon…due to thermate:
Chemist Niels Harrit – One of the scientists who found unreacted thermite
in the World Trade Center dust discusses Thermite, Nanothermate, Explosives and Incendiaries.
Scientists Examine the Molten Steel that Lingered for Weeks Underneath WTC 1, 2 & 7 on 9/11
Explosive Material Found in World Trade Center Dust
Scientists Discover Both Residues And Un-ignited Fragments Of Nano-Engineered Thermitic Pyrotechnics
In Debris From the Twin Towers
"thermite-based pyrotechnics can be engineered to have explosive power similar to conventional high-explosives while providing greater energy density and much greater stability. Thus, aluminothermic cutter charges similar to the shaped charges used in commercial demolitions are entirely feasible. However, a variety of forms of thermite might be used to demolish a steel-framed skyscraper in a way that uses no cutter charges at all…"
by Jim Hoffman
If the buildings were ultimately brought down by  the use of thermate to cut through the steel beams….why would the 9/11 commission have hidden this from the public?  Does not cover‐up indicate complicity?‐lie.htm
National Institute of Standards and Technology performs incomplete investigation
More cover-up by NIST engineer John Gross.
Why?  Because over 2795 F heat was created by thermate or some unknown incendiary material to fuse iron, steel and concrete, to melt steel into molten lava, and to bend steel without cracking it.
or here:
More obvious subterfuge by NIST spokesperson S. Shyam Sundar….
NIST signed a contract:  "National Institute of Standards and Technology shall not publicly release any information….that might jeopardize public safety" ??
NIST did not search for evidence of thermate.  Why not?
Kevin Ryan’s Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites
The Ultimate proof NIST is lying about WTC7
NIST researchers claim in ‘C.6 Suggestions For Future Research’, "The severe corrosion and subsequent erosion of Samples 1 and 2 are a very unusual event.  No clear identification for the source of the sulfur has been identified." 
So why was this ‘severe corrosion and erosion’ in metal samples not investigated further?
Never has the obvious ‘controlled demolition’ factor been explained in the ‘9/11 commission’s report’.
Yet, eye witnesses reported bombs, explosions and detonations in World Trade Centre buildings on 9/11.‐nT‐luFIw

The RJ Lee Group performed a study for Deutschbank of the WTC Dust Composition and Morphology:
Scientific analysis of WTC 7 Steel forming a sulfide eutectic phase:
According to their website, the FDNY ordered 2,000 gallons of Pyrocool FEF during the 9/11 clean-up. Pyrocool mixes with water at 0.4% to extinguish extremely hot fires, like chemical fires or Thermate-induced molten metal fires.  2,000 gallons mixed at 0.4% equals 500,000 gallons of water/pyrocool mixture, of which the majority was sprayed on WTC 7 which was the first building debris to be rapidly hauled away:  See Press Releases – SUBTERRANEAN FIRES AT GROUND ZERO
Smoking Gun Proof :
Physical Chemistry of Thermite, Thermate, Iron-Alum-Rich Microspheres at Demise of WTC 1 & 2 Jerry Lobdill 6/15/2007
Taku Murakami, US Patent 5532449 – Using plasma ARC and thermite to demolish concrete,
Architects and Engineers Speak Out
3 Smoking Guns of 9/11- Kathy McGrade, B.S. Metallurgical Engineering (30 years in the industry)
Over 1300 architects, engineers, chemical analysts and physicists believe that the world trade centre destruction was due to more than the heat from burning airplane fuel….and involved  thermate and demolition explosives. – Architect Richard Gage, AIA
911 – NIST : A New Standard of Deception – Kevin Ryan. (FULL)
A Physicist and two Chemical Engineers also verify presence of Thermate in the dust of ground zero: – Jeff Farrer – Physicist – Mark Basile -Chemical Engineer  – Niels Harrit – Chemist
What Hit the Pentagon?
Flight 77 anomalies:
See Flight 77 and the delayed scrambling, along with the ‘slowed’ response speed, of air force fighter jets.  These planes were capable of flight speeds of 1500 miles per hour, yet timelines show that speeds were kept below 400 miles per hour.  Why?
Flight 77 transponder was shut down at  8:56 AM , however the plane could still be tracked by radar.   Why did it take NORAD 31 minutes before scrambling jet fighters?
So the question arises, why were air-force fighter jets not scrambled for a full 31 minutes after FAA lost transponder contact with Flight 77? 
(8:56 A.M.)Ê Flight 77’s transponder signal is turned off.

9:24 A.M. The FAA notifies NORAD that Flight 77 "may" have been hijacked.  
9:30 A.M. The F-16’s scrambled towards Flight 77 get airborne.
Why "may have been hijacked", when (Between 8:46 – 8:55 A.M.) Ê  a passenger on Flight 77, Barbara Olson, called her husband, Solicitor General Theodore Olson, prior to the plane turning around at 8:55 and tells him hijackers are aboard.
(9:41 A.M.)Ê Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon.
Was the Pentagon hit ‘desired’?
Why was the Pentagon allowed to be hit by alleged, hijacked aircraft Flight 77?   The FAA had lost transponder contact at 8:56 AM , yet we are led to believe that NORAD did not scramble F-16 interceptors for a full 34 minutes ?
Yet, according to this interview:  Norman Mineta stated that Vice President Dick Cheney was notified three times of the air threat  approaching the Pentagon.  We are even led to believe ‘shoot down’ orders were given.   Yet, that particular air threat went unhindered and hit the Pentagon at 9:41 AM…. 
Concluding remarks:
On the timeline, I have discovered that many reports state that Cheney didn’t get into the White House Bunker with Mineta until after 9:55 AM  …which is well after the Flight 77 had hit the Pentagon at
9:41 AM.   So, if that is the case, then Cheney could not have been referring to the alleged Flight 77 as it approached the Pentagon, when Mineta heard him say ‘of course the orders still stand’. 
Instead, those alleged ‘shoot down’ orders will have applied to the Flight 93 approaching the White House airspace perimeter zone that had been established according to air pilot, code-named, ‘Honey’.
Which could support the testimony of the mayor of Shanksville that jet fighters were seen in the area. and that missile fire had been heard…as the Flight 93 crashed between 10:03 and 10:06 AM.  All this occurring while Cheney was in the White House Bunker giving orders.
Secondly, why was Cheney giving orders?

Thirdly, if Cheney was in the White House Bunker with Mineta, as early as 9:26 AM, and the approaching  flight 77 air threat was being monitored by radar,  then why was that air threat not shot down?  If those orders were ‘shoot down’ orders, then why was that air threat allowed to hit the Pentagon?  Notice how I use the word ‘air threat’? 
Air Traffic Controller said the activity of the aircraft reminded him of a military aircraft:
Whatever type of aircraft it was, who would be able to control those aircraft?
And who could switch off transponders at the exact time these aircraft entered ‘radar gaps’?
Regarding the plane parts that were found, my question is:  ‘Why was only one engine found?  Why was only one rim found?’    What of the other heavy rims, second strut and second engine that would have collided with the outer wall?   Besides the anomalies stated earlier, definitely some kind of aircraft penetrated the Pentagon that day.
Shanksville ‘alleged’ crashsite of Flight 93
Was this flight, in actuality, ‘shot down’ by US air-force fighter jets?
Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words… Crashsite Flight 93, Shanksville/ Pennsylvania
However, if the aircraft were blown out of the sky, then that would explain the scattered debris found miles away, and why little debris and bodies were found at the crash-site.
Why the ‘Fishy’ flight data?
"No bodies"
Mayor says "No airplane"
Ariel View of "alleged” crash site:
Compare  the Lockerbie Aircraft bombing site to the Shanksville site:
There is a hole– but not much plane debris (bodies, seats or plane parts) in the immediate area , as is found in a usual passenger airplane crash site. So, we are left to understand that the plane must have been blown out of the sky by air-force missile fire, or by a bomb inside the plane.  No problem with that.
The question that arises is: "If Flight 93 was shot down, why wasn’t Flight 77 shot down by air-force missile fire before arriving at the Pentagon?"
Evidence Indicates Flight 93 Was Shot Down
Flight 93 Timeline

US Secretary Mineta statements lead us to believe that Flight 93 was shot down before hitting the White House.
However, why wasn’t Flight 77 shot down before it hit the Pentagon? 
Flight 93 and Flight 77 Timelines
(9:55 AM)According to US Transportation Secretary, Norman Mineta, one particular air threat approached the 50 mile out, then 30 mile out, and final 10 mile protected airspace perimeter position. Vice President Cheney was in the White House bunker with Mineta and was warned of the incoming air threat.  Because of that verbal interaction, we can only conclude that the approaching Flight 93 aircraft was shot down later between 10:03 and 10:06 AM, and that the orders from Vice President Dick Cheney must have been shoot down orders.
On the other hand, If this verbal interaction allegedly occurred before Flight 77 had hit the Pentagon at 9:41 AM. E’, why wasn’t that air-threat shot down as it approached the Pentagon?  Could those orders have been ‘stand down’ regarding the Pentagon.(Flight 77)….while 21 minutes later, have been shoot down orders regarding (Flight 93) over Shanksville?
Go to (After 9:44 A.M.) "According to F-16 pilot Honey’s account, at some point after the F-16’s had set up a defensive perimeter over Washington, the lead pilot received a garbled message about Flight 93 that wasn’t heard by the other two pilots. "The message seemed to convey that the White House was an important assent to protect." 
(9:55 A.M.) This would explain why  as Flight 93 was approaching the defensive perimeter surrounding Washington, when the officer came to Cheney and asked ”Do the orders still stand?" according to Mineta, Cheney replied "Well of course they still stand."   Those must have been ‘shoot down’ orders.  Because, later on,  Flight 93 was shot down near Shanksville at 10:03 to 10:06 AM. 
On the other hand, If those orders were in regard to Flight 77 as it allegedly approached the Pentagon, then why was that air threat not shot down? In regards to an approaching air threat to the Pentagon, could those orders have been ‘stand down’?
Go to (Before 10:06 A.M.) Ernie Stuhl, the mayor of Shanksville: "I know of two people — I will not mention names — that heard a missile. They both live very close, within a couple of hundred yards… This one fellow’s served in Vietnam and he says he’s heard them, and he heard one that day." He adds that based on what he has learned, F-16’s were "very, very close." [Philadelphia Daily News, 11/15/01]
So the question arises, why were air-force fighter jets not scrambled for a full 31 minutes after FAA lost transponder contact with Flight 77?  (8:56 A.M.)Ê Flight 77’s transponder signal is turned off.
Why wasn’t Flight 77 shot down?  Why was it allowed to hit the Pentagon at (9:41 AM) E’?  Because according to the interview with Norman Mineta, this aircraft threat was being monitored as it approached the Pentagon. 
Donald Rumsfeld exposed: 
‘The origin of the ‘Stand-Down’ orders’
"CJCSI 3610.01, dated July 31, 1997, required that all requests for assistance in hijackings be approved by the Secretary of Defense. An update to that order, CJCSI 3610.01, dated June 1, 2001, had an exception for emergencies that would seem to give commanders in the field autonomy in ordering intercepts. However, that exception did not cover requests for "potentially lethal assistance", the kind required to respond to the attack:"
"(DODD 2025.15, Feb. 18, 1997) 4.4 The Secretary of Defense retains approval authority for support to civil authorities involving: use of Commander in Chief (CINC)-assigned forces (personnel units, and equipment) when required under paragraph 4.5, below; DoD support that will result in a planned event with the potential for confrontation with specifically identified individuals and/or groups or will result in the use of lethal force. 1 "
Drills of NORAD exposed
Why a flying command post is present….and yet no interceptors?
Video footage of: "The ‘mystery plane’ seen on takeoff on apparently ‘live’ footage on 9/11.
The aircraft is the E-4B Doomsday Plane….a military aircraft…a flying command post.
It was seen near WTC 2 just prior to, and during, the impact of "Flight 175"
It was seen near the Pentagon.  It was seen over the White House."  Why was this command post flying about, and yet jet fighter aircraft were allegedly not scrambled on time to intercept the hijacked aircraft?
from this link:
and this link:
NORAD Terror Drills were going on day of 9/11
Air Flight Discrepancies
Hijackers Alive and Well
‘Fishy’ flight data? – The details are revealing:
In this link is found the RITA records of BTS statistics of past American air-flights which show no record of AA Flight 11 departing Boston Logan, or AA Flight 77  departing from Washington Dulles on September 11, 2001:
Flight Data Expert Confirmation: No Evidence Linking FDR Data to American 77
Begging more questions.
Why were there discrepancies in the passenger lists, and why were ‘reported’ passengers found to be ‘fictitious’?   (Passengers were discovered to be fictitious: see 2minutes:20seconds into the video)   (More detail on fictitious passengers: using the Social Security Death Index)
Simulated Victims:  Why fake victims??  Are we being hoodwinked?
More simulated victims in detail:
THE VICSIM REPORT: Simulated 9/11 Victims
Fabricating The Myth of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda
Vice-President Dick Cheney admits in an interview that no evidence links Osama Bin Laden to the 9/11 WTC event:
Next in the next compilation of articles, we discover that Bin Laden died in December of 2001, and that his death was reported by veteran CIA officer Robert Baer, Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, former FBI head of countert-errorism Dale Watson, and former Deputy Assistant to the US Secretary of State, Dr. Steve Piecznik:
Local Pakistanis say the recent May 2011 Bin Laden story is "drama”,  ”untrue", and that photos are of a local elderly man…not some Osama Bin Laden.  Local Pakistanis are highly skeptical that Bin Laden was ever in their neighborhood, let alone killed in their neighborhood.
Two more death photos of Bin Laden found to be faked, are shown in the first minute of the next clip:
Was Bin Laden Assault a Jessica Lynch-style Fable?
Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab
Who is Al Qaeda? 
A thorough documentary of how the official story of Al Qaeda came to exist, how media presentations came to create the myth of Al Qaeda.
part 2   We discover how the CIA participated in creating the "Muslim terrorist apparatus".
Bin Laden was in fact, a CIA operative
More misleading disinformation.  Many stories of Al Qaeda were ”trumpted up"
Fabricating the myth of Al Qaeda:
Many alleged hijackers were trained in US ‘secure’ facilities. 
Alleged hijackers were even under FBI surveillance.
Alhazmi and Almihdhar: The 9/11 Hijackers Who Should Have Been Caught
Most importantly, at what point do incompetence and bureaucratic barriers cease to be reasonable explanations for so many failures surrounding Alhazmi and Almihdhar? Could the US government have been protecting these two for some reason? When will investigators and the media start asking these difficult questions?
Identity of hijackers is highly questionable. 
Paul Zarembka also discusses the existence of insider trading.  Where were the investigations and interrogations regarding ‘foreknowledge of attacks’?
Hijackers Alive and Well
Misled Into War
Why question the ‘official version of events’ surrounding the 9/11 World Trade Centre project?   For starters, two ensuing wars based on known ‘falsified’ evidence  (weapons of mass destruction capability was zero, while President Bush quoted false Niger evidence to justify war,  then later on admitted Iraq intelligence was wrong)‐j18.shtml…and over a million war deaths have resulted in the aftermath of 9/11.  We have been led into war by misleading journalism and by those who benefit off of war…namely the military/industrial/congressional complex.
War Crimes Probe of Bush Administration recommended
NEW YORK – Former chief U.N. nuclear inspector Mohamed El Baradei suggests in a new memoir that Bush administration officials should face international criminal investigation for the "shame of a needless war" in Iraq.   April 22, 2011
Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia (Non-binding)Tribunal
Video newscast:  (Bush and Blair used forged documents that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction)
News article:
CENSORED 60 Minutes Interview
The interview was buried (censored)…..Former 2001 Bush Secretary Treasurer Paul O’Neil tells about the plans to take out Iraq and overtake its oil resources….6 months before 9/11. Even though the ending is more of a campaign add…..The guts of the story is enough to show that our political leaders dance to the tune of power and greed….it is an oligarchy….not a democracy.
Muslim Terrorist Apparatus Was Created By US Intelligence
Afghan heroin & the CIA

I suggest you google "False Flag Terrorism"….and discover how the Muslim terrorist apparatus was created by US intelligence as a geopolitical weapon.  American Central Intelligence organized, trained, funded and armed the dis‐united Afghani tribal freedom fighters under one banner, the Taliban, in order to resist Russian infiltration into the Middle Eastern axis‐of‐oil region.
Once the Russian threat was eliminated, the Taliban wished for legitimacy in Afghani national affairs.  ‘Corporate’ American domination was unacceptable to the united Afghan freedom fighters….Prior to 9/11, the US Administration had threatened the Taliban who were reluctant to grant complete control of their homeland to  ‘corporate’ rule.  The Taliban were told that submitting to US Administration plans for the region would ”bring a carpet of gold”, but resistance would ”bring a carpet of bombs”.
More on the subject is in the following articles.‐asia/CK20Ag01.html
Soldiers Speak Out
Soldiers speak out against the atrocities of the Iraq and Afghan wars and question its purpose:
My questions to the reader:  "Are you able to think outside of mainstream television productions and discover actual evidence of corruption without labeling it as "conspiracy theory", or do you shut down dialogue before it begins?  Does the term "theory" not fall away when "actual" evidence indicates the existence of criminal activity?"  Is daring to question the inconsistencies of the ‘official 9/11 commission report’ really "anti-American"?   Wasn’t the official White House explanation a ”conspiracy theory”  based on falsehoods and unsubstantiated evidence?
The media is constantly feeding us disinformation which favors Administration, pro-war policies
We Were Shown Faked Bin Laden Videos
Another question to consider:  "Is not the ‘Bin Laden‐did‐it‐theory’ also a conspiracy theory?"  I mean, we were literally force‐fed the White House version of 9/11 events and expected to disregard the lack of motive, the ‘controlled demolition’ nature of the project, and the lack of evidence linking Bin Laden to the 9/11 event itself.  After the entire Bin Laden family was safely escorted/flown out of the US without being questioned or interrogated as to the accused Osama’s whereabouts, we were then given faked Bin Laden videos:‐cia‐officials‐admit‐to‐faking‐bin‐laden‐video.html
…more faked photos
…and more questionable photos
Osama Bin Laden died in December 2001
Osama Bin Laden was reported by CNN, FOX, the Telegraph, Guardian and the Pentagon to have died in December of 2001.  Despite his death,  we were shown ‘doctored’ and ‘faked’ videos of Bin Laden thereafter.    Recently, Americans were fooled again with a completely orchestrated ‘second’ killing of Bin Laden in May of 2011.  Fabrication built upon fabrication….resulting in a completely misinformed American public.
Former Deputy Asst to US Secretary of State, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, declares in 2009 that Bin Laden was known to be have died in December of 2001.
Video interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik

Trumped up charges of Al Qaeda (fabrication exposed)
Here is a  documented history of how the CIA created Al Qaeda
The political and financial connections of the terrorists penetrate to the upper reaches of power, in the British and American governments.
Some call the criminal, global, power-elite who pull the strings of Western governments, ‘the Illuminati’.  However, don’t let that name throw you off.  Here are the just some of the connections of Al Qaeda with Central Intelligence.
Why was the Israeli MOSSAD 9/11 involvement, withheld from the American public?
How Government Manipulates TV Broadcasts
I recommend watching a 1997 movie starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro titled: "Wag The Dog".  It makes the point of ‘manipulated media presentations by the US Administration’ quite well
The next clip of the movie reveals how easily fake ‘Bin Laden Videos’ could have been put together.‐rr70xj2o&feature=related
Following the same theme, below is a farewell article by Paul Craig Roberts, former editor/writer/ journalist and government adviser:
Corporate media is propaganda; serves US police state and oligarchs.
Israeli/American Covert Intelligence Involvement
Next is a quality video which explains why the world trade centre project of 9/11 could very well have been an inside job.  Meaning….it was perpetrated by Mossad or CIA black ops as a false flag operation to justify war on the scapegoat nation, in this case, both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Evidence of Israeli Mossad involvement in the 9/11 WTC destruction:
Israeli Mossad links to Al Qaeda….ignored by US Government officials
Doctor Alan Sabrosky, Former Director of Studies of the US ARMY War College states that Israel’s Mossad had the capability and motive to mastermind the project:
or another one of his interviews:
other government whistle-blowers identified here:
Or here is an article by a Jewish American and Vietnam Veteran, former defense contractor, and writer, Gordon Duff blowing the whistle as best he can:‐duff-911-and‐current‐attempts‐to‐cover‐up‐an‐american‐holocaust/
A live audio interview with Gordon Duff regarding the co-operation of American/Israeli Administrations in Middle East foreign policy:
When real thought and important critical analysis is thwarted by marginalizing investigation as ‘conspiracy theory’ then we are in a sorry state of affairs my friend.  In other words, it has become vogue to stop all dialogue of the 9/11 project by making fun of those daring  to question the ”White House version” of events.  And in my eyes, that is sad indeed.‐lie.htm
Is 2.3 trillion in unaccounted Pentagon spending one motive?
"The September 11th attacks were likely meant as a cover-up for financial crimes (2.3 Trillion in Pentagon spending unaccounted for) being investigated by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), whose offices in the Pentagon were destroyed on September 11th.
Pentagon Budget Analysts offices were destroyed and 38 died during the 9/11 Pentagon attacks:
Was $240 Billion in covert government securities another motive?
"On that fateful day, the Securities and Exchange Commission declared a national emergency, and for the first time in U.S. history, invoked its emergency powers underSecurities Exchange Act Section 12(k) easing regulatory restrictions for clearing and settling security trades for the next 15 days. These changes would allow an estimated $240 billion in covert government securities to be cleared upon maturity without the standard regulatory controls around identification of ownership."
[1] The attacks … were intended to cover-up the clearing of $240 billion dollars in securities covertly created in September 1991 to fund a covert economic war against the Soviet Union, during which ‘unknown’ western investors bought up much of the Soviet industry, with a focus on oil and gas."
"The 9/11 attacks also served to derail multiple Federal investigations of crimes associated with the 1991 covert operation. Hundreds of billions of dollars of government securities had to be destroyed. A critical mass of brokers from the major government security brokerages in the Twin Towers had to be eliminated to create chaos in the government securities market. A situation needed to be created wherein $240 billion dollars of covert securities could be electronically “cleared” without anyone asking questions – which happened when the Federal Reserve declared an emergency and invoked its “emergency powers” that very afternoon. [4] "
"There were three major securities brokers in the World Trade Center: Cantor Fitzgerald,Eurobrokers and Garbon Inter Capital. Cantor Fitzgerald was the largest securities dealer in the US [7] and arguably the primary target. [8] 41% of the fatalities in the Twin Towers came from Cantor Fitzgerald and Eurobrokers. [13] 31% of the 125 fatalities in the Pentagon were from the Naval Command Center that housed the Office of Naval Intelligence. 39 of 40 Office of Naval Intelligence employees died. The Naval Command Center had been moved into that newly opened section of the Pentagon only a month earlier. [21] And in the vaults beneath the World Trade Center Towers, any certificates for bonds were destroyed. [14] "
Overtake Iraqi Oil Reserves and Afghan Opium Fields
US Sponsored Afghan Opium Drug Trade
More Motive by ‘Corporate’ America–Military Contracts
Always check for motive….Check on who will gain the most from terrorist activities and a resulting declared war….Then the pieces to the puzzle of terrorism begin to unravel.
For example, every time a war is created the weapons/military/industrial complex (affiliated business, political and military officials) are on the take for billions of dollars in military contracts. Never‐ending war expenditures are welcomed by this group.
Eisenhower speaks about the threat of the expanding US armament industry
-Increase warfare expenditures for the military industrial complex….
Is the NATO regime change in Libya….a "global con job"?   This article reveals all the ties, connections and sinister activities of the global power-elite who pull the strings of NATO member nations.
Past examples of warfare expenditures profiting the likes of the du Pont Dynasty
The du Pont Family – by Richard Saunders
Understand that misinformation, never-ending-war, and banking fraud is accepted by both ‘opposing’ political leaders:
More Motive–Maintaining Supremacy in the Drug/Weapons Trade
The oil companies get 80 dollars a barrel….the heroin/opium trade sells a barrel of opium for 19 million dollars.  You figure when the US military is preventing the Taliban, Russians and local Afghan tribal lords from the opium fields, and the US military is protecting those poppy fields….then I wonder who is selling the opium??
Control of the opium/heroin trade is another reason for taking out the competition in developing nations. This is a trillion dollar industry. Often, weapons are supplied to poorer, cash‐strapped nations in exchange for drugs like opium or cocaine….and the covert American government agents ship the drugs back to America for resale.  In this next video, after the first minute, we learn about <CIA involvement in the weapons/drug trade>…or just Google/Youtube search and discover for yourself:‐pA4txvVJ8
more on CIA drugs‐for‐weapons trade:
The US military is now protecting the opium fields which the Taliban, we were told, had been destroying before the war….So think about that for awhile:
US Soldiers guarding opium in Afghanistan
or try this link here describing the US military and the Afghanistan opium industry:
Soldiers killed for blowing the whistle on opium production in Afghanistan.
More Motive–Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man
In the link "Confessions of an Economic Hit‐Man" John Perkins describes the insidious activities of economic hit‐men…and the assassinations and ‘coup d’ etat’ performed by US undercover  ‘Jackals’. Go to the video box and click it to play.
or this short interview with Mr. Perkins:
-Increase profits to International Bankers who charge compiling interest rates on megabillion dollar warfare debts
International bankers often use warfare to set up ”Central Banking systems that are privately controlled" across the globe
1. Finance both, or all, sides in war for enormous profits.
2. Profit from the selling of arms through their Military Industrial Complex.
3. Make loans for the rebuilding of countries after the destruction.
4. Get countries under control through debt.
5. Take control of countries by installing puppet regimes, corporate-friendly dictators, or bought-off politicians
6. Take over a country’s resources by military intervention,  or  take control when a country defaults on its war debts.
7. To eliminate (kill) specific citizens who do not wish their country to be under the control of International Banking privateers….in short, to remove any and all resistance to global, private-banking fraud.
Documented Examples of Israeli False Flag Terrorism
Documented Israeli false flag operations of the past. The material has gone mostly unreported, which reveals how well ‘dummied‐down’ mainstream media coverage is.
Israeli air-force jets and navy ships attacked the USS Liberty and the event was swept under the carpet.  The plan was to attack the ship, blame it on Egypt, and thus entice Americans to join Israel in a war to take down Egypt…unfortunately for the Israeli/US Administration, the USS Liberty didn’t sink and personnel survived to tell the tale:
A more detailed interview with USS Liberty survivors:
Why Is Criticism Of Israeli Foreign Policy Prevented?
In Europe, it is punishable by law to criticize Israeli foreign policy:
Israeli Minister "We always use the antiSemitism trick or bring up the Holocaust"
In Canada, Israeli lobbyists are pushing our politicians to prevent any criticism of Israeli foreign policy:
There is a committee discussing making it illegal to criticize Israeli foreign policy….calling it "antisemitism".
That is as ludicrous as calling criticism of Canadian government policies…"anti‐Canadian".
Is criticism of the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories really "Anti-Semitic"?  A presentation by Norman Finkelstein:
"Combating AntiSemitism or Shielding Israel?
Submission to the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism"
-by Joanne Naiman
Congressman Ron Paul states that Israel helped establish HAMAS, and during the 80’s the US Central Intelligence radicalized the Muslim world and enlisted Osama Bin Laden to resist Russian hegemony.
In the last four minutes of the next video clip, Dennis Shuman PhD discusses the muzzling of Jewish dissent in America regarding Israeli foreign policy or events of 9/11:
Here is an article regarding the present political consequences of daring to be outspoken with regards to Palestine oppression by Israeli aggression:‐one‐can‐terrorize‐whole‐nation‐unless‐we‐are‐all‐his‐accomplices‐edw
Scottish Court to Rule on Whether Anti-Israel Protesters are ‘Anti-Semitic’
AntiSemitism and free speech: In Parliament this weekend
By Mordecai Briemberg and Brian Campbell
Silencing Criticism of Israeli Apartheid
Israeli Mossad Activity Caught in the Act on 9/11
-Why was this information buried?
Israeli Mossad activity on the day of the world trade center project of Sept. 11th, 2001:
Why was this covered up and never brought to the public’s attention?
Israeli Mossad Agents were caught with a truckload of explosives on morning of Sept 11th ….while the World Trade Centre is being demolished. They also had their film gear set up to ‘document the event’…..How did they know in advance there would be an event to document?
How influential is the Israel lobby on US Foreign policy?  According to Chomsky, not that influential:
This next video clip points to the manipulation of US media presentations to distort the facts of Israeli aggression and expansionism in the Palestinian territories:
False Flag in Britain To Instigate Fear and Hatred of Muslims
A former British agent discusses on video why he believes the London 7/7 bombings were false flag terrorist operations to create a vengeful attitude towards Middle Eastern Muslims….in order to garner support to war on Afghanistan (to build the oil pipeline and take control of opium production) and on Iraq (to overtake the oil reserves).
A mock Disaster Drill was in progress at the same time as the real bombings occurred.  Just too coincidental is it not??
Mossad Chief Confirms Netanyahu’s Warning of London Bombing
Why would an alleged Muslim terror group forewarn an arch enemy?  Not likely is it?  But an insider MI6 British, false flag operation would definitely warn the Israeli Finance Minister.
US Military Intelligence Caught in the Act of Planning Terror Op
A potential ‘False flag terrorist op" was stopped by John F. Kennedy when he discovered that US military intelligence was planning to bomb one of their own military bases or a civilian airliner and blame it on the Cubans ….in order to garner support of Americans to war on Cuba. The plan was called "Operation Northwoods" Look it up on your search engine.
Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag: More Than One Shooter on Island; Oslo Police Drilled Bomb Blasts; Was It NATO’s Revenge for Norway’s Decision to Stop Bombing Libya?
by Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
Robert McNamara admits Gulf of Tonkin attack did not happen. 
So what is it called when we make up an event to take us into war?
Here is the discussion  between Lyndon Johnson and Intelligence officials regarding the ‘covert’ Gulf of Tonkin operation to justify war on North Vietnam: (faking a torpedo attack, when none ever occurred)
Part 1 of 3
Gulf of Tonkin ‘staged’ as pretext for war….Part 2
Part 3
US Foreign Policy –
"Corporate" Takeover of Weaker Nations Resources
Readers who are interested in uncovering the deeper politics of American Central Intelligence might wish to read this article titled: "Fabricating the Enemy"
Who Is Really Instigating These Terrorist Acts?
Consider how mainstream propaganda works. Why would Middle Eastern citizens defending their homeland from foreign aggression be called "insurgents"?  Are we really "sure" that all terrorist activities are performed by the ‘alleged’ group that the American Intelligence agency has pinned the blame on?
This next video exposes the questionable reality of the alleged group known as "Al Qaeda"‐hYorNi0nA&feature=player_embedded#
Israeli agents caught impersonating Al Qaeda ….to foment more hatred of Muslims
Here are examples of Russian FSB covert terrorist activities meant to pin the blame on Chechen separatists and thus garner Russian support for military aggression against Chechnya, and thus ensure no separation could ever occur.
In  Quebec, Canada, the police department finally admitted to creating havoc and disrupting a peaceful demonstration by sending in undercover officers dressed in black as "anarchists" who attempted to foment fighting and discord among the crowd.
More examples of undercover Toronto police instigating and provoking violence at G20 demonstrations:
My feeling is that labeling those who attempt to reveal corruption as ‘conspiracy theorists’ is detrimental to necessary investigation and, ultimately, detrimental to creating real peace on this planet.
Understand that our soldiers sacrifice, not for democracy and freedom, but for the pillage and plunder of weaker nations’ resources by the likes of Kellogs, Brown and Group, Goldman Sachs, Halliburton,the Carlyle group, British Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, and the military/industrial complex ….all rubber-stamped by the US Legislative Executive and Judicial Branches.  Our soldiers, unknowingly, are the ‘corporate police force’.
How The Private Banking Industry exploits American taxpayers:
Former Assistant Secretary of Housing under George H.W. Bush, Catherine Austin Fitts, blows the whistle on how the financial terrorists have deliberately imploded the US economy and transferred gargantuan amounts of wealth off­shore as a means of sacrificing the American middle class.
Catherine Austin Fitts – The Looting Of America 56:22 min
And more about the creation of birth certificates in the early 1930’s to keep the people subjugated and beholding to the private banking industry as ‘collateral’.
Why do our government representatives allow the private banking industry to have control over our country’s monetary system?
A short video presentation titled: The Criminal Rothschilds 
-gives the history of how banking privateers took control of the American monetary system.
The next video documentary reveals 9/11, the Patriot Act,  The Project For a New American Century, two wars-for-oil in the Middle East, and the establishment of the ‘New World Order’ …all came to fruition under the George Bush Jr. Administration.  It is tantamount to present day Fascism (rule of, and for a corporate power-elite, whose drive for wealth and power over-rides the interests of the general population).

Some things we might be wrong about.
– by Jon Gold
Just to show a skeptic that we’re not the close-minded people he thinks we are, here’s a list of some things we might be wrong about.
We might be wrong to think that people like Dick Cheney and George Bush should have wanted to investigate anything and everything that led to the horrible attacks of 9/11, instead of trying to “limit the scope” of those investigations, and fight against the families who wanted them, and rightfully so.
We might be wrong to think that our intelligence agencies should have known something was up because of the suspicious trading that took place prior to 9/11. Trading that they monitor.
We might be wrong to think that ALL of the suspicious trading should have been thoroughly investigated by the 9/11 Commission, and that their conclusion that the trading was “innocuous” is wrong.
We might be wrong to think that the multitude of warnings our Government received prior to 9/11 should have caused people within the Bush Administration to warn the American public, and take precautions to make sure the attacks didn’t succeed.
We might be wrong to think that former Atty Gen. of New York, Eliot Spitzer, should have responded to the Justice for 9/11 Citizens’ Complaint and Petition delivered to his office in 2004.
We might be wrong to think that a good friend of Dick Cheney’s, Lee Hamilton, someone known for covering up other things like the October Surprise, and the Iran/Contra Affair, should not have been made the co-chairman of the 9/11 Commission.
We might be wrong to think that people like Robert Mueller should have answered all of the families’ questions when they were asking him to his face.
We might be wrong to think that someone with so many conflicts of interest with the Bush Administration, Philip Zelikow, should not have been put in charge of the 9/11 Commission.
We might be wrong to be concerned about a statement by former 9/11 Commissioner Max Cleland that says, “as each day goes by, we learn that this government knew a whole lot more about these terrorists before Sept. 11 than it has ever admitted.”
We might be wrong to think that the multiple wargames taking place on the morning of 9/11 caused confusion on the ground, and that ALL of them should have been thoroughly investigated.
We might be wrong to think that Donald Rumsfeld should have responded in writing to former Rep. Cynthia McKinney about her question regarding the wargames taking place that morning.
We might be wrong to think that the most defended airspace in the world should not have been left completely undefended 34 minutes after the second tower was hit, when everyone in the world knew America was under attack.
We might be wrong to think that either Dick Cheney, Richard Myers, Ralph Eberhart or Donald Rumsfeld somehow impeded the air response that morning.
We might be wrong to think that members of our Government should not meet with an alleged financier of the attacks without being brought forward publicly to testify about those meetings.
We might be wrong to think that elements within our Government and others collaborate with the Pakistani ISI to initiate terrorist attacks around the world in order to create a “strategy of tension.”
We might be wrong to think that someone like Shyam Sunder should have met with people like Dr. Steven Jones to at least look at the information he has collected.
We might be wrong to think that the Bush Administration should not have done everything in their power to cover up possible Saudi Arabian involvement.
We might be wrong to think that Israeli spies in this country prior to 9/11 should have been investigated thoroughly.
We might be wrong to think that someone like Khalil Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden’s brother, a person with alleged ties to terrorism, should not have been allowed to leave the country so soon after 9/11 without having been thoroughly investigated.
We might be wrong to think that the 28 redacted pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry should be de-classified.
We might be wrong to think that whistleblowers should not be retaliated against, or gagged because they were trying to do the right thing.
We might be wrong to think that the Secret Service should have immediately moved the President out of Emma E. Booker Elementary that morning in order to protect him, the children, and the school faculty present.
We might be wrong to think that the President should have immediately wanted to deal with the occurring crisis instead of continuing with a photo-op.
We might be wrong to think that 9/11 should not have been used to take away our civil liberties, and start pre-emptive wars against countries that had nothing to do with the attacks.
We might be wrong to think that the murder of 2,973 people should be treated as a crime instead of as an “act of war.”
We might be wrong to think that the media in this country should cover things like family members calling for an entirely new investigation on two separate occasions.
We might be wrong to think that everyone that was in the PEOC should have been brought forward to testify publicly and under oath about what happened that morning.
We might be wrong to think that Dick Cheney and George Bush should have been made to testify publicly and under oath.
We might be wrong to think that there shouldn’t be a single family member with doubts about how their loved one was murdered, and who was responsible for it.
We might be wrong to think that the heroes of 9/11 should be given the health care that they need, and that those who lied about the air quality should be held accountable.
We might be wrong to think that if people acted either incompetently or criminally within our Government, then they should be held accountable, as opposed to being promoted or rewarded.
We might be wrong to think that the event that created the “Post-9/11 World” should be THOROUGHLY investigated to make sure all of the actions taken in the name of that day are justified, responsible, and in we, the people’s best interests.


911 – The New Reich

"I…looked up out of the office window to see what seemed like perfectly synchronized explosions coming from each floor… one after the other, from top to bottom, with a fraction of a second between, the floors blew to pieces."

Wall Street Journal reporter John Bussey, describing his observation of the collapse of the south tower from the ninth floor of the WSJ office building.

When asked what effect 911 would have on the Israeli/American relationship, Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu replied:

"It’s very good… well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy."

False Flag Operation:

Violent terrorism committed for the purpose of directing blame to agencies other than the actual terrorists.

Utilized habitually for military perception-management and behavior-modification programs by intelligence apparatus such as the,

  • Mossad

  • KGB

  • CIA

Chillin’ Out
Control of the American population through fear and terror has been the prime modus operandi of an international elite who have become entrenched here since at least World War One, and more likely, since the Civil War.

This devolution of freedom and patriotism has been greatly accelerated since mass media gained ascendancy in America. Media’s role in the Cold War, and every war since then, up to and including the War on Terror, is undeniable, and despicable. They don’t call it programming for nothing.
Whether most Americans know it or not, the method by which their freedoms have been whittled away is through "Emergency War Powers Acts" which literally suspend the constitution.

As mentioned in chapter one, and cannot be over stated, Every American war has had its attendant Emergency War Powers Acts, even the War on Drugs. These decrees are supposed to be rescinded after each so-called emergency, but like the income tax, which was also to be rescinded, have yet to be. Some Emergency War Powers Acts are later superseded by even more intrusive Emergency War Powers Acts.
The Cold War was the greatest fear machine and treasure chest ever created. Like most things viewed in hindsight, it is fairly easy to see now that the Cold War was indeed created for just that purpose, as so much else has been created in this world of hate and strife and torture.

The dividing up of Hitler’s scientists between the USA and USSR after World War Two is just one clarification in support of the above statement; the Reich has been playing war games with itself, becoming privy to the economic product and facilities of the two largest nations on Earth, while enjoying the benefits of deep deep cover. That means very little accountability, if any.

The official secrecy regime here in America began its real takeover of our government at the exact same time the Nazi scientists were being brought in and given positions of power in industry, government, and intelligence operations.

These circumstances have evolved into many things, but more than anything they are the foundation of the police state. The New Reich.
War making has always worked well to handle Americans, to direct Americas energies, and more importantly, Americas money. Being the richest country on Earth has its responsibilities, no? And no one wants to lose what they have.

These mindsets have led American down the garden path, to the slaying table, and in spite of all the promises, and great sacrifice by Americans in general, we now find ourselves in such great debt it is not even imaginable how we will be able to extricate ourselves from the parasites grip.

The homeless mass grows daily. The veterans go hungry and uncared for, while our common product is pumped out of the country to the tune of many billions of dollars per day. We are living on credit, all of us, according to the same international elite who chameleoned their way into our world, then destroyed it. We have been living like this for a long time.
Once the money was all gone, the debt could proceed as planned, thereby increasing the leverage within our judicial which, also as planned, began eating away at American sovereignty and liberty. The ever mounting debt was used as justification for all this. Its on paper, in many places.

Some people saw it all happening, and wrote about it, but by that time the internationalists had almost total control of the media. This is why those same internationalists who foster Nazism, fear and hate are in power right now. It is also why they despise the internet and do everything possible to hinder it, to kill it.
Once the Cold War was officially ended, along with any savings America had put aside for things like social security (1) and minor details like that, then the paperwork was complete, making England and some other European interests even MORE the caretakers of our paper, including our social security, and it was time for a rest.

8 years of Bill Clinton was that rest, and the clearing air was such a welcome respite from the holier than thou war making and crusading of the so called conservatives that no one really noticed the lines being sprayed in the sky, or the myriad antennae going up.
So Bill Clinton had his day, then came Americas first appointee.

Things were not going too well for the clown from Texas, and his pack of ‘murkins (Americans), so his masters, the people who appointed him, decided it was time for act two. This next version of the cold war, act two, was called the War On Terror.

During this war for the elite internationalists, Americans would yet again sacrifice their blood and money, but not fighting a largely imagined communist threat; this time the elite’s war erupted as a necessity based on oil production in the middle east, and to foster the imperialism of Israel. (2)
Goodbye Jumbo
On the day before 911, September 10th 2001, during testimony before the House Appropriations Committee concerning the Fiscal Year 2002 Defense Budget, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld announced that something like 2.6 trillion dollars had effectively come up missing.

This was attributed to Department Of Defense Transactions that could not be accounted for. The Pentagon comptroller at the time, the Rabbi Dov Zakheim, was also at a loss to explain this problem, stating he needed to hire some certified public accountants to help untangle the snarl.
This 2.6 trillion dollar problem became moot less than 24 hours later though.

People forgot about many things indeed as they sat mesmerized, watching their televisions, listening to the likes of Ted Koppel droning,

"No one in the world has ever seen pictures like these before…"

Another lesser known news correspondent stood in front of the Pentagon with his microphone, the carnage in the background, and literally stated,

"We do not have a clue what happened here…"

The most truthful statement of the day, was that.
A large portion of video and audio evidence from that day was quickly hidden away afterwards, but fortunately some folks were awake enough to tape a lot of the proceedings from that day, and it will soon be seen that not only has there been a whole lot of lying going on, but in fact the whole show appears to have been concocted beforehand.
The reasons again:

1) to pump American money, equipment, and manpower into the middle east in such quantity it makes the cold war look like a walk in the park

2) to galvanize America behind the appointee of the internationalists

3) to cover up a lot of blatant theft by the criminals working for the appointed president

4) to deploy some very well hidden but very powerful quantum energy technology within America itself, in the name of defense.

That would be Devilvision. The ultimate surveillance system. The ultimate in policing. The ultimate mind control. Perfect.
Immediately after the debacle of 911 occurred, within hours, a "Shadow Government" was formed, appointees of the appointee, and this, like So Much Else, was just something that already existed, and was legitimized while everyone was looking elsewhere.

According to CBS (3/2/02) as well as the Washington Post (3/2/02) Key congressional leaders say they didn’t know the appointed president had established this government-in-waiting. Some Congressmen state the administration should have allowed debate concerning its plans. Har. Har. Har.
It did not take long for naziism and its operations to follow in the wake of this modern Reichstag fire called 911.

Everything fell into place so easily and with barely a whisper, that most people researching this event begin to see pretty quickly things were all laid out ahead of time, and just waiting for the catalyst. An earlier project of the United States Government, called Project Northwoods, also outlined the use of terror as a means to accomplish exactly what happened on September 11th 2001, except when Northwoods (3) was drafted, in 1962, the foe was Cuba.
Every day, as more people awaken, and more real evidence surfaces, it looks as if terror has been used as an excuse to institute nazi like degradation of our civil rights, and to actually birth the New Reich. It is here that mention should be made of one salient fact, so that confusion does not develop: Israel was Created in 1948 as a National Socialist State, which happens to be the same form of government as Nazi Germany. (3a)
So far the events of 911 have led to a state of permanent war, with America providing the tools, the manpower, and the money. No doubt the perpetrators hope that this is the way thing$ will be in perpetuity, eh heh, world without end, amen.
For the record, some other interesting things that happened on September 10th, 2001, the day before 911:

NM Governor Gary Johnson debated the appointees appointed drug czar in Albuquerque NM (JOHNSON, DEA CHIEF TALK DOPE by Leslie Linthicum, 11 September 2001 Albuquerque Journal); due to the fact that the drug laws here in America are based on special interests and illegal profits, the drug czars stance was of course erroneous and indefensible. His foolishness was manifest, as was the foolishness of his pharmaceutical masters.
Also on September 10, 2001: former President Bush (Sr.) is attending a Carlyle Group business conference with a brother of Osama bin Laden. The conference is interrupted the next day by the attacks. [Washington Post, 3/16/03].

It is also interesting to note that on September 13th through 19th, 2001, members of bin Laden’s family are driven or flown under FBI supervision to a secret assembly point in Texas and then to Washington, where they left the country on a private plane when most flights were still grounded. Top White House officials personally approved these evacuations. [New York Times, 9/4/03, Boston Globe, 9/20/01, New York Times, 9/30/01, more]
Again on September 10th 2001: A group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns." [Newsweek, 9/24/01, more]

Dancing Israelis
It is the morning of September 11, 2001, New Jersey. A local woman looks out her window to an astonishing and frightening tableau: the twin towers are burning!

She calls her neighbor and they speak in hushed tones, reverent, knowing instinctively that this is the end of something big, and the beginning of something even bigger.
Then, in a park across the street, she notices a large moving van, and there are men outside of it who appear to be celebrating excitedly, filming the event. The woman reports this activity to the local police. Later, five "Middle Eastern men" are picked up, and it becomes evident to an eventual investigator that the moving company is not really a moving company, but a front for Israeli Military Intelligence, Mossad.

Dominic Suter, the Israeli owner of Urban Moving Systems, the so-called moving company, escaped to Israel before he could be questioned by the FBI. The five middle eastern men were expediently returned to Israel on visa violations. The assistant attorney general in charge of criminal investigations at the time was Michael Chertoff, also a dual citizen of Israel, who was later promoted to head the Department Of Homeland Security.
It should also be noted at this point that Zim Israeli Navigation, one of the worlds largest sea container moving companies, left the World Trade Center just 5 days before the cataclysm (September 6th 2001), after 30 years occupancy (3).

During the time of their departure a great amount of moving was going on, with some observers noting odd loads both leaving and entering the buildings.

As one anonymous journalist wrote:

"National Geographic is a spy outfit that does anthropological ground work for neo-libcon colonization and provides opium flavored illusions for the western elite. I doubt that they mentioned that Zim Israeli Navigation packed it up and split the WTC on September 6th after 30 years in the building.

Questions. Was their moving company moving out their records of 50 years…or were they moving in 14 tons of high explosives? What tool do movers use to pack boxes?"

There is also a matter of precious metals, lots of precious metals, which seem to have disappeared during this fray, and certain very important legal records were also conveniently destroyed when these, the first three steel-framed buildings EVER, collapsed due to fire.

Coincidentally (Or not) this was the first time NORAD, during its 40 + year history, ever failed in its duties of keeping American air space safe and clear.
The third building that fell was WTC7 which had nothing to do with aircraft being flown into it.

It did have a secret CIA base inside of it though, and extensive underground facilities. The owner of the building, Larry Silverstein, stated publicly (PBS documentary America Rebuilds) that a decision was made to "Pull" the building on the same day as the other buildings went down. (6)

This is noteworthy, and is rather an admission of guilt, seeing as WTC7 was definitely imploded with explosives, by decision, and the explosives were already installed at the time the decision was made.

It takes days to set up a demolition, and there are no snap decisions along those lines.

Fly Thee To The Moon
There were many mistakes among the machinators of 911, unless these mistakes were intentional, or simply the result of uncaring attitudes.

Perhaps these boondoggles and major inconsistencies are just a measure of disdain for the American people. Are these bloopers because of complacence? A complacence born of ultra-wealth, a feeling of being untouchable, being above the law? Sociologists have a term for that. It is called Elite Deviance, of The Elite Deviant Class. (7)

According to that creed, the law is for everyone else, the common people, and does not apply to people with money.
Whether these lapses in reason and planning are the result of high disdain, or plain stupidity, or something in between, it is worthwhile to examine as many facets as possible when in search of the truth concerning 911, the facilitator of the New Reich.

One conclusion that has been reached over and over is that a lot of 911 was planned well ahead of time, but was hurriedly put together in response to world events going sour in an accelerated way. It is thought by some researchers that the time table of 911 was moved up by nearly a year or more in response to dissidence in the public arena. This has made it much easier to spot inconsistencies, so the dissidence was not a total loss after all.

If the destruction of the twin towers had happened on their original true schedule, a lot of these loose ends would have been eliminated as a matter of proper planning, and streamlined operations.
Yet another glaring lack of credibility in this saga of destruction and war making is that of Danny Lewin (8), who is shown on the seating chart of flight #11, the first plane to hit the World Trade Center (North Tower). Mr. Lewin was logged as a passenger on this plane. Since 911 it has been discovered that Mr. Lewin was also a Captain in Israel’s elite Sayaret Matkal, a counter-terror and assassin team, specializing in "Aircraft takeover".

The stewardess on flight 11, Betty Ong, initially identified Daniel Lewin’s seat number as the shooter during the supposed hijacking.

The Profit Of 911
Another real truth of this matter is that the World Trade Center in its entirety was the greatest lemon project in history.

Not only was special terrorism insurance added just weeks before the incident, but according to various reports by architects and other consultants, the buildings were slowly but steadily becoming unsafe, and the dismantling of the towers was estimated to cost AT LEAST 5 times as much as their construction, because they would have to be dismantled piece by piece. (9)
Several people have referred to 911 as the classic Two Birds With One Stone scenario, whereby bird one, a potential great financial loss, was, as if by magic, turned into a windfall, while bird two, America at large, was tricked into believing Islam was the great destroying demon; the latter just happened to fulfill the military invasion requirements of American Multinational corporations in the Middle East, and to aid in a Greater Zion.
The one stone was of course the terror committed on September 11th, 2001.

This "Pearl Harbor" like terror on American soil had actually been recommended in the past, and in writing, by none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski (The Grand Chessboard, 1996), and the Rabbi Dov Zakheim, to get America awake and angry over the Islamic threat.

In the report "Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century" published by none other than The American Enterprise’s "Project for a New American Century" (PNAC), System Planning Corporations International Executive Rabbi Dov Zakheim, called for "Some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor" to foster the frame of mind needed for the American public to support a war in the Middle East that would politically and culturally reshape the region."

During his job as a top executive for Systems Planning Corporation, Dov Zakheim helped to market the technology used to take over the controls of an airborne vehicle already in flight. For example, the Flight Termination System technology could reacquire a planes controls from hijackers and bring the plane down safely.

The Flight Termination System can be used in conjunction with other technologies and can control up to 8 airborne vehicles simultaneously. Many of the aircraft maneuvers observed during the 911 fiasco exhibited behavior that has made software specialists declare the planes are unable to fly in these configurations, due to software limitations, EXCEPT if the autopilot is commandeered with just such technology. (10)
Dov Zakheim went on to become the Comptroller of the Pentagon in May 2001, as an appointee of the appointed president. Zakheim was comptroller during the disappearance of the two and a half trillion dollars which, as stated earlier, was announced publicly on September 10th 2001.

He resigned from the Pentagon on April 15th 2004 (The Anniversary of the Roman Conquest of Masada),(11) and from there went to work at Booz, Allen, & Hamilton, one of the most well known strategy consulting firms on the planet. Booz, Allen & Hamilton work closely with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) the research arm of the Department of Defense.
The Rabbi Dov Zakheim has been credited with many things, and has been described as The Bionic Zionist. He is given credit for obtaining squadrons of F-16 and F-15 aircraft for Israel by having them declared surplus, then sold at a fraction of their true value. (12)

Though quite disproportionate to the population, Israel flies one of the largest Air Forces in the world, and that’s thanks to Dov Zakheim, who holds not only a top secret security clearance in the United States, but an Israeli passport as well.

The Day Of Wrecking – A Short Official Timeline

September 11, 2001: Warren Buffett, the #2 richest man on Earth [BBC, 6/22/01], hosts a charity event inside Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. A group of business leaders attend, including at least one who would have died in the WTC conflagration. [SF Business Times, 2/1/02, Forbes 10/15/01]

Duhhhhh-bya Bush flies to this same base that day, where there is an underground command center. [CNN, 9/12/01, CBS, 9/11/02]
September 11, 2001: Recovery experts extract data from 32 WTC computer drives revealing a surge in financial transactions. Illegal transfers of over $100 million may have been made through some WTC computer systems immediately before and during the disaster. [Reuters, 12/18/01, CNN, 12/20/01]
September 11, 2001: In what the government describes as a “bizarre coincidence”, The National Reconnaissance Office or NRO, was ready for an exercise at 9 AM on September 11th involving an aircraft crash into one of its buildings near Washington, DC. [AP, 8/22/02] Four other war games were also in progress at the time of the attacks. [C-SPAN Congressional Testimony, 3/11/05]
September 11, 2001:The entire continental United States is defended by only seven air bases and 14 military jets. [CNN, 9/9/03, Newsday, 9/23/01]
Background Information Concerning NORAD: Department of Defense (6/1/01) and FAA (7/12/01) procedure: During a hijacking, the FAA hijack coordinator on duty at Washington headquarters requests the military to provide escort aircraft. Normally, NORAD escort aircraft take the required action. The FAA notifies the National Military Command Center by the most expeditious means. [DOD/, 6/1/01, FAA, 7/12/01, FAA 7/12/01]

If NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is notified of any difficulties in the skies, they begin the work to scramble jet fighters (take off and intercept aircraft that are off course). Between September 2000 and June 2001 fighters were scrambled 67 times. [AP, 8/12/02]

When the Lear jet of golfer Payne Stewart failed to answer in 1999, F-16 interceptors were quickly dispatched. According to an Air Force timeline, a series of military planes provided an emergency escort to Payne’s stricken Lear about 20 minutes after ground controllers lost contact with his plane. [Dallas Morning News, 10/26/99]
September 11, 2001:

8:20 AM (approx.): Air traffic controllers aware Flight 11 has been hijacked. [NY Times, 9/15/01]
8:40 AM: NORAD notified of hijacking. [NY Times, 10/16/01, 8:38 AM Washington Post, 9/15/01]
8:46 AM: Flight 11 crashes into the WTC (World Trade Center) north tower. [approximately 26 minutes after controllers lost contact][New York Times, 9/12/01]
8:46 AM: Appointed President Bush later states, "I was sitting outside the classroom and I saw an airplane hit the tower. The TV was on." [CNN, 12/4/01] "When we walked into the classroom, I had seen this plane fly into the first building." [White House, 1/5/02] There was no live coverage of the first crash on TV and Appointed President Bush was in a classroom reading with children at the time of the second crash. The name of the book he was reading was “My Pet Goat”, and photos taken during this episode show the appointed resident holding said book upside down. There are connotations of highly irregular sort associated with this happenstance. The reader is encouraged to research this further by searching the keyword Baphomet.
8:52 AM: Two F-15s depart Otis Air Force Base, [Washington Post, 9/15/01] in pursuit of Flight 175. Major General Paul Weaver, director of the Air National Guard, states "the pilots flew like a scalded ape, topping 500 mph but were unable to catch up to the airliner. We had a nine-minute window, and in excess of 100 miles to intercept 175,” he said. ”There was just literally no way.” [Dallas Morning News, 9/15/01] F-15’s fly at up to 2.5 times the speed of sound [1875 mph or 30+ miles a minute or 270+ miles in nine minutes] and are designed for low-altitude, high-speed, precision attacks. [BBC]
8:56 AM: By this time, it is evident that Flight 77 is lost. The FAA, already in contact with the Pentagon about the two hijackings out of Boston, reportedly doesn’t notify NORAD of this until 9:24, 28 minutes later. [see 9:10 AM for comparison, New York Times, 10/16/01]
9:03 AM: Flight 175 crashes into the south WTC tower. [23 minutes after NORAD notified, 43 minutes after air traffic control lost contact with pilots] [New York Times, 9/12/01, CNN, 9/12/01]
9:10 AM: Major General Paul Weaver states Flight 77 came back on the (radar) scope at 9:10 in West Virginia. [Dallas Morning News, 9/15/01] Another report states the military was notified of Flight 77 several minutes after 9:03. [Washington Post, 9/15/01]
9:24 AM (Approximate): The FAA, who 28 minutes earlier had discovered Flight 77 off course and heading east over West Virginia, reportedly notifies NORAD. A Pentagon spokesman says, "The Pentagon was simply not aware that this aircraft was coming our way." [Newsday, 9/23/01, New York Times, 10/16/01] Yet since the first crash, military officials in a Pentagon command center were urgently talking to law enforcement and air traffic control officials about what to do. [New York Times, 9/15/01]
9:28 AM: Air traffic control learns that Flight 93 has been hijacked. [MSNBC, 7/30/02]
9:38 AM: According to news accounts, Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon. [42 minutes or more after contact was lost, one hour after NORAD notification of first hijacking] [New York Times, 10/16/01, 9:43 CNN, 9/12/01]
9:59 AM: The south tower of the World Trade Center collapses. The first ever steel frame building to collapse due to fire. [New York Times, 9/12/01]
10:10 AM: According to news accounts Flight 93 crashes in Pennsylvania. [42 minutes after contact was lost, 90 minutes after NORAD notification of first hijacking. [CNN, 9/12/02]
10:28 AM: The World Trade Center north tower collapses. The second steel frame building in world history to collapse due to fire. [CNN, 9/12/01, NY Times, 9/12/01]
5:20 PM: Building 7 of the World Trade Center collapses. The third and final steel frame building in history to collapse due to fire. [CNN, 9/12/01]
September 11, 2001: Six air traffic controllers who dealt with two of the hijacked airliners make a tape recording describing the events, but the tape is later destroyed by a supervisor without anyone making a transcript or even listening to it. [Washington Post, 5/6/04, New York Times, 5/6/04]
September 11, 2001: A National Public Radio correspondent states: "I spoke with Congressman Ike Skelton who said that just recently the director of the CIA warned that there could be an attack – an imminent attack – on the United States of this nature. So this is not entirely unexpected." [NPR, 9/11/01]
September 11, 2001: Marvin Bush, younger brother of the appointed president, sat on the board of directors of a company called Securacom (now Stratesec) that was responsible for providing "electronic security" to the World Trade Center, right up to 9/11/2001. The company is backed by the Kuwait-American Corp., an investment firm with links to the Bush family.(13)
September 11, 2001: John O’Neill, former FBI Counter terrorism expert, and outspoken critic of White House and corporate oil-interest obstructionism concerning the bin Laden investigation, reports to the World Trade Center for his first day of work, and is killed in the carnage.

The Missing Israeli
At any given time one could expect roughly 45,000 people working at or around the World Trade Centers, while they existed.

The day after 911 the Jerusalem Post (14) stated that 4000 Israelis were missing from around the WTC and Pentagon sites, and that is a fair, though perhaps slightly low, estimate of the number of Israelis one could expect to be working in those areas at any given time. The Israeli involvement in the United States government, banking, and finance is well known.

Two of the richest firms in New York on September 11th 2001 were Goldman-Sachs and the Solomon Brothers; both firms had offices in the Twin Towers, and many executives in these firms regularly commuted back and forth to Israel. New York is the center of world wide Israeli financial power and the World Trade Center was the core. One should expect that the Israeli death toll was horrendous. For some reason, this was not so.

Not so at all.
According to the The New York Times Article THE TALLY, on September 22, 2001:

Officials Say Number of Those Still Missing May Be Overstated
…interviews with many consulate officials yesterday suggested that the lists of people they were collecting varied widely in their usefulness.

For example, the city had somehow received reports of many Israelis feared missing at the site, and President Bush in his address to the country on Thursday night mentioned that about 130 Israelis had died in the attacks.

But today, Alon Pinkas, Israel’s consul general here, said that lists of the missing included reports from people who had called in because, for instance, relatives in New York had not returned their phone calls from Israel.

There were, in fact, only three Israelis who had been confirmed as dead: two on the planes and another who had been visiting the towers on business and who was identified and buried."

That’s right. According to records made since the disaster, only one Israeli died in the World Trade Center Destruction, a visitor, and none at the Pentagon.

Two supposedly died on the planes used to commit the crime, and we know now that one of those was Daniel Lewin, an agent of the Israeli government, a member of an elite counter-terrorism and assassination squad. Pray tell.
To further thicken this plot, an instant messaging service located two blocks from the World Trade Centers, known as Odigo, has been discovered to be complicit in Israeli foreknowledge of the WTC disaster. This connection and evidence of foreknowledge was covered briefly in American media then quickly buried, like so much else. At least two Israel-based employees of Odigo received warnings of an attack in New York city two hours prior to the destruction of the twin towers.

Several weeks later Alex Diamandis, vice president of the message service, reportedly stated,

"It was possible that the attack warning was broadcast to other Odigo members, but the company has not received reports of other recipients of the message."

The senders address was reported to the FBI, and the FBI is supposedly still investigating the matter. Like many Israeli software companies Odigo is based in Herzliya, Israel, a suburb of Tel Aviv, also where Mossad headquarters are located.(15)
The Game
There were many military exercises going on in conjunction with the 911 disaster, and Vice President Dick Cheney‘s name appears over and over. (16)

The appointee Vice President Richard Cheney actually took control of NORAD 3 months prior to 911 ( which is another first for this administration of appointed officials and their lackeys.

Norman Mineta (Secretary of Transportation ) Testified in front of the 911 Commission stating that he personally witnessed Dick Cheney in the Presidential Emergency operating center (at NORAD) tracking Flight 77 for many miles before it hit the Pentagon.

Demolition and Dirty Bombs
The destruction of the world trade centers amounted to nothing so much as a dirty bomb.

Many of the emergency personnel are suffering the effects of this now, as well as locals in the vicinity of the destruction. The amount of dust still airborne in the area is monstrous.
This is all made worse by the fact that certain very indicative chemical signatures have become evident to investigators, indicating either an unlikely (Impossible) rogue fission process, or the actual use of micro-nuclear devices in the destruction of the world trade center buildings. (17) Numerous observations along with the discovery of molten steel weeks later, plus video proof, provide further evidence to this theory.
In the aftermath of the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings, a team of scientists from the US Geological Survey collected samples of dust from 35 locations in Lower Manhattan, detritus of the huge pyroclastic dust cloud that enveloped the entire city on September 11th 2001.

In these dust samples, the investigators found high levels of chemical elements that were highly irregular, to say the least.

Some very rare and toxic elements such as Strontium, Thorium, Lanthanum and Yttrium whose concentrations in the dust samples were related to each other in significant relationships, indicating the likelihood of nuclear device detonations in the recent and immediate area.

It should be mentioned that the worlds foremost manufacturer of Micro-nuclear devices is the National Socialist State of Israel.

According to the report by The Sierra Club "Pollution and Deception at Ground Zero" people were told to clean up the dust themselves.

No special precautions were necessary, according to the EPA’s continued assurances. Specialized cleanup contractors were rarely used. Thousands of people have been needlessly and callously exposed.
The cleanup of the World Trade Center debris was hurriedly accomplished prior to any on site investigations or analysis. The clean up was done, coincidentally, or not, by the same company who handled the demolished remnants of the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City, where most of the Gulf War I medical records were stored, then destroyed in that particular holocaust (17a).

The name of that cleanup company is Controlled Demolition Incorporated (CDI). (18)
The debris and salvaged materials from the World Trade Center were quickly disposed of by shipping overseas or otherwise recycling, well before any inspections could take place. Some of the debris collected by locals has been analyzed chemically though, and quite a few indicate probable high power and very exotic explosives.
The type of dust clouds usually created during controlled demolitions can be seen in videos of the demolition of Seattle’s Kingdome and the Reading Grain Facility.

When those videos are compared with photos and videos of the Twin Towers falling, the dust clouds of the World Trade Center buildings are extremely indicative of controlled demolition, and are even bigger.
The Pentagonal Cruise Missile
Most people are in agreement about one thing concerning the events of September 11th 2001, and this includes even the meanest and most dull witted adherents to the party line.

No one seems to be able to swallow the evidence concerning a commercial passenger aircraft hitting the Pentagon. Many believe that what hit the Pentagon was a remote controlled Cruise Missile. The eyewitness reports lend credence to this as well as the damage caused by the collision. Several reports state that light poles were knocked down by the craft as it made its maneuvers before striking an unoccupied part of the pentagon.

One of these light poles landed across the hood of a Taxicab, creating a comical scene and an unforgettable picture.

New Testaments
Many surviving emergency personnel who experienced the 911 event up close and personal, in their face, made verbal and written records immediately following their experience.

Most of these were censored heavily by the officials above them, indicating complicity, premeditation, and more. These oral histories tend to indicate, over and over, a controlled demolition, versus an act of overt terrorism by Islam. No doubt that is why they have remained hidden and unreported by the fascist media here.

Below the reader will find several pertinent and interesting excerpts from the oral histories provided by 503 firefighters, law enforcement, and medical workers on 911. Although these documents were recorded by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) at the end of 2001, they were not publicly released until August 12, 2005, and that is because the city of New York would not release them until it was forced to. (20)
Early in 2002, the New York Times requested copies of these histories under the freedom of information act, but the administration of Mayor Michael Bloomberg refused. So the Times, along with several families of 9/11 victims, filed suit. After an arduous and time consuming process the city was finally ordered by the New York Court of Appeals to release the records (with some exceptions and redactions allowed).

The Times then made these oral histories publicly available.

"I saw a flash flash flash [at] the lower level of the building. You know like when they demolish a building?"
–Assistant Fire Commissioner Stephen Gregory
"It was like a professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop’."
–Paramedic Daniel Rivera

Firefighter Louie Cacchioli, after entering the north tower lobby and seeing elevator doors completely blown out and people being hit with debris, asked himself,

"how could this be happening so quickly if a plane hit way above?"

After he reached the 24th floor, he and another fireman,

"heard this huge explosion that sounded like a bomb [and] knocked off the lights and stalled the elevator."

After they pried themselves out of the elevator,

"another huge explosion like the first one hits. This one hits about two minutes later…[and] I’m thinking, Oh My God, these bastards put bombs in here like they did in 1993!’"

Multiple explosions were also reported by Teresa Veliz, who worked for a software development company in the north tower.

She was on the 47th floor, she reported, when suddenly,

"the whole building shook…[Shortly thereafter] the building shook again, this time even more violently."

Then, while Veliz was making her way downstairs and outside:

"There were explosions going off everywhere. I was convinced that there were bombs planted all over the place and someone was sitting at a control panel pushing detonator buttons…There was another explosion. And another. I didn’t know where to run."

Steve Evans, a New York-based correspondent for the BBC, said:

"I was at the base of the second tower…that was hit…There was an explosion…The base of the building shook…Then there was a series of explosions."

Sue Keane, an officer in the New Jersey Fire Police Department who was previously a sergeant in the U.S. Army, said in her account of the onset of the collapse of the south tower:

"It sounded like bombs going off. That’s when the explosions happened…I knew something was going to happen… It started to get dark, then all of a sudden there was this massive explosion."

Then, discussing her experiences during the collapse of the north tower, she said:

"[There was] another explosion. That sent me and the two firefighters down the stairs…I can’t tell you how many times I got banged around. Each one of those explosions picked me up and threw me… There was another explosion, and I got thrown with two firefighters out onto the street."

Lieutenant James Walsh said:

"The [north tower] didn’t fall the way you would think tall buildings would fall. Pretty much it looked like it imploded on itself."

Assistant Commissioner Stephen Gregory said:

"I thought… before…number 2 came down, that I saw low-level flashes… Lieutenant Evangelista…asked me if I saw low-level flashes in front of the building, and I agreed with him because I…saw a flash flash flash…[at] the lower level of the building. You know like when they demolish a building, how when they blow up a building, when it falls down? That’s what I thought I saw."

Captain Karin Deshore said:

"Somewhere around the middle of the World Trade Center, there was this orange and red flash coming out. Initially it was just one flash. Then this flash just kept popping all the way around the building and that building had started to explode.

The popping sound, and with each popping sound it was initially an orange and then a red flash came out of the building and then it would just go all around the building on both sides as far as I could see. These popping sounds and the explosions were getting bigger, going both up and down and then all around the building."

Firefighter Richard Banaciski, speaking of the south tower said:

"[T]here was just an explosion. It seemed like on television [when] they blow up these buildings. It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions."

Deputy Commissioner Thomas Fitzpatrick said:

"We looked up at the [south tower]… All we saw was a puff of smoke coming from about 2 thirds of the way up…It looked like sparkling around one specific layer of the building…My initial reaction was that this was exactly the way it looks when they show you those implosions on TV."

Captain Jay Swithers said:

"I took a quick glance at the building and while I didn’t see it falling, I saw a large section of it blasting out, which led me to believe it was just an explosion."

Firefighter James Curran said:

"When I got underneath the north bridge I looked back and…I heard like every floor went chu-chu-chu. Looked back and from the pressure everything was getting blown out of the floors before it actually collapsed."

Battalion Chief Brian Dixon said:

"I was… hearing a noise and looking up… [T]he lowest floor of fire in the south tower actually looked like someone had planted explosives around it because… everything blew out on the one floor. I thought, geez, this looks like an explosion up there, it blew out."

Firefighter Stephen Viola said:

"You heard like loud booms…and then we got covered with rubble and dust, and I thought we’d actually fallen through the floor…because it was so dark you couldn’t see anything."

Paramedic Louis Cook said that after the debris started falling,

"everything went black" and "you couldn’t breathe because [of] all the dust. There was just an incredible amount of dust and smoke."

He then found that there was,

"without exaggerating, a foot and a half of dust on [his] car."

Battalion Chief Dominick DeRubbio, speaking of the collapse of the south tower, said:

"It was weird how it started to come down. It looked like it was a timed explosion."

Firefighter Kenneth Rogers said:

"[T]here was an explosion in the south tower…I kept watching. Floor after floor after floor. One floor under another after another and when it hit about the fifth floor, I figured it was a bomb, because it looked like a synchronized deliberate kind of thing."

Firefighter Christopher Fenyo, describing events that occurred after the first collapse, said:

"At that point, a debate began to rage because…many people had felt that possibly explosives had taken out 2 World Trade, and officers were gathering companies together and the officers were debating whether or not to go immediately back in or to see what was going to happen with 1 World Trade at that point. The debate ended pretty quickly because 1 World Trade came down."

The Oil Connection

"In 1953, Bush got money from Brown Brothers Harriman and, with partners Hugh and Bill Liedtke, formed Zapata Petroleum. By the late 1950s they were millionaires. Bush bought subsidiary Zapata offshore from his partners and went into business on his own in 1954. By 1958, the new company was drilling on the Cay Sal Bank in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.

These islands had been leased to Nixon supporter and CIA contractor Howard Hughes the previous year and were later used as a base for CIA raids on Cuba.

The CIA was using companies like Zapata to stage and supply secret missions attacking Fidel Castro’s Cuban government in advance of the Bay of Pigs invasion. The CIA’s code name for that invasion was "Operation Zapata."

In 1981, all Securities and Exchange Commission filings for Zapata offshore between 1960 and 1966 were destroyed. In other words, the year Bush became vice president, important records detailing his years at his drilling company disappeared. In 1969, Zapata bought the United Fruit Company of Boston, another company with strong CIA connections." (21)

A short timeline to show some of the connections of petroleum Interests to 911:

June 27, 2001: India and Pakistan Discuss Building Pipeline Project Through Iran The Wall Street Journal reported that Pakistan and India had entered into discussions about building a gas pipeline from Central Asian gas fields through Iran to overcome the problems of building the pipeline through Afghanistan. Iran had been secretly supporting the Northern Alliance to keep Afghanistan divided so no pipelines could be put through it. [Wall Street Journal, 6/27/2001]
July 21, 2001: US Official Threatens Possible Military Action Against Taliban by October if Pipeline Is Not Pursued. [Source: Calcutta Telegraph – Three former American officials, Tom Simons (former US Ambassador to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former Deputy Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs), and Lee Coldren (former State Department expert on South Asia) met with Pakistani and Russian intelligence officers in a Berlin hotel. [Salon, 8/16/2002]

This is the third of a series of back-channel conferences called "brainstorming on Afghanistan." Taliban representatives sat in on previous meetings, but boycotted this one due to worsening tensions. However, the Pakistani ISI relays information from the meeting to the Taliban. [Guardian, 9/22/2001]

At the meeting, Coldren passes on a message from Bush officials. He later states, "I think there was some discussion of the fact that the United States was so disgusted with the Taliban that they might be considering some military action." [Guardian, 9/26/2001]

Accounts vary, but former Pakistani Foreign Secretary Niaz Naik later says he is told by senior American officials at the meeting that military action to overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan is planned to "take place before the snows started falling in Afghanistan, by the middle of October at the latest." The goal is to kill or capture both bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar, topple the Taliban regime, and install a transitional government of moderate Afghans in its place. Uzbekistan and Russia would also participate. Naik also said, "It was doubtful that Washington would drop its plan even if bin Laden were to be surrendered immediately by the Taliban." [BBC, 9/18/2001]

One specific threat made at this meeting is that the Taliban can choose between "carpets of bombs, an invasion, or carpets of gold, and the pipeline." [Brisard and Dasquie, 2002, pp. 43]

Naik contends that Tom Simons made the carpets statement. Simons claims, It is possible that a mischievous American participant, after several drinks, may have thought it smart to evoke gold carpets and carpet bombs. Even Americans can’t resist the temptation to be mischievous. Naik and the other American participants deny that the pipeline was an issue at the meeting. [Salon, 8/16/2002]
August 2, 2001: US Official Secretly Meets Taliban Ambassador in Last Attempt to Secure Pipeline Deal. Christina Rocca, Director of Asian Affairs at the State Department, secretly meets the Taliban ambassador in Islamabad, apparently in a last ditch attempt to secure a pipeline deal. Rocca was previously in charge of contacts with Islamic guerrilla groups at the CIA, and oversaw the delivery of Stinger missiles to Afghan Mujaheddin in the 1980s. [Irish Times, 11/19/2001; Brisard and Dasquie, 2002, pp. 45; Salon, 2/8/2002]
August 2-3, 2001: Taliban Official Predicts US Will Invade Afghanistan by Mid-October, Possibly in Response to Major Attack Inside US. A senior official in the Talibans defense ministry tells journalist Hamid Mir that the US will soon invade Afghanistan. Mir will later recall that he is told, "[W]e believe Americans are going to invade Afghanistan and they will do this before October 15, 2001, and justification for this would be either one of two options: Taliban got control of Afghanistan or a big major attack against American interests either inside America or elsewhere in the world." Mir reports this information before 9/11, presumably in the newspaper in Pakistan that he works for. [Bergen, 2006, pp. 287]

Interestingly, Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar made a similar prediction to Mir several months before (see April 2001).

Also, several weeks earlier, US officials reportedly passed word to Taliban officials in a back channel meeting that the US may soon attack Afghanistan if the Taliban do not cooperate on building an oil and gas pipeline running through the country. According to one participant in the meeting, the US attack would take place "by the middle of October at the latest" (see July 21, 2001).

September 11, 2001: The 9/11 Attack: 3,000 Die in New York City and Washington, D.C. Four planes are hijacked, two crash into the WTC, one into the Pentagon, and one crashes into the Pennsylvania countryside. Nearly 3,000 people are killed.

October 5, 2001: Study Reveals Significant Oil and Gas Deposits in Afghanistan. Contrary to popular belief, Afghanistan has significant oil and gas deposits. During the Soviets’ decade-long occupation of Afghanistan, Moscow estimated Afghanistan’s proven and probable natural gas reserves at around five trillion cubic feet and production reached 275 million cubic feet per day in the mid-1970s. Nonstop war since has prevented further exploitation. [Asia Times, 10/5/2001]

A later article suggests that the country may also have as much copper as Chile, the world’s largest producer, and significant deposits of coal, emeralds, tungsten, lead, zinc, uranium ore, and more. Estimates of Afghanistan’s natural wealth may even be understated, because surveys were conducted decades ago, using less-advanced methods and covering limited territory. [Houston Chronicle, 12/23/2001]
October 9, 2001: Afghan Pipeline Idea Is Revived. US Ambassador Wendy Chamberlin meets with the Pakistani oil minister. She is briefed on the gas pipeline project from Turkmenistan, across Afghanistan, to Pakistan, which appears to be revived "in view of recent geopolitical developments" – in other words, the 9/11 attacks. [Frontier Post, 10/10/2001]

December 2, 2001: Enron Files for Bankruptcy. Enron, the largest contributor to the 2000 Bush Presidential Campaign (21a), files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the largest bankruptcy in history up to that date. [BBC, 1/10/2002]

In 2002 Enron will reorganize as a pipeline company and will continue working on its controversial Dabhol power plant. [Houston Business Journal, 3/15/2002]

December 8, 2001: US Oil Companies to Invest $200 Billion in Kazakhstan. During a visit to Kazakhstan in Central Asia, Secretary of State Powell states that US oil companies are likely to invest $200 billion in Kazakhstan alone in the next five to ten years. [New York Times, 12/15/2001]

December 22, 2001: Karzai Assumes Power in Afghanistan. Afghan Prime Minister Hamid Karzai and his transitional government assume power in Afghanistan. It was reported a few weeks before that he had been a paid consultant for Unocal at one time (Karzai and Unocal both deny this), as well as Deputy Foreign Minister for the Taliban. [Le Monde (Paris), 12/13/2001; CNN, 12/22/2001]

Mid-July 2001: John O’Neill Rails Against White House and Saudi Obstructionism. FBI counter terrorism expert John O’Neill privately discusses White House obstruction in his bin Laden investigation. O’Neill says, "The main obstacles to investigate Islamic terrorism were US oil corporate interests and the role played by Saudi Arabia in it. He adds, "All the answers, everything needed to dismantle Osama bin Laden’s organization, can be found in Saudi Arabia. O’Neill also believes the White House is obstructing his investigation of bin Laden because they are still keeping the idea of a pipeline deal with the Taliban open (see July 21, 2001). [Irish Times, 11/19/2001; Brisard and Dasquie, 2002, pp. xxix; CNN, 1/8/2002; CNN, 1/9/2002]
January 1, 2002: Ex-Unocal Employee Becomes US Special Envoy to Afghanistan. Zalmay Khalilzad, already Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Gulf, Southwest Asia and Other Regional Issues, and a prominent neo-conservative (see May 23, 2001), is appointed by Bush as a special envoy to Afghanistan. [BBC, 1/1/2002]

In his former role as Unocal adviser, Khalilzad participated in negotiations with the Taliban to build a pipeline through Afghanistan. He also wrote op-eds in the Washington Post in 1997 (see October 7, 1996) supporting the Taliban regime, back when Unocal was hoping to work with the Taliban. [Independent, 1/10/2002]

He will be appointed US ambassador to Afghanistan in 2003 (see November 2003).

February 9, 2002: Pakistani and Afghan Leaders Revive Afghanistan Pipeline Idea. Pakistani President Musharraf and Afghan leader Hamid Karzai announce their agreement to "cooperate in all spheres of activity" including the proposed Central Asian pipeline, which they call "in the interest of both countries." [Irish Times, 2/9/2002; Gulf News, 9/2/2002]

February 14, 2002: US Military Bases Line Afghan Pipeline Route. The Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv notes: "If one looks at the map of the big American bases created [in the Afghan war], one is struck by the fact that they are completely identical to the route of the projected oil pipeline to the Indian Ocean." Ma’ariv also states, "Osama bin Laden did not comprehend that his actions serve American interests. If I were a believer in conspiracy theory, I would think that bin Laden is an American agent. Not being one I can only wonder at the coincidence." [Chicago Tribune, 3/18/2002]

May 30, 2002: Afghan, Turkmen, and Pakistani Leaders Sign Pipeline Deal. [Source: Associated Press]Afghanistan’s interim leader, Hamid Karzai, Turkmenistan’s President Niyazov, and Pakistani President Musharraf meet in Islamabad and sign a memorandum of understanding on the trans-Afghanistan gas pipeline project. [Dawn (Karachi), 5/31/2002; Alexander’s Gas & Oil Connections, 6/8/2002]

Afghan leader Hamid Karzai (who formerly worked for Unocal) calls Unocal the "lead company" in building the pipeline. [BBC, 5/13/2002]

The Los Angeles Times comments, "To some here, it looked like the fix was in for Unocal when President Bush named a former Unocal consultant, Zalmay Khalilzad, as his special envoy to Afghanistan late last year." [Los Angeles Times, 5/30/2002]

Unocal claims that it has no interest in any Afghanistan pipeline after 9/11, but Afghan officials say that Unocal will be the lead company in funding the pipeline. The Afghan deputy minister of mines comments on Unocal’s supposed disinterest: "Business has its secrets and mysteries. Maybe they don’t want it to be disclosed in the media." [Toronto Star, 3/2/2003]
July 16, 2002: Blair Claims Attack on Afghanistan Only Possible After 9/11. British Prime Minister Tony Blair states, "We knew about al-Qaeda for a long time. They were committing terrorist acts, they were planning, they were organizing. Everybody knew, we all knew, that Afghanistan was a failed state living on drugs and terror. We did not act. To be truthful about it, there was no way we could have got the public consent to have suddenly launched a campaign on Afghanistan but for what happened on September 11." [London Times, 7/17/2002]

In a book released one month later, Clinton’s former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger will similarly state, "You show me one reporter, one commentator, one member of Congress who thought we should invade Afghanistan before September 11 and I’ll buy you dinner in the best restaurant in New York City." [Miller, Stone, and Mitchell, 2002, pp. 219]

November 1, 2002: Caspian Oil Potential Was Wildly Overestimated. Steven Mann, Director of the State Department’s Caspian Basin Energy Policy Office, points out that the Caspian Sea nations contain 50 billion barrels of proven oil reserves. [Associated Press, 11/1/2002]

"Caspian oil represents four percent of the world reserves. It will never dominate the world markets, but it will have an important role to play," said Mann. He concludes that the Caspian Sea energy "will not be a second Persian Gulf." [Associated Press, 11/1/2002]

In late 1995, the American Petroleum Institute asserted that the states bordering the Caspian Sea contained 659 billion barrels of oil (see December 1995).
December 27, 2002: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkmenistan Agree on Building Pipeline. Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkmenistan reach an agreement in principle to build the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, a $3.2 billion project that has been delayed for many years. Skeptics say the project would require an indefinite foreign military presence in Afghanistan. [BBC, 5/30/2002; Associated Press, 12/26/2002; BBC, 12/27/2002] As of mid-2004, construction has yet to begin.

January 18, 2005: Plans for a Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline Continue. The US ambassador to Turkmenistan states that US companies might join a long-delayed trans-Afghan natural gas pipeline project. The Turkmenistan government says a feasibility study for the $3.5 billion pipeline is complete and construction will begin in 2006. The project’s main sponsor is the Asian Development Bank. The pipeline is to run from Turkmenistan through Herat and Kandahar in Afghanistan, through the Pakistani cities of Quetta and Multan, and on to India. [Associated Press, 1/18/2005]

However, in August 2005 it will be reported that security concerns are still causing delays in approval of the project. A NATO representative will say, "People here are able to see what the Iraqi insurgency can do despite the presence of 150,000 foreign troops. Why not do the same in Afghanistan?" [Sydney Morning Herald, 8/25/2005]

Commissioned To Lie
The 911 Commission, though an official board of inquiry, was put in place to blur all the unpleasant particulars that were bound to, and have, cropped up since that fateful day.

The main line of reasoning that has to be adhered to as far as the appointed president and his appointees are concerned is that Islam, via Al-Qaeda, was responsible for the deed on September 11th 2001. That reasoning is a stark necessity, no matter how absurd it has become, because all the war making and fear mongering committed by this gang of elite deviants hinges on that premise.
The Executive Director of the 911 commission, Philip D. Zelikow, a toady of Condoleeza Rice, was uncaring and blatant in his Zionism, which amounts to nothing so much as a fornication of church and state. His will was foremost during the proceedings of the 911 commission, as is standard operating procedure in situations such as these, and his will prevailed overall.
According to the book by Philip Shenon entitled "The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation", Zelikow had such an ornery and abrasive personality that even Henry Kissinger avoided him. That is saying quite a lot right there.

From the book:

“Zelikow… had… [an] outsize ego and fierce temper; his anger was a thing to behold, his face growing bright red, his well chosen insults flying in every direction.” (21)

This Report was,

"to provide the fullest possible account of the events surrounding 9/11".

We must wonder why it doesn’t include any of the testimony from the 9/11 oral histories which suggest controlled demolition. The reason can’t be that the Commission didn’t know about the oral histories.

Although "the city also initially refused access to the records to investigators from the 9/11 Commission," Jim Dwyer of the New York Times explains, it "relented when legal action was threatened." (21)

So the Commission could have, nay, should have, discussed the testimonies about explosions witnessed by the myriad emergency personnel.

In order to help educate the public, the commission could also have requested some of the firefighters and medical workers to give their testimony during one of the Commission’s public hearings, but it passed on that opportunity as well.
Some may wonder why more of the emergency personnel are not speaking out. Part of the reason is suggested by Auxiliary Lieutenant Fireman Paul Isaac, who has gone on record saying:

"There were definitely bombs in those buildings," while also saying "many other firemen know there were bombs in the buildings, but they’re afraid for their jobs to admit it because the ‘higher-ups’ forbid discussion of this fact."

Even those who threw caution to the wind in an effort to clear their conscience, and to inform the world of important facts, were ill-received and generally ignored. Telling their story to the Commission was no guarantee that it would get into the final report, as discovered by one fireman who made the effort.

Firefighter Louie Cacchioli testified in 2004 to members of the Commission’s staff.

He reported:

"I felt like I was being put on trial in a court room," said Cacchioli.

"They were trying to twist my words and make the story fit only what they wanted to hear. All I wanted to do was tell the truth and when they wouldn’t let me do that, I walked out."

Cacchioli was not alone either.

Janitor William Rodriguez, who was invited to the White House as a National Hero for his rescue efforts on 9/11, said he was treated quite differently by the 911 Commission:

"I met with the 9/11 Commission behind closed doors and they essentially discounted everything I said regarding the use of explosives to bring down the north tower."

When reading The 9/11 Commission Report, one will not find any references at all to explosions in the towers.

This gives the appearance that the Commission deliberately withheld this information, as it seems to have done concerning Able Danger, and many other details that should have been included in "the fullest possible account of the events surrounding 9/11", but were not.
A more detailed and technical report on the 911 event was to be prepared by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Rodriguez stated this group was just as hostile to his testimony:

"I contacted NIST… four times without a response. Finally, [at a public hearing] I asked them before they came up with their conclusion…if they ever considered my statements or the statements of any of the other survivors who heard the explosions. They just stared at me with blank faces."

The Nist report also makes no mention of explosions, or other indications that this act on September 11th, 2001 was a controlled demolition. Anything indicating such bothersome details has been pointedly ignored throughout any official inquiry of 911.
Mr. Zelikow and his commission were in place to do one thing, and one thing only: they were to make sure, at all costs, the officially concocted story was what actually became written down in the history books.

In a classic example of passing the buck, the most noteworthy comment made by the 911 commission, as reported by The Washington Post on August 2, 2006:

“…Some staff members and commissioners of the Sept. 11 panel concluded that the Pentagon’s initial story of how it reacted to the 2001 terrorist attacks may have been part of a deliberate effort to mislead the commission and the public rather than a reflection of the fog of events on that day, according to sources involved in the debate.

Suspicion of wrongdoing ran so deep that the 10-member commission, in a secret meeting at the end of its tenure in summer 2004, debated referring the matter to the Justice Department for criminal investigation, according to several commission sources…

In the end, the panel agreed to a compromise, turning over the allegations to the Inspectors General for the Defense and Transportation departments, who can make criminal referrals if they believe they are warranted…”

After his service on the 911 Commission, Zelikow became Counselor to the U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice.

The 911 commission

Commission Members

Thomas H. Kean Chair
Lee H. Hamilton Vice Chair
Richard Ben-Veniste
Fred F. Fielding
Jamie S. Gorelick
Slade Gorton
Bob Kerrey
John F. Lehman
Timothy J. Roemer
James R. Thompson

The Commission closed August 21, 2004.

Commission Staff

Philip D. Zelikow Executive Director
Chris Kojm Deputy Executive Director
Daniel Marcus General Counsel

To The Stocks!
What would a study of 911 be without mention of the stock scandal?

The truth behind the selling short of certain stocks in anticipation of 911 is convoluted and still not complete. Like all the other criminals in the appointed presidents administration, the only thing that has happened to people who have gotten caught stealing these watermelons is a slap on the hand, which in duh-byas world is sometimes indiscernible from a pat on the back, as with A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard, who chaired the firm Deutsche Bank-A.B.Brown until 1997.

Most of these 911 short transactions showing foreknowledge of the terrorism of 911 were handled by this firm which Mr. Krongard had close ties to, and yes, this is the same Buzzy Krongard who later became executive director of the CIA. Also the same Buzzy Krongard involved heavily with the mercenary army Blackwater Corporation. (23)
Between August 26 and September 11, 2001, certain people identified by the American Securities and Exchange Commission simply as Israeli citizens (24), sold “short” a list of 38 stocks that would more than likely fall drastically in value after the generally unknown but pending terror attacks.

The earliest of these transactions was said to take place three weeks or so before 911, which of course means these super-unknown stock dealers had inside knowledge of future events, and also that they made big big bucks from this knowledge.
The crux of the matter is this: these stock deals are concrete evidence of prior knowledge, though many of the deals have been kept secret by the SEC and others, in what can only be called a criminal cover-up. Some of these speculators operated out of the Toronto, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany stock exchanges and their profits were specifically stated to be in the millions of dollars, though some of this prize money has gone unclaimed, no doubt to keep the identity of the dealers hidden.
Volumes have been written about the 911 stock scandals, for the interested reader to peruse, pursue, and puke over.

Suffice it to say that this is just another nail in the coffin of Liberty, and proof positive that the inventors of Americas demise occupy positions of power, prestige, and respect.

The Ax of 911
To round out this accounting of the 911 show we will quickly cover the anthrax attacks that followed in the wake of the calamity like a very ill wind.

It seems certain people were expected to squawk over the grave of the World trade centers, and their dead, and all the things that became covered up and buried in the wreckage and debris. Certain of these people were targeted with mailings of a deadly weaponized strain of anthrax which was specially prepared so that when the person opened the envelope, a static charge would disperse the anthrax spores, allowing them to be inhaled.

This proved deadly in 5 instances.
Francis A. Boyle worked under the first Bush Administration as a bioweapons advisor in the 1980s.

He says he believes the anthrax mailings were an attack cooked up by the rogues within our intelligence apparatus, to help create a police state by killing off and/or intimidating opposition to anti-terror legislation like the USA PATRIOT Act and the later Military Commissions Act.

"After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Bush Administration tried to ram the USA PATRIOT Act through Congress," Boyle said in a radio interview with Austin-based talk-show host Alex Jones. "That would have set up a police state."

Senators Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) were opposing the legislation, because they were reading between the lines. Then came the anthrax attacks. Both senators received letters with anthrax, but were lucky enough to survive.

Their resistance and support evaporated after these murder attempts though, and the Patriot Act was indeed rammed through during all the subsequent confusion and fear. According to Testimony by Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas):

“Most members of Congress were compelled to vote for the bill without even reading it.”

Analysts believe the letters were not written by a Middle-Eastern person.

The FBI publicly stated they believed the perpetrator to be a lone, male domestic terrorist, obviously one with a scientific background and lab experience who could handle hazardous materials. This lab specialist terrorist must have received anthrax vaccine recently (it requires a yearly booster shot), whether or not he made the material himself, because filling the letters was a dangerous operation.

The vaccine is in short supply and is not generally accessible. Vaccination records must be available. The perpetrator also appears to be a forensic expert. In preparing and mailing the letters he successfully covered every personal trace.
All letter samples contained the same strain of anthrax, corresponding to the AMES strain in the N. Arizona State University database (which has been used for identification). "


A man named William Patrick holds five classified patents in the manufacture of weapons-grade anthrax. Before the anthrax mailings he was hired by Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI) to conduct a risk-assessment study involving the dissemination of anthrax powder through the mail system. BMI is located in West Jefferson, Ohio… The work was done at the BL-3 Anthrax Lab.
Battelle Memorial Institute had exclusive control of the Ames strain, a fact the press has either willfully or mistakenly missed. Dugway Proving Ground also had an anthrax program, but BMI directed that program too. This definitely limits the field somewhat. The FBI was drawn straight to William Patrick III – who was also Stephen Hatfill’s "mentor" at Ft. Detrick – and Ken Alibeck, a BMI consultant with a background in CBW research for the Soviets…”

Then, the FBI lost the scent. Or they said they did.

The stalling and outright dissembling of the FBI during the whole Anthrax episode has confused and angered reporters, independent researchers, and other law enforcement ever since. It is even surmised by some researchers that the entire anthrax scenario may have been performed by the FBI itself, such is their willful ignorance and misinformation concerning this still unsolved murder case.

Couple this with the fact that early in the investigation the FBI authorized and supervised the total destruction of the Ames cultural anthrax database. This alleged destruction of the anthrax culture collection at Ames, Iowa, from whence the Fort Detrick lab got its pathogens, was nothing more than a destruction of evidence.
Francis Boyle:

"It meant that there was no way of finding out which strain was sent to whom to develop the larger breed of anthrax used in the attacks. The trail of genetic evidence would have led directly back to a secret government biowarfare program. Clearly, for the FBI to have authorized this was obstruction of justice, a federal crime," said Boyle.

"That collection should have been preserved and protected as evidence. That’s the DNA, the fingerprints right there."

In 2003, the FBI agent involved in overseeing the destruction of the Ames Strain Database was promoted and given the Presidential Rank Award by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller. (25)


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SEC. RUMSFELD: Mr. Congressman, thank you very much. Your question is, of course, right at the heart of an enormously important issue for the Department of Defense. We have a panel in the Quadrennial Defens Review on this subject. We have met with it twice in the last two weeks. We’re obviously going to have to meet with it again. It is a big, broad, complicated subject.
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